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Assignment #10


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A short presentation on film distributing companies. :)

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Assignment #10

  1. 1. Assignment #10: FilmDistributing companies ABIGAIL EDWARDS
  2. 2. The Role Film Distribution Companies Play. Film distribution companies are responsible for releasing films to the public. They can either distribute films using the cinemas or by giving home release, so the film comes out on DVD.
  3. 3. Film Distributing Companies There are many different types of film distribution companies that I researched. Some specialise in lower budget films, for example. Film 4. Others specialise in distributing blockbusters that can cost millions, like Warner Brothers.
  4. 4. Specialities. Some distribution companies may specialise or distribute more films that fit into a certain genre. Whilst researching, I considered the budget we’d need and whether it’d be a cinema-release film or whether it’d go straight to DVD.
  5. 5. Our Film Because of the nature of our film, I thought a small, low budget distributor would be best, especially because the film wouldn’t require many expensive stunts, or be a massive blockbuster, in the cinemas. I researched some British film distributors, as this targets our film specifically at a British audience and they may relate to the film better.
  6. 6.  Magnolia pictures is an American film distributor that specialises in both foreign and independent films They distributed great films such as Let The Right One In, The Oxford Murders and Hobo With A Shotgun. I think they would be suitable because the films they release aren’t massive blockbuster films, (like ours). However, they also aren’t suitable because they don’t specialise in low budget films.