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Experiential Marketing with Aaron Stelle from WEST


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In this presentation by Aaron Stelle with WEST, a Williston Financial Group Company, he will be discussing Experiential Marketing. He will discuss strategy’s that engage consumers using branded experiences to create a memorable impact. It is all about creating experiences that your consumers and clients will remember so you can have few were higher quality touches that maintain your relationship.

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Experiential Marketing with Aaron Stelle from WEST

  1. 1. Scaling Personalization: How to Dominate Experiential Aaron Stelle, VP- Regional Marketing Technology Director |
  2. 2. Why do we need a plan? WHO AM I?
  3. 3. At least twice times a month I get a Starbucks gift card…
  4. 4. There’s one problem…
  5. 5. I don’t go to Starbucks
  6. 6. Why do we market and sell to people in ways we don’t like to be marketed and sold to?
  7. 7. You can’t automate relationships. But you can automate opportunities.
  8. 8. Personalized vs. Personal
  9. 9. Personalized is
  10. 10. Personal is buying my favorite Scotch
  11. 11. …or buying me coffee after hearing this presentation.
  12. 12. Why experiential marketing matters…
  13. 13. So what happens in real estate?
  14. 14. Some companies are getting it right
  15. 15. Some people are getting it right
  18. 18. People trust personalities over brands… lucky for us!
  19. 19. Your most recent experience and your most extreme experience….bad or good.
  20. 20. What if your budget was entirely experiential…what would that do to your business?
  21. 21. Farm area of 300 homes 1 postcard per month .50 per card $150 per month (1800 per year) Reach 300 homes Expected Return > 1% 2 Experiential reach outs/month 24 direct interactions $75 interaction $150 per month (1800 per year) 24 people X 200 = 4800 Expected Return = Infinite
  22. 22. A few ideas to noodle on…
  23. 23. What if you sent over a photographer after closing and made a coffee table book?
  24. 24. Realtor Groupon
  25. 25. The Three M’s
  26. 26. Mindfulness which leads to…
  27. 27. Moments that matter
  28. 28. Moments to Market
  29. 29. Tools to Help
  30. 30. Tools to Help PROMO CODE: WEST2019
  31. 31. Tools to Help
  32. 32. One Last Story
  33. 33. Experiences not Gift Cards Experiences not Gift Cards
  34. 34. Why do we need a plan? CONNECT
  35. 35. Thank you!