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Goel tmt(11th)

  1. 1. Delhi Public School, RaiPuR B.StudiesAatman kothari SatbirSingh Acknowledgement sir There are many people behind the success of this project work, without
  2. 2. whom this project could never havebeen materialized. In the first place Iwould like to thank God, thealmighty for his showers of blessingson me who gave me the strength andpower to complete this project. Myteacher Mr. Satbir Singh for hissupport and help. To all those whohelped and guided me I would justlike to say a big THANK YOU.Special Thanks to:-• Mr.Satbir Singh [Subject teacher]• Siddharth Mundra(friend)• Mrinal Mehta(Brother) •Certificate•
  3. 3. This is to certify that Master Aatman Kothari studying in Delhi Public School of standard XITH C has completed his Business Studies project & has awarded ____ GradeDate: January 18th , 2011(Teacher’s sign)Mr.Satbir SinghManufacturing Industries►Manufacturing is the use of machines, tools andlabor to produce goods for use or sale. The term mayrefer to a range of human activity, from handicraftto high tech, but is most commonly applied to
  4. 4. industrial production, in which raw materials aretransformed into finished goods on a large scale.Such finished goods may be used for manufacturingother, more complex products, such as aircraft,household appliances or automobiles, or sold towholesalers, who in turn sell them to retailers, whothen sell them to end users – the "consumers".Manufacturing takes turns under all types ofeconomic systems. In a free market economy,manufacturing is usually directed toward the massproduction of products for sale to consumers at aprofit. In a collectivist economy, manufacturing ismore frequently directed by the state to supply acentrally planned economy. In free marketeconomies, manufacturing occurs under some degreeof government regulation.Modern manufacturing includes all intermediateprocesses required for the production and integrationof a products components. Some industries, such assemiconductor and steel manufacturers use the termfabrication instead.The manufacturing sector is closely connected withengineering and industrial design. Examples of majormanufacturers in the North America include GeneralMotors Corporation, General Electric, and Pfizer.Examples in Europe include Volkswagen Group,Siemens, and Michelin. Examples in Asia includeToyota, Samsung, and Bridgestone.Manufacturing systems: The changingmethods of manufacturing»Craft or Guild system»Putting-out system»English system of manufacturing»American system of manufacturing»Soviet collectivism in manufacturing»Mass production»Just in Time manufacturing»Lean manufacturing
  5. 5. »Flexible manufacturing»Mass customization»Agile manufacturing»Rapid manufacturing»Prefabrication»Packaging and labeling»Ownership»Fabrication»Publication»Economics of manufacturingAccording to some economists, manufacturing isa wealth-producing sector of an economy,whereas a service sector tends to be wealth-consuming. Emerging technologies have providedsome new growth in advanced manufacturingemployment opportunities in the ManufacturingBelt in the United States. Manufacturingprovides important material support fornational infrastructure and for nationaldefense.On the other hand, most manufacturing mayinvolve significant social and environmentalcosts. The clean-up costs of hazardous waste,for example, may outweigh the benefits of aproduct that creates it. Hazardous materialsmay expose workers to health risks. Developedcountries regulate manufacturing activity withlabor laws and environmental laws. In the U.S,manufacturers are subject to regulations bythe Occupational Safety and HealthAdministration and the United StatesEnvironmental Protection Agency. In Europe,pollution taxes to offset environmental costsare another form of regulation onmanufacturing activity. Labor Unions and craftguilds have played a historic role negotiation ofworker rights and wages. Environment laws and
  6. 6. labor protections that are available indeveloped nations may not be available in thethird world. Tort law and product liabilityimpose additional costs on manufacturing.Manufacturing requires huge amounts of fossilfuels. The construction of a single car in theUnited States requires, on average, at least 20barrels of oil.3 Manufacturing and investment around theworldSurveys and analyses of trends and issues inmanufacturing and investment around the worldfocus on such things as:The nature and sources of the considerablevariations that occur cross-nationally inlevels of manufacturing and wider industrial-economic growth;Competitiveness; andattractiveness to foreign direct investors.In addition to general overviews, researchershave examined the features and factorsaffecting particular key aspects ofmanufacturing development. They havecompared production and investment in a rangeof Western and non-Western countries andpresented case studies of growth andperformance in important individual industriesand market-economic sectors. On June 26,2009, Jeff Immelt, the CEO of GeneralElectric, called for the United States toincrease its manufacturing base employment to20% of the workforce, commenting that the U.S.has outsourced too much in some areas and canno longer rely on the financial sector andconsumer spending to drive demand. A total of3.2 million – one in six U.S. manufacturing jobs –have disappeared between 2000 and 2007.
