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  4. 4. Use this slide to annotate your final image
  5. 5. Use this slide to annotate your final image
  6. 6. I believe that with these two final images I managed to produce the results that I wanted. I believe that these two images are better than the others, and they look more professional. The techniques that I used were out of focus and photomontage. I was going to use high speed photography to produce images with paint and water, but I was unable to use a photography studio, and there was no equipment to use at home. I decided to keep the colour aspect to this idea, and produce images that are very bold. I believe that the first image works the best, because it looks simple but professional. I produced a few images with the same theme, but I decided that these two were of the greatest quality. I believe that these two images are experimental because I experimented with colour and boldness. I decided that I needed to change the main colour of the subject, and I changed them so that I created different coloured stripes on the image. This was for the second image. After I changed the colours of different parts of the image using the polygonal lasso tool and hue and saturation, I used the clone stamp to get the effect that I wanted. When I find started experimenting with these two images, I didn’t know how they were going to look by the end of it. I experimented with the different tools on Photoshop to get images that look original and unique. I believe that the first image is experimental because at first the image looked like the very first image on the first slide, I experimented with what I can do to the image and I manipulated it to make it look completely different. I changed the colours of this too, and I can see that the final image doesn’t look like the original. This image is experimental because the image now looks like a flower that has been placed on water, which, through my experiments, I was able to achieve. The first image would draw people in because it looks like the flower was placed on water, but as you can see the blurred part of the photograph is of the rest of the flowers. This makes this image looks quite interesting, and I believe that this image is the best of all five that I have done. I believe the strongest part of these two images is the use of colour. I believe that without this effect the images wouldn’t have looked as good. I believe that another strong element to my work would be the use of the Iris Blur on Photoshop on the first image. Without this the image wouldn’t have looked as professional. When I was taking these images I found that I didn’t use any special effects on my camera, I used the manual focus and I made sure they looked as good quality as possible. On the second image I edited the photograph in Photoshop, then I used the polygonal lasso tool to make straight blocks down the page, to get the different colour effects. After this I used the clone stamp tool to duplicate the flower. I believe this worked well because I was able to get the lines in the right place. The first image that I did I used the iris blur tool to get the focus on the flower. I believe that because of the effects that I used in Photoshop, these two images worked better then the other three final images. 6
  7. 7. To improve my work I would use other techniques. For example I could have used movement on the first image and I would have put a flower on water to see what effect it had. I could have used photomontage for both of the images. For the first I could have printed out the image twice, cut out the flower on one then placed in on the other and make it look 3D. For the second image I could have again used photomontage. I could have printed out the finished edit, cut up the strips, and spread them out on a piece of card. This would have added something different to the final image, and I would have seen what it looked like on different coloured cards to experiment with the look. I believe that the first image looks better overall. The composition of the one flower at one corner, looks more appealing to look at then the montage effect of flower on the second image. I believe this is because on the first image there is a focus on the flower. This draws the eye in, which is unlike the second image which could be seen as a bit confusing because there isn’t anything to focus on. They both match the theme because I was experimenting with colour. I believe that these two images do that because I have used very bold colours. The first image has the focus on the flower, which I have edited to change the colour. The second image however matches the theme better because of the whole range of different colours used. Finally I believe that these two images have matched my expectations of what I wanted to achieve. They are bold and experimental, they use different techniques and the use of bold colour sticks to the theme I set. I believe that these two images can be improved. I could have printed them out to use the photomontage effect, I could have use paint and multimedia, and if I had time I would have experimented with different techniques and different flowers, to see what other final effects I could have done. 7