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  1. 1. Jess Britton
  2. 2. Composition:With the cards that we have made, we decided to make the designs quite simple, mainly because the audienceis general. Ever since we decided that the audience should be any new or existing vegetarian looking for new ideas fordesserts, we found that the cards would appeal to a larger audience type if the designs were simple. When producingthese cards, we could have made them more interesting, as this would have caught the eye of many different people. Forexample we could have made the background more interesting by using an image of chocolate or fruit. This would haveworked better than the background that is being used at the moment because it would draw in the audience that thesecards are aimed at. We could also have used different images for the cards, for example when I was doing the extensionwork I found cartoon images that worked for children’s recipe cards. With the general audience of the original cards, wecould have edited my images and rotoscoped them to make them more interesting. We could have also used an image forthe whole background on the first page, reduced the opacity and only kept a small amount at 100% opacity. This would’vehelped the overall look of the cards and it would have still appealed to the correct audience. However even after all thesechanges that we could’ve made I still believe that our cards work as a set and they would be up to the standard that hasbeen asked. This is an example of an existingrecipe card from the Vegetarian Society.This card is very basic, and it wouldappeal to a whole range of differentpeople. We decided to follow this idea as wemade ours. We used the two colours from thelogo and we used this as a title band. I believethat the colours that we’ve used work betterbecause they look brighter and the layoutbreaks down the card. However I could saythat the one made by the vegetarian societylooks more professional. However I do believethat the cards that we made are more original.Most of the existing recipe cards are thesame, so we decided to use that template butchange it so it drew people in.
  3. 3. • Image ConstructionWhen we was planning my cards we decided to take some of my images and use some from stock. When we wasmaking the product from the recipes and taking photographs of them I found that I couldn’t get the images to look like theyhave been taken in a restaurant, so I decided on finding images from stock that matched this. When I was choosing my imagesfrom the internet, I found that there wasn’t much to choose from. When I was trying to find images for the truffle recipe, I had tosearch for truffles that had coconut on, and with this there wasn’t much there. There was a similar problem when I was usingmy own images, I had taken enough, but they weren’t very good quality. If I had to change one thing about my final cards, itwould be the images. We would made them all ourselves, and we would make sure we plan them before taking them, so weknow that they would work with the design of the cards. However I believe that the images that have been used do work wellas a set and they look professional. I also believe that you can’t tell which ones have been found online and which ones havebeen taken ourselves. None of the images contrast too much from the cards and they all work together generally. Howeverthere are two sets of images that I’ve found are a lot different from the rest; the truffles and the ripple cake. These images arebright and sophisticated, and since the others aren’t these stand out. This is because there wasn’t many images on the internetthat we could choose from, these are the only images that we could find.
  4. 4. • RepresentationWhen we was making my recipe cards we used simple colours and designs, this suggested that these cards can beused by a variety of different people because it wouldn’t put people off from buying them. With the images that have beenused I believe that this gives off the same suggestion. We could’ve used images that look more expensive, or used abackground image or fancier fonts, but we decided on these elements because they generalize the final cards. When we wasdeciding on what audience to aim my cards at we thought about the different designs that would work with the differentaudience groups, and as we decided on a general audience for both new and existing vegetarians we thought that if we keptthe design simple, as well as the images, this would appeal to more people. For example people who are new to being avegetarian might not know any specific desserts that they could try, and even though most desserts are available forvegetarians, some of the recipes that we’ve used are appropriate for vegans too, like the tofu cheesecake. This would meanthat a lot of people could buy these cards and try them out, so it was important that the design didn’t put certain people off.
