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Role and impact of media on society final ppt............


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Role and impact of media on society final ppt............

  1. 1. Role AndImpAct of medIA on SocIety
  2. 2. RadioTELEVISION Media Newspaper Int rnet
  3. 3. Print Media: 1)Newspaper 2)MagazineAudio Media: 1)RadioAudio-Video Media: 1)Television 2)Internet
  4. 4. In INDIA78.8 Million number ofnewspaper are soldDaily.41,66,438 number ofmagazines are sold onweekly & monthly basis.665 TelevisionChannels are there.65 Million activeinternet users are there.
  5. 5. This is everydayMedia is integral part of Modern Society..
  6. 6. Role….What should be ???InformativePositiveCreativeMotivatingEntertaining
  7. 7. Yes, Many media are like this, But some……………Are Negative OrientedGive “Masala” NewsBoringDiscouragingCrime Encouraging
  8. 8. Ideal MediaShould be Freefrom PressureFact FindingNation Building
  9. 9. What we should do???We should encourage the good media.We should give our constructivecriticism to them for improvement.We should participate in them byWriting, Presentations & Video programs.We should make all others aware aboutthe nation building Media.
  10. 10. MEDIA – We need itIt will be here, irrespective of ourchoice.So let us try to Have a media, whichisPositive in ApproachProvide Real Information&