RBMA 2012 Fall Conference- Top 5 Restaurants


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RBMA 2012 attendees headed to Chandler, AZ should be on the lookout for one of these Top 5 restaurant picks!

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RBMA 2012 Fall Conference- Top 5 Restaurants

  1. 1. Top 5 RestaurantsRBMA Fall Conference 2012 Chandler, AZ
  2. 2. RBMA Fall 2012 RestaurantsAre you planning to attendthe upcoming RMBA 2012Fall Educational Conferencein Chandler, Arizona?If so, be on the lookout forone of the following topfive restaurants:
  3. 3. RBMA Fall 2012 Restaurants1. Fleming’s Steak House – Thisstylish and lively steak house is a placewhere friends can get together andenjoy food in a casual environment.Fleming’s Steak House features severalsignature dishes such as the “Porcinirubbed Filet mignon” with is a center cutfilet mignon with grilled high countryasparagus spears and gorgonzola creamsauce that will make your mouth wateras you savor this delightful dish.
  4. 4. RBMA Fall 2012 Restaurants2. Malee’s Thai Bistro – Malee’s is anintimate Thai bistro that invites diners to sitand stay a while in the comfortable andrelaxing atmosphere while dining on deliciousThai cuisine that will awaken the palate. Therestaurant features dishes such as “Crispy Pla(A.K.A. Fish Candy)” which has a flash fried fillettopped with a sweet pickled jalapeño garlicsauce and fresh cilantro that fill feel more like atreat that a simple meal.
  5. 5. RBMA Fall 2012 Restaurants3. Petite Maison – Petite Maison is a cozy French bistrothat was named the “Best New Restaurant” in PhoenixMagazine. Guests are able to dine on dishes such as “Magretde Canard” a sous vide duck breast with garlic white beans,asparagus salad and tarragon vin blanc or “Côte de Bœuf”braised short ribs with spring vegetable polenta tart and redwine jus.
  6. 6. RBMA Fall 2012 Restaurants4. Benihana – Featuring a “dinner and a show” experience,Benihana allows diners to interact with their chef as theyprepare their dishes right in front of them. The restaurant hasa lively and exciting atmosphere that feels comfortable andenjoyable whether diners are in a large party group or justdining with a friend. From a “Hibachi Steak” dish withscrumptious mushroom hibachi grilled to order or a “BenihanaRoll” with crab, avocado, cucumber and smelt egg, thisrestaurant has some truly delicious cuisine.
  7. 7. RBMA Fall 2012 Restaurants5. Brazilian Bull – The Brazilian Bull is a steakhouse thatfeatures delicacies cooked over an open flame that istraditional to Brazilian cuisine. The restaurant has a trulyingenious idea of not featuring a traditional menu and disheating style; rather diners are able to pick and choose amongthe many meats and appetizers, allowing diners to eat as muchas they want of anything the restaurant creates.
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