  5. 5. The cards that we’ve created have a quite general audience group. Its aimed at people that are about 16 –40, however people from different ages can use these cards, and they could be used for families. Since there is a largeage range we had to keep the design basic so it appeals to many. The gender group that this is aimed at is also quitegeneral. Both males and females can use these cards, and they don’t focus on just one group. However this generaltarget audience could be a negative rather than a positive, and the cards might sell more if there was a specific themefor a specific audience, but we think that the cards work for their purpose. These cards would most likely be bought bypeople who were living in a neighborhood that is halfway between poor and rich. They would be able to afford to buythe ingredients for these recipes and they would most likely have up to an hour to cook meals per day. However theymight not be able to afford to buy these ingredients every week. These cards would appeal to families more, butcouples or people sharing a flat, like students, would buy these cards because the ingredients are quite inexpensiveand the recipes aren’t that complicated to make. With this it is clear that the NRS Social Grade for these cards wouldbe working class to middle class people. I doubt that you would find people from upper classes buying and using thesecards, because they would be able to afford more expensive ingredients. The target audience for these cards mighthave hobbies like family bike rides and meals out. They might be students, so these cards might be their way to maketasty desserts that would appeal to all their flat mates, as well as them.
  6. 6. • Since the target audience for our cards is very general, we decided to make my cards very basic. When we was planning whatphotographs we needed to take we decided to edit two different photographs and put them on two different pages. We did thisbecause it would make the cards interesting but it would still look quite simple. With this card we found that all the images andthe colours worked together, after trying out different colour schemes, we found that basing the whole card on the logo wouldwork best. These two designs are verydifferent, and we found that the yellowbackground looked like we was trying toaim these cards at a younger audience.So after some feedback that we got, wedecided to change this and keep thebackground white, while changing thecolours on the images and the title box.This is the same for every card that wemade; the card looked inappropriate fora general target audience so we decidedto change the colours and the layout.When we was making my first set of recipe cards we planned to use bright colours on the background that suited thephotographs that were being used. But after looking at them altogether we found that they didn’t work as a set. So wedecided to change the colours so they were more basic. We knew that if we just changed this aspect of my cards the wholeset would work better for the audience.
  7. 7. • The existing work that influenced our cards were the cards made by the Vegetarian Society. Most of them are aimed at ageneral audience too and they have a green band around the top and the bottom. When we was gathering information aboutdifferent existing recipe cards we found that most of them looked quite similar. They were all double sided with an image onthe first page an the copy on the back. We decided that this would be the best idea to follow because this is the way thatpeople would recognise the cards. We found different recipe cards for different themes and we saw that if we kept mydesigns quite simple this would draw in a wider audience.• Vegetarian products usually have the same theme. They have a colour scheme of different shades of greens and the designitself is usually quite simple. We’ve found that the cards that we’ve created reflect the same design; the colour scheme ismainly earthy greens and the cards themselves aren’t particularly busy. When comparing existing vegetarian recipe cardsand my own we’ve found that the overall look is quite similar.
  8. 8. • When we was planning my cards we thought that if we used bright colours then it would draw in the audience, however aftermaking the cards like this we found that they didn’t work out as a set, and since we couldn’t change them to just one colourbecause of the colours of the images, we decided to completely change the colour scheme and use the same two colours asthe logo and keep the background white. We found that the cards looked more professional this way, so we decided tochange our initial plans and go with this new design. When I was making my cards I found that I didn’t take any images thatcould work together on the cards. If I was to do this project again I would make sure that I’ve planned out where I’m going totake my images and make sure that they are decent enough to use before editing. I would also take all the photographsmyself, mainly because some of the stock images didn’t work with the taken images. However I believe that my work doesreflect my initial plans because we decided early on to use an image on the front page, below the title and above thelogo, and we decided that behind the ingredients and the recipe itself we was going to place another image with a loweropacity level.Initial Plan Finished Product
  9. 9. • The cards that we made have followed the brief, they have the correct logo on the bottom corner of the firstpage, and the ingredients and the recipe steps have been set out properly. When I was finding recipes from theinternet and putting them onto the cards, I found that I had to change some of the text so it fits the brief.• When we got peer feedback we heard that our cards didn’t work as a set; the colours didn’t match because weused different colours for each card, so we changed this on our final cards so they were all the same. On onefeedback we got the person said that our work was easy to read and clear to see against the background, so wedecided to keep the same font and change other aspects of our cards. We did however change the layout of thefont on the cards, because they said that they were placed differently and this didn’t make the cards consistent.
