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The Green Roundtable Green Residential Case Studies


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The Green Roundtable Green Residential Case Studies

  1. 1. The Green Roundtable Green Residential Case Studies June 26, 12:30-2:00 Mark Price Residential Green Building Project Manager Conservation Services Group
  2. 2. What is Green Design? To significantly reduce or eliminate the negative impact of buildings on the environment and on the building occupants, green building design and construction practices address: sustainable site planning, safeguarding water and water efficiency, energy efficiency, conservation of materials and resources, and indoor environmental quality. -USGBC
  3. 3. What is Green Design? How do we love all children of all species for all time? -William McDonough
  4. 4. What is LEED? Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design The LEED Green Building Rating System™ is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings.
  5. 5. CATEGORIES OF LEED new LEED-NC construction existing LEED-EB buildings Commercial commercial Buildings LEED-CI interiors core & LEED-CS shell LEED for Homes Residential neighborhood LEED-ND development
  6. 6. • In pilot since late 2005, due to launch later this year – Green Build • Open to any qualifying projects • Follows residential code – 3-stories and below • Concurrent pilots for mid-rise (4-6) and high-rise (7 and up) residential buildings running now • Differs from other LEED products in delivery system – administered locally by ‘Providers’
  7. 7. LEED for Homes Categories Innovation & Design Process (ID) Integrated project team, plan for durability, allow for innovation Location & Linkages (LL) Locate homes efficiently, link to existing infrastructure Sustainable Sites (SS) Preserve natural ecosystem on the building lot Water Efficiency (WE) Reduce potable water usage, use rainwater/grey water Energy & Atmosphere (EA) Reduce emissions caused by energy use, ENERGY STAR Materials & Resources (MR) Reduce environmental impact of building materials Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Provide a comfortable and healthful indoor environment Awareness & Education (AE) Educate homeowners (operators) about green building
  8. 8. LEED for Homes Checklist • 130 potential credits • 18 prerequisites • 16 required credits • 4 Certification levels 1. Certified 2. Silver 3. Gold 4. Platinum • Flexible • Evolving
  9. 9. LEED for Homes Rating Guide for Homes Pilot Rating System v1.11a (PDF) ( 184 page companion to the checklist. For every credit: • Intent • Requirements • Verifications/Submittals • Synergies/Tradeoffs • Additional Information
  10. 10. LEED for Homes in Mass. • 7 certified Homes, first multi-family cert. in US • 6 pending certification • 121 registered • 300+ in discussion
  11. 11. 53 Standish St.
  12. 12. Design Open floor plans Natural light Views-connection to outdoors
  13. 13. 53 Standish Street - LEED Certified • Good location – community resources, open space • Recycled content: siding, carpet, wallboard, glass tile • Low-VOC paints, caulking, sealants • Formaldehyde-free doors • Permeable pavers in parking area • Pre-wired for solar PV • Solar outdoor lighting
  14. 14. 2 Chickadee Lane
  15. 15. Design Healthy living Toward net zero Local sources
  16. 16. 2 Chickadee Lane – LEED Silver • No paint – Earth plaster on walls and ceilings • LED Lighting • PV, Passive Solar, pellet stoves • Very Low water use – waterless urinal in powder room, 1.2gpm shower heads, dual-flush toilets • Low impact landscaping – edible wildflowers and berry bushes • Brownfield redevelopment • Permeable paving
  17. 17. 9 Sunset Rd.
  18. 18. 9 Sunset Rd. – LEED Platinum (pending) Design – do everything possible • Gut-rehab – building re-use, smaller home • Recycled rubber roofing • Bamboo flooring • Geothermal heating, PV, Solar DHW • LID – permanent erosion controls; retaining walls, natural vegitation, rain barrels, sandy soil • Will eventually install a green roof
  19. 19. Thanks! Mark Price Conservation Services Group 508.836.9500 x13269