Terroizer analysis


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Terroizer analysis

  1. 1. Case Study Notes Aaron Vogan
  2. 2. Terrorizer is a Published by metal magazine Dark Arts Ltd Editor is Joseph StannardYou can get Terrorizer Online or in store First published October 1993 Terrorizer is a A 12 month subscription monthly magazine To Terrorizer costs £42.50 or £3.50 per issue
  3. 3. Analysis Of Cover-Terrorizer● The front cover uses a masthead that is clearly displayed at the the top of the page, the model that is in the main image is in a medium close shot and is covering the masthead. The cover lines clearly gives us an idea of what is inside the magazine and the use of a darker background helps conform to the idea that metal is dark and gloomy. The front cover in this case displays a free gift that will encourage people to buy the magazine.● The font used on the page also helps conform to the idea that metal is dark. The font used is something you might see in a horror movie title, and the name “Terrorizer” helps add to this idea.
  4. 4. Analysis of Contents-Terrorizer● The contents page displays which articles are on which page, but not all articles are listed in this case. Terrorizer decided to only list the most important stories. On the left of the page, there is a snippet of an article to interest the reader so that they will read on. At the bottom of the page there is an image of one of the bands that are including in the magazine The contents page has a plain white background so that it is easier to read the text and spot which articles you want to read. The article on the left is set into columns so the page is more structured as easy to understand. The titles for the articles on the right are in bold and there descriptions are in normal font, this makes it easier to spot these stories.
  5. 5. Analysis of Double Page Spread- TerrorizerThe double page spread has a main image that covers most of the two pages, Inthis case the image is of the band that is in the article, the title for the articles is also very large and covers a lot of the left page, the image and title will hep attract readerto this page of the magazine when they come across it. The text it set out in columns and is very easy to understand and read. The black text is also set displayed on awhite background with large bold capital letters at the start of a new paragraph,this means it is easy to read across the page. The double page spread also has an interesting fact file In the corner that tells readers that perhaps haven’t heard of this band before learn a title bit about them in easy to understand bullet points. There is also a colourful picture next to it to attract peoples eyes towards that corner. Because the text ha a white background and the rest of the page has a black background it helps the text t stand out from the rest of the page
  6. 6. MetalHammer is a Metal Editor-AlexanderMagazine published by Milas Future PLC The first issue of MetalHammer was MetalHammer can be published in 1986 bought online or from mostnewsagent/supermarkets MetalHammer is a monthly magazine MetalHammer costs around £4 MetalHammer costs per issue
  7. 7. Analysis of Cover-MetalHammerThe front cover of MetalHammer magazine uses a largeand clear masthead at the top of the page. The mainimage used on the cover is of a famous figure in metal(James Hetfield). Using a an icon will attract people to amagazine.The cover of this magazine uses mostly black and whiteand is overall quiet dark to look at, this colour schemeconforms to the stereotype that metal is “dark”.The cover lines are in a large font and are easy to seeand the main cover line is in yellow instead of black totell people what the focus of the issue is.The cover page also displays a free gift when themagazine is purchased, this is an incentive for people tobuy the magazine.
  8. 8. Analysis of Contents- MetalHammer● The contents page for MetalHammer uses a masthead that is very clear and at the top of the page● The article titles and description are in different colours so they can be easily distinguished from each other. The articles are also set out in columns so they are easy to read and choose from.● The background colour for the contents page is plain and minimalistic so the text stands out and is easy to read.● There are pictures on the side of the contents page to give you an idea of what is inside this issue.● There is a short articles on the right side of the page to try and interest readers before they read the full articles.
  9. 9. Analysis of Double Page Spread- MetalHammer● The double page spread for MetalHammer uses an image of a famous metal band to attract readers to the article● The masthead is at the bottom of the page and is large text so it is easy to distinguish from the rest of the page. The masthead is also relevant to the article and it also grabs the readers attention.● There is a quote in the top right of the page, which is used to grab the readers attention.● Most of the double page spread is covered by an image of the band, the image used is relevant to the article.● The text used on the double page spread is in white when the background is quiet dark, this helps the text stand out from the rest of the page.