  10. 10. • When we decided to tone down the colour scheme, we found that this worked better than a background colour, and in theend this made the cards look more professional. We also changed the opacity level of the back page, and found that thisalso helped make the finished product more appealing to its audience.We found that when we changed the colourscheme the logo also stood out more, but it alsoblended in with the rest of the card so it didn’tlook out of place.When I was choosing my images from stock Ifound that there wasn’t much to choose from, forexample with the truffle recipe card, there wasn’tmany images taken of truffles coated incoconut, so I had to use these two images. Theseimages work well together and they make thecard look bright and appealing, but the overalllook didn’t particularly work with the rest of therecipe cards. This was the same with the ripplecake recipe card; they both looked too bright towork with the rest of the set.When we was choosing ourfonts, we thought it would look bestif we used a fancy font for thetitles, and a simple font for therecipe itself, and we found that thisworked in our favour because itsuited the theme perfectly.I believe that the skills that I have developed from this project would be how touse Photoshop. I knew how to use basic tools before, but because we decidedon taking our own photographs, I was able to figure out what some of the othertools could do, and I believe that I could use these tools again in other projects.Another skill that I believe I have developed would be the use of planning.When doing this project I found that I didn’t really plan out my workproperly, and when it came to editing the photographs that I took and findingimages from stock the photographs were either blurry or they didn’t match. Sowhen it comes to planning work again I will take my time to plan out properlywhat I need to do.
  11. 11. • When I look at the finished cards as a whole I believe that they are creative and technically competent, this would bebecause we haven’t seen a lot of people take their own photographs and edit them like we have. I believe that this helps ourwork to be more creative because we were able to put more of our own work into the finished product. We also changed ourcards a lot throughout the weeks because we knew that some aspects needed changing to make them the best that they canbe.• I believe that we managed our time well; we took the photographs that we were going to use before the production stage ofour project, so we didn’t have to worry about taking them when we were making the cards. I believe that this helped us keepto our schedule; we had all the images the we needed to complete the project and we could use them when we wanted.When we were making our cards we found that we were making them quicker than expected, and this was extremely helpfulbecause then we could get feedback and have the time to improve our work and see if other people think our work is up tothe right standard.• If we were to do this project differently we would change the images that have been used. We didn’t plan out exactly whatwe was going to take our photographs or, and we would make sure that these images work together as a set. If we were touse stock images again we would find these first and make sure that they work with the images that we take ourselves. If wewere to do these cards again we would make sure that we either used stock images or our own, because after we finishedour project we found that the stock images didn’t work with ours. Another thing that we would change if we did this projectagain would be the planning; we didn’t make any templates at the beginning, and I feel that if we had done that then ourcards would have matched from the beginning.
  12. 12. • Constraints Experienced:Since we took our recipes and even the images from the internet, we had to make sure that they didn’t breach any copyrightlaws. Since this project was for college I don’t believe that we had breached any copyright laws and we made sure that therewasn’t any logos or names on the images that we used from google. We didn’t encounter any regulatory problems, but we had tomake sure that the product didn’t have any images or copy that would be insulting to a specific group of people. I believe that thework that we’ve created achieves this. The colour scheme was quite broad and the images used would appeal to a range ofpeople. We didn’t really encounter any financial constraints either; we were able to afford all the ingredients that we needed, andwe had cameras already. We also had all the other equipment that we needed at college, like Photoshop.• ManagementI believe that I worked quite well in the group that I was in, we planned out what cards each of us was going to do, we plannedwhat fonts to use and how to layout the cards without any problems. We managed our time really well and we got all of our workdone at the same time, meaning that we both had the same amount of time for extension work.When working in a group I believe that it is very important to be able to communicate. If the group couldn’t do this, then the wholeproject would fall apart and the grades wouldn’t be very good because they were go off and do different things. When we werecompleting our cards we found that we had used two completely different layouts, so we talked about it and decided to use agreen band for the title and put the images in the same places. This helped us make cards that worked as a set.I have found that sometimes its easy to disagree on certain aspects when working in a group, and I’ve learned that with everygroup project there needs to be a lot of compromise, and I will make sure that I compromise on every other group project, andmake sure that all the work is the same with each person.I’ve learned that when working to a brief there is a lot of things that I can’t do because it is not allowed in the brief. When doingfuture projects to a brief I will make sure that I read through the brief and base all my work on this, because it is quite easy tostray from what the brief says.