AbZorba Games B2B 21 Mar 2013


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AbZorba Games B2B 21 Mar 2013

  1. 1. Is your social gaming strategy unclear? © 2013 AbZorba Games - Confidential
  2. 2. AbZorba Games Mobile Social Casino Games White Label ProgramConverting Your Social Gamers to Real Money Gamblers © 2013 AbZorba Games Confidential
  3. 3. Social Gaming is Mission Critical for Conversion © 2011 AbZorba Games S.A. Confidential
  4. 4. What‟s it all Worth? Morgan Stanley‟s Blue Paper “Social Gambling: Press Here to Play” AbZorba highlighted on Page 36 Nov 2012 “Social gambling is a surprisingly large and high-growth industry. Convergence betweenonline (real money) and social (virtual currency) gambling is the hottest topic in the gambling industry. We see social gambling growing from $1.7bn today to $2.5bn by 2015, and see it as a rich source of customers that could boost growth rates for real money gambling” “Juniper Research estimates that mobile gambling could reach a global figure of US$100bn by 2017, driven by social gaming” MAY 2012 “Juniper Research finds that a growing user acceptance of in-game purchases and a sharp rise in smartphone adoption will push sales of in-game items from $2.1billion in 2011 to $4.8billion in 2016 JAN 2012 © 2013 AbZorba Games - Confidential
  5. 5. AbZorba‟s Neat Proposition• Launch a fully branded mobile casino in weeks• Lobby, rooms, tables, cards, chips all „On Brand‟• Poker, Blackjack, Roulette & Slots on Android & iOS including tablets and iPad• Convert your new social gamers to your iGaming brand via in-game links• Seamless and extended brand experience from social to gaming• Real gamers play within your brand when they can‟t bet – Either due to regulation – Or simply because it‟s not payday• Leverage AbZorba‟s significant social skill-set from Hub of Fun™ Casino• Your gamers will join our gamers for greater liquidity and best user experience• Social extends deep analytics and player prediction• All on-going title upgrades and new features are free of charge• Multiplatform reach from mobile to Facebook to IPTV when ready• Committed deep consultative support for lifetime of games © 2013 AbZorba Games - Confidential
  6. 6. Game Screen Shots © 2032 AbZorba Games -. Confidential
  7. 7. Just Some of the Social FeaturesSocial & Viral:• Invite friends and earn chips• Post achievements on Facebook• Tweet results for free chips• Post to friends Facebook wall• Send app invites for free chips Avatars: •Avatars - 10% gamers buy avatars monthly •1000‟s items bought each month •Library of items expanding all the time •Highly engaging game in itselfCocktail Time:•6.5% buy from the bar every month•Chat to those around you openly or in private•Buy the „hottie‟ a cocktail from the bar•Buy a whole round and celebrate•1000‟s of cocktails are sent every month © 2013 AbZorba Games - Confidential
  8. 8. Hub of Fun Commercial Model Hub of Fun™ Blackjack, Poker, Roulette & Slots:•Revenue Steams - Free-to-play or “Freemium‟: • In-game purchases: Chips, Virtual Goods, Avatars • Mini games – lucky spins • VIP memberships • Advertising • Offer Walls • Billing partners Google Check-Out, iTunes•One Off Set-Up License Fee Includes: • Full branded game environments, logos, colour themes, lobby, tables, chips throughout • Lifetime account consultancy for social media campaigns • In game links to external pages • All future feature upgrades • In game message configurations • Links to social media accounts • Push CRM messaging • Analytics•Social games revenue split: 50/50•Affiliate revenue share: Standard affiliate agreements © 2013 AbZorba Games -. Confidential
  9. 9. Breakdown of The Freemium Game Model• The „Freemium‟ Model: The products are totally free to play, yet users are willing to pay in many circumstances to play the games. AbZorba‟s games encourage in-game purchases by:• In-game currency: Diamonds• Continued gameplay: People want to advance more quickly through game-play. Players finding a slot machine enjoyable may decide to pay to continue playing, rather than waiting for chips to reload overnight for free.• Competition: People are competitive and want to accumulate more chips or awards than friends or other players. Leader boards and rankings are important• Self-expression: People want to express themselves by buying virtual goods to rewards themselves or to attract friends in game with cocktails from the bar• Gifting: Gifting allows people to play with friends or forge new ones. People may feel obliged to reciprocate if others send them gifts• Scarcity: People may value virtual goods because they are branded by real world companies, or because they are rare• Game-within-a-game: Mini games fill the time and journey around game play with enticing ways to chance a win of chips or turns © 2013 AbZorba Games -Confidential
  10. 10. Gamer Acquisition• Gamer acquisition is all about bringing liquidity to the game• More liquidity provides more social, more retention more conversion to paying• Acquisition programs can be engaged through multiple 3rd party partners• Additionally each title offers an effective cross-sell game-to-game and gamer-to- gamer• Cost Per Install (CPI) is the preferred model• CPI rates are „bids‟ set by you as the min/max prepared to offer• Network accepted bids typically range from $0.75 - $2.50 mobile and $4.00 Facebook• There are many agencies which run campaigns and A/B testing for your target profiles and geo-locations• Targeting can be Gender/Age/Location/Game/History/Country/Time/Device etc. etc.• Gamer Value is measured by Life Time Value (LTV) minus CPI• LTV is measured by Average Revenue Per Paying User Per Month (ARPPUPM) x Months Paying across all titles downloaded by that player• LTV can greatly be enhanced in several Key Performance Indicators are increased: – ARPPUPP – Retention – Incentivized cross-sell – Social engagement © 2013 AbZorba Games -. Confidential
  11. 11. Some Insight – MORGAN STANLEY RESEARCH “Social Gambling: Click Here to Play” November 14, 2012• AbZorba Games is identified in the report as a key operator in Social Gambling sector (P36)• Conversion from social gambling to real money gambling could drive growth• Converting 10% of the existing social casino paying players into online gambling players could drive 30% growth in the online gambling industry• Over three times more social gamblers than real money online gamblers• About 3m paying social casino customers in 2012, contributing an ARPU of c.$500. This compares to an estimated 49m real money gamblers, with an ARPU of c.$700• There is a significant pool of players who are willing to pay for the entertainment of playing casino games, but this player pool is only a small fraction of the number of customers who enjoy playing for free - suggesting social casino gaming will create a new generation of players where real money gambling is restricted• People value virtual goods because they are branded by real world companies• Higher ARPUs for gambling games. The average ARPU for all forms of social games is estimated to be $5 per user (SuperData Research). For social gambling games this rises to $9. While the conversion rates to paying customers are similar (c.2%), those customers that do pay seem to be willing to spend significantly more for gambling products (c.$500 annually) compared to other social games (c.$300)• Social gambling games seem to have a more steady ramp-up, and are less hit-driven than other games• Around 41% of UK internet users play social games, compared to 7% who use any form of remote gambling © 2013 AbZorba Games - Confidential
  12. 12. Now your social gaming strategy is Andrew Hughes Co-Founder & CEO Cell: +34 667 802643 andrew@abzorbagames.com abzorbagames.com © 2013 AbZorba Games - Confidential