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Aaron Bouren has been a proud American entrepreneur since the age of 19 and chose early on to establish himself as a serial business builder and leader in both traditional and network marketing.

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Aaron bouren

  1. 1. About Aaron BourenAaron Bouren has been an entrepreneur since the ageof 19 and chose early on to establish himself as leader inboth traditional, online and network marketing. Aftermoving to Austin, Texas in 1991, Aaron launched hiscareer in direct response marketing by creating andbuilding Paradigm Marketing into one of the mostrespected direct marketing firms. In 1995, he foundedLegal Benefit Brokers, a payroll deduction and work sitemarketing firm. In 2001, Aaron masterminded anddeveloped one of the first US health care companies thatacquired clients and operated exclusively through theInternet. In the last 10 years, Aaron and his team havecreated innovative internet strategies directly enrolling50,000 plus families and increasing patient loads for over6000 physician groups nationally.
  2. 2. Wealth Creation CollegeThe affiliate, directsales, network and onlinemarketing industry is onethat is based on mentorshipand coaching. If you are notgetting the results youdesire, then it’s time to takeyour future into your ownhands. AWCC programs arehighly sought after bymarketers both experiencedand the newbie looking togain an extra edge in theirbusiness and create massiveresults in a short amount oftime.
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  4. 4. Make Money OnlineMany people ask me every day, “What is the fastest andeasiest way to get online and make my FIRST CHECKwithout having any experience.” I believe what the EmpowerNetwork has put together is the best tool and education forthe “Newbie.” Do NOT get me wrong if you are anexperienced internet marketer you will absolutely appreciatethe simplicity and genius behind the affiliate program. Thefact that as an affiliate you get to keep 100% of thecommissions rather than the industry typical 20-50%commission payouts. One of the great features is that, whenyou get just one client you are at 100% break even. I do NOTknow of any other business in the world where with one clientyour business is in the black. I urge both the “newbie andexpert” to watch the video above and make your owndecision.
  5. 5. Individual branding isvery much like a way ofmarketing yourself tothe public. The publicnetworking youcommunicate with dailyis generally creatingyour product andallowing the whole worldknow what yousignify, what people cananticipate, and whatprimary principles youhave.
  6. 6. Aaron Bouren began out as being the speech and onthe internet community of the younger creationactivity and it has gravitated towards mainstream. Soyou have older individuals like me, interesting in theroute with quick entry to all community pages andthat should not be disregarded. These days Facebookor Myspace is the community route that manyindividuals interact with and unintentionally create anindividual product. Its also a route that manypotential companies or customers confirm before
  7. 7. Contact http://www.aaronbouren.comAaron Bouren Aaron Bouren 9901 Brodie Lane #160-203 Austin, Texas 78748 United States
  8. 8. Join Aaron Bouren Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Aaronbourenn Twitter https://twitter.com/aaronbouren1 LinkedInhttp://www.linkedin.com/in/aaronbouren1