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Customer management


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Customer Management

Published in: Technology, Business
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Customer management

  1. 1.  We would be working on project of Customer Management & Material Management for Authorised Service Centre.  We would be working with MODY TECHNO SOLUTIONS PVT LTD formally known as UDHYAM INFOSYS.  It deals with AMC,SOFTWARE LICENSE.
  2. 2.  The existing method used is manual registers and filling the hardcopy for every transaction.  Reasons for developing the software:  Easy access to the data  monitoring work assigned to engineers  keeping watch on customer resolution TAT(turn around time) Generating reports Better and easy operation
  3. 3.  To develop a desktop application which aims: ◦ Customer calls, records and their AMC’s management. ◦ Material management.
  5. 5.  On line ticket number would generated from a software  Call report should be generated for each engineer  Various reports to be generated from the system as per specification of principal.  Turn around time should be calculated would be working on project of Customer Management & Material Management for Authorised Service Centre: for each engineer  Outstation call distance should be calculated  Any advances given than total outdoor expense should be calculated  Customer grievance form for each customer should be filled  Customer details should be maintained. Like warranty details, customer personal details, Email Id etc.  Material sent to principal company with courier details and time take for repairing or replacement
  6. 6.  Minimum Stock level to be maintained for warranty replacement.  Minimum stock level to be maintained for sales of spares  Track record should be kept if the part is been taken as loan from stock of sales for closing the customer complaint.  Unique serial number should be generated when the stock is in warded.  If machine is taken in buy back than it should be taken in stock  Reminders to be generated for those customers whose warranty is getting over.  Reminders for customers birthdays and anniversary’s.  Automatic email reminders and greetings should be sent to customer.  Details of stock should be kept of spares given to Engineers.