Dress code in christ


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Dress code in christ

  1. 1. Dress Code in Christ
  2. 2. The age old dilemma every Christite goes through in their college days - Dress Code.Known for their strict disciplinary stance, one cannot cross the faculty of Christ whenit comes to their dress code. Christ University enforces a code of salwar kameez forgirls and shirt and trouser for the boys.Of course, then there are those students to whom college spells out t-shirts, skirtsand low waist jeans but when looked at reasonably, the idea of flaunting your bodyat college is not what the authorities have in mind. One has all the liberty to wearwhat pleases them outside the premises of college but when at college, you have toabide by the rules and regulations laid down. Personally speaking, salwar kameez is avery comfortable option as laid against jeans and t-shirt. And even for the malepopulation out there, nothing spells out classy better than a crisp shirt, a pair oftrousers and a tie to go with. And also, when joining Christ, everyone is alreadyaware of the regulations regarding dress code, so why not be gung-ho about itbecause it adds a certain aura of class to all the students at Christ.
  3. 3. students need not fret as many colleges in the City insist that they don’t putpressure on their students with very strict rules but demand only decency inthe campus. Christ University, known for its strict dress code, has eased itespecially for those studying in the degree courses. They have made it clear intheir college website itself that boys are expected to be in full trousers andclean shirts. Low-waist pants with several large pockets are not allowed. Andgirls are expected to dress decently and must avoid wearing tight, transparent,sleeveless or revealing clothes.St Joseph’s College and Jain University are following suit. “There is no particulardress code but students are expected to come in a dignified manner. Kurtas,jeans and T-shirts are allowed on campus as long as they are decent,” saysJyothi, from Jain University. Students too feel that a dress code for colleges isnot necessary.
  4. 4. “After coming to college, students are mature enough to understand what is acceptable andwhat is not when it comes to dressing. Only when there is a restriction will one feel likebreaking it and going against the rule. In our college, it is an understood thing and everybodykeeps it simple and casual,” says Pallavi, a student from Seshadripuram College. AgreesManisha, a student from St Joseph’s College of Arts and Science.“Generally it’s the girls who have more restrictions than the boys. It’s not like people will wear aspaghetti top and walk around in college if there is no dress code. And the fact that our collegetrusts us and gives us the freedom to wear what we want shows that they are not biased on thebasis of gender,” she adds.A big reason for many of the colleges to relax their rules is because of the foreign students whoare taking admission in their institutions. “It’s not fair on the foreign students when we insist ononly kurtas. So apart from wearing uniform twice a week, we allow our students to come in anyformal attire but they must avoid sleeveless and tight-fitting clothes,” says Suja Bennet, amathematics teacher in CMR Institute of Management Studies.
  5. 5. People’s Verdict• Video 1• Video 2• Video 3• Video 4• Video 5
  6. 6. Key Findings of Survey Is Christ Dress code good?Description Percentage of people ,0 Yes, 23YES 23%NO 77% No, 77 Yes No
  7. 7. Other Colleges..But the case is not the same in all the colleges. In many institutions, the Pre-University sections are a littlemore strict than the degree sections. Christ Junior College has changed its dress code for girls from thisyear . “We have insisted that the girls wear loose-fitting kurtas with salwar bottoms and dupattas are amust. Leggings, tights, knit-wear kurtas and any other fitted attire will not be entertained from this yearon. And the boys have to wear formal shirts and pants,” says P M Varghese, a lecturer in Christ JuniorCollege. Sukanya, a student from Jyoti Nivas College, says that policing is far more strict in the PU sectionthan the degree sections. “I feel it’s because when we come to degree course, we know how to dressappropriately,” she adds.And the colleges take the rules very seriously. If caught violating the norm, the students are either askedto change and come back or their ID cards are confiscated. “It’s not a new code — we’ve had it for a longtime: Short tops, low-waist jeans or trousers, sleeveless kurtas and T-shirts are not allowed. If students arefound dressed inappropriately, they will be given a warning or their ID cards will be taken away and theywill be sent back home to change. Even the watchman has the authority to send the students back.
  8. 8. ConclusionDress Codes must be observed in colleges to a certain extent. People of our age arepresumably responsible enough to understand what they should or shouldn’t wear.Observing many surveys conducted and coupling them up with statistical studies wesaw that a majority of student weren’t very happy with the current dress code inChrist university.Nevertheless a college is known for it’s greatness not by what it’s students wear butmore so by what it’s students do.