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Assessment examination1


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Assessment examination1

  1. 1. Assessment Examination of OBGYN18-10-2012
  2. 2. Room-1:History taking from 8 weeks pregnant patient withvaginal bleeding and abdominal pain?
  3. 3. Room-2:Your skills and findings in examination of patientafter normal vaginal delivery?
  4. 4. Room-3: instrumentsQ1 : uterine soundsa. Name of this instrument?b. One complication?Q2 : smi′s speculuma. Name of this instrument?b. One indication?Q3 : syntocinon (oxytocin ampule(a. Name of this drug?b. indications?c. Two complications?Q4 : curratea.Name of this instrument?b.indication?c.One complication?Q5 : hysterosalpingograma.Name of this X-ray?b.Two indications?c.What is your finding in this film?
  5. 5. Room-4: emergency case (pre-eclampsia(36weeks pregnant patient with BP 180/110,presented with convulsion…etca.What is your diagnosis?b.What is your management?c.Plan for delivery?
  6. 6.  Room-5: partogram (failure to progress labor(a. Read partogram, What is your diagnosis?b.What is your management?
  7. 7. Room-6: emergency case (ectopic pregnancy)Patient with 8 weeks amenorhoea presentedwith hemorrhage and loss of conciousness, USshow empty uterine cavity and free fluid inabdomin …etca.What is your diagnosis?b.What is your management?
  8. 8. Room-7: slides1.Caesarian section, write 2 indications?2.Cervical circulage?3.Submucous fibroid?4.Newborn after forceps delivery : facial palsy?5.US : dichorionic diamniotic twins?6.salpingectomy?7.Uterine procedentia?8.9.10.