  7. 7. ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ GOEL GROUP inWe are a group that strongly believesexcellence and cutting-edge technical expertise,something we have always given primeimportance to no matter what venture weundertake. The three units operating under theGoel Group namely:- Shri Bajrang Alloys Ltd., dedicated to theproduction of quality structural steel material.- Shri Bajrang Power and Ispat Ltd., for theproduction of steel at the basic level.- Shri Bajrang Metallic and Power Ltd.(SBMPL), which deals in Billets & TMT bars.With the help of these units it is our endeavor tofulfill your dreams of building structures thatwill last for generations.
  8. 8. SHRI BAJRANG METALLICS & POWER LTD. isthe new Automatic Steel Rolling unit of wellknown GOEL GROUP. The domain of the companycovers the wide range of Corrosion ResistantBars, Thermo Mechanically Treated Bars byadopting the most modern and advancedtechnology with current market requirement.The systematic application of latest techniquesand with the use of latest machinery provideshigh quality end products and the adoption ofnew changes, up gradation and implementationof new technologies ensure proper and betterquality products, the standard practice of GOELGROUP. The company is accredited by theBureau of Indian Standard.SBMPL believes in stringent Quality at everystage of operation for bringing out QualityProduct. The company was also appointed as anauthorized conversion agent by Tisco, SAIL, andBhilai Steel Plant. It also acted as theconsignment agent of Rashtriya Ispat Nigam ltd.for eastern M.P in 1997.Chhattisgarh was created out of MP withcomplete equanimity on the 1st Nov 2000. Rich inmetallic & non-metallic minerals. Raipur, thecapital being located in the GeographicalCentre of Chhattisgarh has advantage of lowper ton cost of transportation of bulk steel.The main industries related to core sector viz.Steel & cement. Consumer sector viz. Rice mills& plywood. Iron ore of the widely used mineralsis found in Belladila, Dallii Rajahara & Korba.
  9. 9. COMPANY’S PROFILEShri Bajrang Metallic And Power Ltd. wasincorporated in the year 1999 for rolling ofReinforcement bars. This fully automation rollingmill has an annual capacity of 3, 00,000MT tomanufacture thermo mechanically treated bars orTMT bars. Bars are rolled from 8mm to 40mm dia,Fe415 , Fe500 and Fe550 by adopting the mostmodern and advanced technology.Company started its journey with a smallturnover of`31.84cr during the year 2000-2001. During thepast years it had registered a vertical growthand booted a turnover of `531.06cr as on 31stMarch 2008.Technical CollaborationShri Bajrang Metallic and Power Ltd. Is havingtechnical collaboration with Hennigsdorfer StahlEngineering Gmbh Germany for manufacturing ofTMT bars. This technology is known as THERMEXQuenched and Self Tempered (QST).ISI SpecificationAll our products are certified by Bureau of IndianStandards (BIS | ISI) in conformance to variousapplicable Indian Standards.ISO CertificationUnited Registrar of Systems Ltd., Somerset U.K.BS27 3AH has certified our management system inaccordance with ISO 9001:2008.
  10. 10. Backward IntegrationUnder the backward integration program,company has set up steel making section withcontinuous caster with an annual capacity toproduce 1, 00,000 MT of steel. Companymanufactures various sizes of Billets and Bloomsfrom 100X100mm to 250X250mm of MS, HT and ENseries product. Company has also installed ARCFURNACE to manufacture Spring / Special steel,combined steel with production capacity stands at1,75,000 MT.Laboratory FacilityCompany has set up fully developed laboratoryequipped with spectrometer and other modernequipment for chemical as well mechanical testingof this product to check and maintain high qualitystandards of finished production.Our StrengthWe are having wide spread and efficientdistribution network. We can safely say that onlystandard and custom made products are distributedthroughout the country. Our network of SBMPLtaken care of that. Our GOEL TMT bars arehaving approvals of agencies vig, MES, NHAI,SECR, and EIL and in other Govt. and Semi Govt.projects. OUR PRODUCTSProduced by using the most advanced and latesttechnology is our new generation, high-strengthribbed bar- the GOEL TMT bar. The use ofThermex, Quenching & self Tempering Technologyhas enabled the production of these high strengthre-bars. The bar comes packed with a yield stress
  11. 11. ranging from 425 to 550 N/mm2, extra toughness,a high elongation value of 18-25%, ductility, theability to weld and an excellent ability to bend.Truly, theyre bars that have been made with nocompromise on strength and ductility, and theywill surely give your homes longer life.The GOEL TMT Bar comes in the following gradesand sections:Grades: Fe415, Fe500, Fe550, Fe: 415D, Fe: 500D,Fe: 550D and Fe: 600Sections : 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm,28mm, 32mm, 36mm and 40mm⌐ BILLETS⌐ POWER⌐ TMT BARS⌐ WIRE RODS⌐ HB Wire⌐ Binding Wire (WireX)Comments
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