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Digital Influencers & Destination Marketing: Marketing Workshop at ATECH16 in Aruba


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Slides from a one-hour workshop on the role of digital influencers in destination marketing, given at the ATECH16 conference in Aruba to tourism and small hospitality businesses and local influencers on Instagram. Sept 2016.

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Digital Influencers & Destination Marketing: Marketing Workshop at ATECH16 in Aruba

  1. 1. ©Guidrr, Inc.® 2016 Aassia Haq, Founder & CEO @aassiaharoonhaq Aruba Hilton, Marketing Workshop Sept 15, 2016 2-2:45 pm ATECH Conference 2016 Digital Influencers & Destination Marketing #ATECH16
  2. 2. @GUIDRR My Story & My Goal Today
  3. 3. @GUIDRR Life & Career of Travel=Perspective HK KHI LHR LGA ORD DFW BOS
  4. 4. @GUIDRR Digital Influencers: True Blue Ocean Strategy For Savvy Destination Marketers ….  Less costly  Potentially less competitive  More authentic  More trusted  Ability to scale and serve
  5. 5. @GUIDRR Meet Negin 2.4M Followers NYT (1.3M Circ) Business Traveler
  6. 6. Lost In Florence, A Back Story@GUIDRR Experiences, Not Things  100M Millennials Who Travel  Spend about 1K per trip  Travel in groups  Experience seekers  Gain Information P2P
  7. 7. @GUIDRR Question 1: Does your brand have an authentic experience to offer? ACTION: Write It Down: What is It? 78% of Millennials choose to consume an experience or event over buying something (Harris study).
  8. 8. @GUIDRR Question 2: Can you be an authentic destination influencer? ACTION: What’s human about you? Your brand? What is your niche? Write it down Think small & trusted The opposite of Big brand thinking No matter the size of your brand!
  9. 9. @GUIDRR Why I’m Bullish on Destination Influencers In Travel $1.4 Trillion Industry Is Human Again FROM People & Data Mover.. TO Life & Revenue Enabler… Javier, Madrid Artesan, Malasana
  10. 10. Guidrr’s Destination Marketing Back Story @GUIDRR
  11. 11. Nardia – Blogger Florence Gaia – Blogger/VJ Sao Paolo Brazil Stew, Writer – Nashville Bea, Blogger – Dublin Sean, Yasmin – Nomads Austin/Japan Dawn, Teacher, Foodie Dallas Dwayne, Photographer Alaska @GUIDRR What we learned from digital influencers “Guidrr is already building a roster of influencers to help guide people through the coolest places around the world.” – Killer Startups
  12. 12. Anne – Blogger in Paris with Pret a Voyager – Read It! @GUIDRR The right way & the wrong way to engage  Keep it simple  Be Authentic  Learn about the blogger  Is there mutual value?  Pay or perks or both? ACTION: WRITE DOWN A BLOGGER YOU ARE INTERESTED IN; IS THERE MUTUAL VALUE?
  13. 13. Digital Influencers Are Also Destination Brands@GUIDRR
  14. 14. Peer-to-Peer Influencers Can Be New Gatekeepers Empower & Engage & Partner As Co-Equals in the Destination Story Destination Marketing Has Left the Building @GUIDRR
  15. 15. Social Marketing Secrets @GUIDRR  Wasted social posts  Influencer access & success  Where to drive the visitor to engage further QUESTION: Are you posts going beyond the like? Can you measure results?
  16. 16. @GUIDRR Question: Do you know your audience? ACTION: Which influencers appeal to your audience, not you! Action: ASK! IT’s as simple as that. It’s a Fact: Influencers Can Unlock Deeper Destination Funnels
  17. 17. Case Study: Downtown Dallas, Inc.  SaaS marketing solution  Positioned DDI as savvy marketer  Scaled entry of city influencer content  Branded Mobile content to reuse  Promotion of local brands
  18. 18. Step 1: Guidrr Ran DDI Live Like A Local Contest: Community Created Travel Guides Unique URL for Contest Entrant Period (April- June): local/ Powered For DDI on Mobile & Social by Guidrr, Inc.
  19. 19. Step 2: DDI’s VP of Marketing Shalissa Perry Engaged with Contestants Privately DDI Photos (Entrants’ Private Reception at Americano, The Joule Hotel):-
  20. 20. Case Study: Downtown Dallas, Inc.  SaaS marketing solution  Positioned DDI as savvy marketer  Scaled entry of city influencer content  Branded Mobile content to reuse  Promotion of local brands
  21. 21. DDI Contest Objectives & Results (Powered by Guidrr) Entrants: 36 Locals Guides Created: 18 Start of Contest (Soft Launch): April 2016 Close of Entrants: June 17 2016; Guide Submission Deadline: August 22 2016 Entrants’ Private Reception 6/22: 25+ Attendees at Joule Hotel (Local Business) Business PR Perks: Perks from 12-15 Businesses, Finalized & Added To by DDI Combined Instagram Influence of Entrants: 174,511 DDI OBJECTIVES: Update Legacy Web content on DDI Web Site To Authentic Mobile Dallas Content By Engaging With Local #MyDTD Destination Ambassadors On Instagram; Promote Dallas Downtown Districts; Benefit Downtown Businesses
  22. 22. Key Analytics To Note Zero Paid Marketing Dollars Were Applied to Campaign 36 Destination Ambassadors Engaged With 174K Combined IG Influence Size 18 New Fully Mobile Multi- Step Experiences Created- With More Coming 53 Authentic, Unaided, Unpaid Local Business Mentions + 21 Local Attractions 44% of Entrants Created 1 or More Guides + Additional Guides Still In Progress
  23. 23. @GUIDRR Case Study for Festival Marketing & Fan Engagement Case Study: Guidrr & #DFWSAFF  Engaging Content Ambassadors  Guiding Fans (Discounts, Tips)  Delivering sponsor added value
  24. 24. @GUIDRR Partnership  Written by Internal Ambassador  Excitement & Sales build  Serve Partners & Vendors  Post-sale & event – Donation/CTA
  25. 25. Varelie_Croes On Guidrr Creator.Guidrr.Com Or
  26. 26. 5 steps: Just start @GUIDRR
  27. 27. @GUIDRR Create, Share & Discover Destination Experiences • Mobile First • Authentic & Trusted • Influencer & Brand Roles • Niched to Followers Guidrr®
  28. 28. @aassiaharoonhaq Muchos Gracias! 谢谢 Thank you! ©Guidrr, Inc.® 2016