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Abak Infotech is the one of the top website design and application development company in Navi Mumbai, India, which includes services like web design and application development, software design development, SEO, ecommerce solutions, Rich Internet Applications (RIA), UX and Usability services etc.

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Abak infotech Software Development Company Profile

  1. 1. About Us“Creatively Designed with Rich Solutions”Venture of Abak GroupBacked with 20 years of Business ExperienceBring new dimension to Web and software application, which speaks the user language. Gettingaway from the myth and exploring new possibilities of technology.User Centered Design (UCD) values and simplified engineering to make sure the application is moreadaptable and extensible to meet both user and business demands.
  2. 2. Our Offerings SERVICES PRODUCTS Menu Pad Web Design and Development Shop Touch Software Design and Fab X Development Hospital Management System Idea Dash board UX and Usability Services EZOnline
  3. 3. Software Development Methodology Integration and Initiation Development Test System Concept Design Implementation Development Requirement Operation and Planning Analysis Maintenance
  4. 4. Project Management Methodology Planning and Initiation Closing Design Monitoring and Executing Controlling
  5. 5. Knowledge Transfer Process Requirement Project Implementation Life Design Cycle Development
  6. 6. Change Management Process Close Deploy and Release Change Request NO Initiated by Client Approval By Client Review and Close Acceptance YES Change Change Request Request Process by Abak Planning and Impacts and Implementation Efforts
  7. 7. Incident Management System Problem identified Issue ticket raised in By client CRM Incident Categorization/ Initial Diagnosis Prioritization In order of resolving, low priority issues follow the high priority issues
  8. 8. Issue Diagnosis Issue Diagnosed by Escalated to Senior Junior Level NO Resolved and Recovered YES Incident Closure
  9. 9. Escalation Hierarchy Issue report to Incident Issue Report to Developer (1 Day) Resolved and Director (1 Day) Closed NO YES Incident YES Resolved Resolved Closure YES NO Issue Report to Tech NO Issue Report to Resolved Project Manager (1 Lead (1 Day) Day)
  10. 10. Abak CRM for support/problem ticket management
  11. 11. Technologies Used
  12. 12. FlexProject Name: Idea Dashboard Project Client: Motilal OswalProject Description: Most light weight data, real time updating, developed for more than 1000 concurrent users withnegligible load on bandwidth and performance. Client, Content & IT interface makes a complete product enabling it toreach out to the masses with optimized and low cost infrastructure.
  13. 13. FlexProject Name: Cost Estimation ToolProject Description: Electro Fabrication Cost Estimation Tool is a Rich Internet Application, which generates variousReports like Bill of Materials, Quotations, Automatic cover letter to client instantly.
  14. 14. FlexProject Name: Material Management SystemProject Description: Tracking and Monitoring of materials in the warehouse of the hotel .It has a Stock dashboardwhich alerts the user whenever the stock is short of the mandatory quantity available in the warehouse. Purchase, Issuemanagement and Report Generation are also few of its functionality.
  15. 15. FlexProject Name: Web PortalProject Description: Builder/Agents once registered can post their available property for buying, selling or renting inMumbai. Also any individual once registered can post his property for either selling or renting.
  16. 16. FlexProject Name: Desktop ApplicationProject Description: Allows to virtually design one’s own room with the latest carpet and flooring fashions using theVirtual room designer desktop application. Also manages stock and accounts .
  17. 17. Flash / .NETProject Name: Toonpur Ka Superhero Project Client: EROS InternationalProject Description: Official website of Movie “Toonpur ka Superhero” starring Ajay Devegan & Kajol. The movie isimposition of real and animated world. The site targets kids and brings live pre-amp of the movie.
  18. 18. Flash / .NETProject Name: Aladin Project Client: EROS InternationalProject Description: Official website of the movie “Aladin” starring Amitabh Bachchan and Ritesh Deshmukh .Fantasy movie of magic and fun.
  19. 19. FlashProject Name: Reserve Bank of IndiaProject Description: The College of Agricultural Banking (CAB), a training College established by Reserve Bank ofIndia (RBI). Profile CD presentation was made in order to explain & promote CAB.
  20. 20. HTML5 / .NETProject Name: Frozen Frames Project Client: MicrosoftProject Description: Supports modern browsers and HTML5 with animations, greater consistency and improvedsemantics.
