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Question 4


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Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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Question 4

  1. 1. Question 4: How did you use media technologies in the construction, research, planning and evaluation stages?I used several different media products to complete the advanced portfolio coursework. Forthe planning, production and evaluation parts of the coursework we had to use severaldifferent programmes and accessories.IMacsI used this facility to complete all of my coursework.This was due to it having more suitable programmesand having a larger hard-drive. They includedprogrammes such as InDesign, Photoshop, Final Cutand several other editing programmes for ourcoursework. I prefer using the IMacs for editing ofpictures and videos over windows as it was easier tounderstand the concepts of Photoshop and Final Cut. Ido prefer Windows however for saving and completingwork on Microsoft Word and PowerPoint however, as Iam more experienced in those networks.Google I used Google to research the background into the Indie Music Genre and to find images of bands to place in my research. I also find it easier to use Google as it seemed to find everything which I clicked for it to search. It is also quicker and straighter forward than Yahoo and Ask as it had more links to web pages.YouTubeYouTube is a video streaming website which streams videosof all types which members of the public can view. Thewebsite helped us out with our coursework as it gave usadvice on video layout and understand the artist we weretrying to create. However we could only get certain videos onYouTube due to copy right issues and this meant we had touse different websites to find products which were going to be similar. Blogger We used Blogger to store our research, practical and evaluation parts of our coursework. Blogger is a free programme and it also entitled us to keep a progress of our coursework. It was really efficient in uploading videos, PowerPoint’s and photos to show our progress.
  2. 2. However the font and colour scheme was limited in the programme and that was the onlyissue I had with blogger.HD CameraTo film the music video we used the HD camera tocapture all of our footage. We also felt that thesecameras had a more improved brightness level than astandard camera. It also meant that it was significantlyeasier to remove the green background and place a newbackground using the editing programmes. Studio and lights The studio meant we could follow the comic book theme which we aimed to use for the creation of our video. Due to us using the studio for all of the music video we were able to use the best equipment available and this entitled us to use various effects such as the green screen and the studio lights which could be altered. We could also make the video consistant and this allowed us to make the video lookprofessional. However, we had to book in slots and this meant we had to have several shootsof the video.Digital cameraWe used the digital camera to take pictures of some of our progress,we also used it for our anxillary tasks and to monitor the progress ofour coursework.Final Cut Express This programme was used to edit the video. Everyone did the basics such as arranging the audio and video layout. We also edited files and cropped the video when it needed editing. Teigan had specific ideas in mind to include more advanced special effects etc, and so she incorporated those into the video. This meant that we were able to explore new options and create the comic book layout throughout the video. The programme also had several features such as chroma key and editing hue/saturation in the video. Final cut had many features, which allowed for our group to be more creative.
  3. 3. InDesign I used this programme to create the anxillary tasks. Theprogramme included a variety of very useful features, i.e.changing the fonts, importing pictures and backgrounds, andhaving picture ratios to work with. The program itself waseasy to use as I could use patterning and creating shapes toinclude text and pictures in our products. However theprogramme could be time consuming as it took a long time todo basic editing PhotoShop Photoshop was an easy programme to use on the IMac and the editing of photos were thoroughly done once I started to understand the programme. It had a wider variety of features than most regular photo editing programs had, and could do more advanced things, i.e. cropping out the backgrounds etc, which were very useful, as we created custom backgrounds on PhotoShop using its wide range of brushes and other features and then were able to use the cropped images to incorporate into our created backgrounds. I felt that Photoshop was aneasy programme to use and I felt comfortable editing photos to a professional standard. Thedownside to Photoshop was that it could only do certain tasks and this meant we had to usedifferent programmesDaFont.comI used to find the suitable fonts needed tocreate our anxillary products. We also had to use DaFontto follow other members of our courseworks anxillarytasks and follow a set purpose in the creation of products.I thought the programme was easy to use as it allowed us to explore different fonts anddownload them to our own tasks. PowerPoint I used PowerPoint for my evaluation and this allowed me to be adventurous with the layout and fonts. This made my presentation appealing and allowed me to incorporate both pictures and text into each slide. The programme was straight foward as it allowed me to present more information than blogger and Word; this meant i could spread my work over several slides. To upload the PowerPoint to the presentation I
  4. 4. would use slideshare and this meant I could place it on blogger. It was a simple programmeand didn’t take long to understand.