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Talking mats for coaching


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Talking mats for coaching

  1. 1. Using Talking Mats® as a coaching tool Eileen Abbess me !
  2. 2. Contents • Talking Mats – background • Wheel of life – overview • Approach • Symbols • Further information
  3. 3. What is a Talking Mat? • A low tech communication framework originally developed by speech therapists to support people with communication impairment. • Now an established, award winning communication tool which uses a mat with pictures as the basis for communication.
  4. 4. How can a Talking Mat work with coaching? • It can provides an alternative to the traditional questionnaire for assessment/ diagnosis • It provides a structure where information is presented in small chunks supported by symbols. • It gives your client time and space to think about information and work out what it means in a visual way that can be easily recorded. • People using Talking Mats find it enjoyable and easy to use, as it provides a simple and effective, non-threatening way of expressing themselves.
  5. 5. Wheel of life Personal growth Fun Physical environment Money Career Health Romance People The Wheel Of Life
  6. 6. Approach • Break down wheel of life ‘segments’ into more detail (mind mapping is a useful technique) • Build picture/ symbol set • Facilitate client in mat completion (note for very quick analysis mat can be completed with ‘top level’ 8 segments)
  7. 7. Symbols – personal growth • Supplementary symbols might include: – Spirituality – My contribution – My development – My growth personal growth Possible top level symbol
  8. 8. Symbols - fun • Supplementary symbols might include: – Hobbies – Energy levels fun Possible top level symbol
  9. 9. Symbols – physical environment • Supplementary symbols might include: – My house – My town – Neighbours physical environment Possible top level symbol
  10. 10. Symbols - money • Supplementary symbols might include: – Income – Spending – Savings money Possible top level symbol
  11. 11. Symbols - career • Supplementary symbols might include: – My job – My company – Colleagues – Work life balance business/ career Possible top level symbol
  12. 12. Symbols - health • Supplementary symbols might include: – Health – Diet – Fitness – Exercise health Possible top level symbol
  13. 13. Symbols – people • Supplementary symbols might include: – Friends – Family – Neighbours – Colleagues Possible top level symbol people
  14. 14. Symbols - relationships relationships • Supplementary symbols might include: – Relationships – Romance – Partner Possible top level symbol
  15. 15. Further information • On Talking Mats at • And all sorts of further reading (click here)