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Introduction into User Experience


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Introduction into User Experience Design and an anatomy of Windows 8 User Experience

Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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Introduction into User Experience

  1. 1. Abdullah Al Nady Microsoft Student Partner | Regional Expert MSP Windows Store apps UX Designer Microsoft CSR Dept. Member IT student | 4th year | Zagazig University
  2. 2. User Experience What is User Experience? User Experience: of a software is what happens on the end-user’s side (Perceptions/Responses) since its splash screen shows up till its termination. Why is User Experience important?
  3. 3. Designing a good user experience Discover Define Design Deploy
  4. 4. Elements of user experience Content Interaction Strategy Design Visual Design User Research
  5. 5. User Market Research User Market Research: seeks to understand the needs of the market in general, focuses on users’ interaction with the product.
  6. 6. Content Strategy What is Content Strategy? Its HOW/ WHEN/WHERE you create/display/ govern your content
  7. 7. Interaction Design Interaction Design Its how the product behaves with the user in different situations. There are 10 heuristics for use Interaction Design:
  8. 8. Interaction Design Cont. 1. Visibility of system status. 2. Match between system and the real world. 3. User control and freedom. 4. Consistency and standards. 5. Error prevention. 6. Recognition rather than recall. 7. Flexibility and efficiency of use. 8. Aesthetic and minimalist design. 9. Help users recognize and recover from errors. 10. Help and documentation.
  9. 9. Visual Design Visual Design the art and profession of selecting and arranging visual elements – such as typography, images, symbols, and colors – to convey a message to an audience.. There are 6 principles for Visual Design:
  10. 10. Visual Design 1. Balance. 2. Proximity. 3. Alignment. 4. Consistency. 5. Contrast. 6. White space.
  11. 11. A Question Is that Right? Good Impressing Function Design Good UX
  12. 12. Windows 8 User Experience
  13. 13. Windows 8 User Experience 1. Do more with less. 2. Pride in craftsmanship. 3. Be fast and fluid. 4. Authentically digital. 5. Win as one.
  14. 14. Do more with less Focus on what you are great at. • Keep away from distractions. Content Before Chrome. • Content is the heart of the experience. • Leave only the most relevant elements on screen. • Let people be immersed in what they love and they will explore the rest.
  15. 15. Pride in craftsmanship Typography Grid View
  16. 16. Be fast and fluid “Every pixel counts!” Continuity through motion Ergonomic and touch Simplified flow
  17. 17. Authentically Digital Beyond physical metaphors Infographic and glyphs
  18. 18. Win as one Contracts: 1 + 1 = 3 Search, Share, File picker Consistent UI Model
  19. 19. Keep in touch!Thank /ab.nady you! @AbNady /in/abnady (+20111) 767 88 99