  21. 21. HTML5Project Name: BSAM Project Client: MicrosoftProject Description: Supports modern browsers and HTML5 with animations, greater consistency and improvedsemantics. Allows to watch snooker videos, update LIVE score via seamless Content Management System
  22. 22. HTMLProject Name: Underoneroof Project Client: UnderoneroofProject Description: Under One Roof has the expertise in house, to measure, design, supply, fit, and remodel any ofyour home improvement desired.
  23. 23. HTMLProject Name: Ecostruk Project Client: WalnutProject Description: Website for Builders and Developers.
  24. 24. SharePointProject Name: L&T Scape Project Client: Larson & ToubroProject Description: Intranet SharePoint Portal for L&T, which collaborates all the employees of various L&T groups,providing centralized repository. Media sharing communities, other employee related tools and informationconsolidation.
  25. 25. SharePointProject Name: Online Account Opening Project Client: Motilal OswalProject Description: Portal designed and developed to cater to open new online account. It also targets to educateand encourage newbies to try, get confidence and enroll for trading. It also showcases the value proposition to anexisting account holder in other companies.
  26. 26. SharePointProject Name: Most Share Project Client: Motilal OswalProject Description: BFSI portal for Motilal Oswal developed to offer the Trading of Mutual Funds, first time in India.
  27. 27. SharePointProject Name: Production Planning & Invoice System Project Client: Leena Powertech EngineersProject Description: - It’s a mini-erp. It has modules like Production Planning, Material management, payment scheduler,invoicing, store management,cost estimation etc.
  28. 28. SilverlightProject Name: Shop TouchProject Description: Windows 7 Approved Multi-touch product for shopping experience. Giving clear cut visibility tocustomer on options and benefits making it a pleasurable experience. Its backend gives the vendor an option tomaintain complete inventory, offer & promotions.
  29. 29. Silverlight / .NETProject Name: Zippy PadProject Description: It’s a concept of artificial intelligence. The application’s intelligence allows a doctor to prescribemedicines and keep records of his patients. Allows to generate reports.
  30. 30. SharePoint / .NETProject Name: IMMAP (Intelligence Marketing Map)Project Description: I.M.Map is an application which shows the hierarchical structure in visual and graphical format. Ithelps in tracking hierarchical relationships.
  31. 31. JoomlaProject Name: Mahindra Navistar Project Client: Mahindra NavistarProject Description: Corporate Website of Mahindra Navistar Engines.
  32. 32. JoomlaProject Name: Veni Vidi Vici Project Client: Veni Vidi ViciProject Description: Corporate Website
  33. 33. JoomlaProject Name: Chanavaz International Institute of Oral and Maxillofacial Implantology Project Client: (CIIOMFI)Project Description: A dynamic website in which CIIOMFI can update their up-coming events.
  34. 34. MagentoProject Name: India Parenting Project Client: India ParentingProject Description An E-commerce website which allows users to buy baby products online
  35. 35. MagentoProject Name: India Parenting Project Client: India ParentingProject Description: An E-commerce website which allows users to buy cosmetics online.
  36. 36. MagentoProject Name: India parenting Project Client: India ParentingProject Description: An E-commerce website which allows users to buy baby products online
  37. 37. OSCommerceProject Name: Ace Drugstore Project Client: Ace DrugstoreProject Description: An E-commerce website which allows users to buy medicine/pharmaceutical productsonline
  38. 38. OSCommerceProject Name: Royal Pharmacy Project Client: Royal PharmacyProject Description: An E-commerce website which allows users to buy medicine/pharmaceutical productsonline
  39. 39. VirtueMart
  40. 40. Why choose us? Innovation People We innovate a solution to empower People with creative instinct blended your business with core competency and technology Experience New Technology Backed with 20 years of business Latest and next generation experience technologies used Customization User Friendly Make sure the application is Product can be customized as per the communicating and scientifically customer’s need adding value to user’s goal Highly Scalable Maintenance Can be easily enhanced as per the day Provide maintenance for every product to day changing technologies we design
  41. 41. Clients
  42. 42. Clients
  43. 43. Thank YouContact Us Email addressReal Tech Park, 7th Floor, Plot No .39/2 sales@abakinfotech.comSector -30A, Near Railway Station,Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400703, Website linkMaharashtra, India. www.abakinfotech.comTel:+91 22 32229912