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  1. 1. Planning
  2. 2. Questionnaire Gender? Male / Female Age? Key stage 3 / Key stage 4 / Key stage 5 What type of music do you listen to? How much would you expect a music magazine to be? How Regularly Do you buy magazines Weekly / Monthly / Yearly How often do you like to have your magazines realized Weekly / MonthlyWhat mode of address do you prefer to be addressed in? Formal / Informal
  3. 3. Questionnaire resultsWhat the results say-Gender – The responses were that 4/5 people that took the survey were male, and 1/5 were female. This helps me produce my magazine because I will target it at females instead of males because of the results of question one.Age – The responses to this question were that 1/5 people that took the survey were in key stage 4 and 4/5 were in key stage 5. This helps me to produce my magazine because the majority of people were in key stage 5, so my magazine will target a more mature audience. This defines my audience which my appeals to me more so it gives me a broader scope to work with.What type of music – The responses to this question were varied because I left it as an open question so that they people taking the survey had more choice on what they wanted to select. From the results 2/5 people like hiphop music, 1/5 likes Indie music, 1/5 likes all music, 0/8 likes metal music, 1/5 likes R ‘n’ B music, 1/8 likes pop/rock music and 1/8 likes rock music. I have decided to group these together so that it is easier to choose the genre for my magazine. I have grouped hiphop with R ‘n’ B, and metal, rock and pop. This means that my results are that 3/5 people like hiphop/R ‘n’ B, 1/5 likes Indie music, 1/5 likes all music and 3/5 likes Metal/Rock/Pop. It is hard to decide which genre to choose now because there is the same number of results for two categories. However, I have decided to produce a hiphop/R ‘n’ B magazine because they are very similar kinds of music so overall I think that category got the largest vote. It made it hard for me to get good results and to make good choices cause I didn’t get many results back, so I got a small sample to work with so many results wasn’t very relibale.
  4. 4. How much do you expect to pay for a magazine? I expected the results for this question to vary like question three because I also left this as an open question. However, the results were all between £2-£5. 5/5 of the results had £3 included in their answer so therefore I have decided to pitch my magazine at about £3. How regularly do you buy magazines? The responses from this question show that 0/5 people buy magazines weekly, and 4/5 people buy them monthly. This will help me produce my magazine because I have now decided that I will produce my magazine to be a monthly issue, this means it will contain a lot of information that will cover a month.How often do you like seeing magazines being realised? I chose to incorpreeate this question within my surrvey because it will give me and idea, of how long I should release my magazine, I didn’t get many results back, do It didn’t leave me with reliable resilts bit there wasmt anything I could do, so Its what I had to work wit it nothing.How the results will help to a successful magazine –These results are going to help me because there going tohelp me get a clear understanding of my target audienceand what they want within there magazine and whenthey want them. The only problem with my results is thative only got a small sample so my results wont be asaccurate as I would like qz
  5. 5. Text FontsDifferent fonts are used to capture the attention of different audiences within magazines, this is so the producers of themagazines can pick a target audience and suit the magazine accordingly.Magazines and newspapers often combine serif and sans serif fonts on one page, i.e., serif fonts for body text, sans serif forheadlines or captions. Guitar Guitar Guitar Font - Elephant Font – Copper Std Black Font – Calibri (Heading) Description - Elephant is a Description - Cooper Black is a Description – Calibri is the font reworked font from a traditional heavily weighted, old style which replaced times new roman. English extra bold serif font. It is serif typeface designed by Oswald Calibri is a humanist sans-serif mainly used on posters Bruce Cooper in 1921 typeface family under the Effect - This font really grabs the Effect- This font is very eye Microsoft ClearType Font attention of the reader, because it catching because of its boldness Collection Is bold and very jagged so its very and elegant, it is more likely to be Effect – This font is very basic and eye catching seen on a youngsters magazine is the default font for most due to the case it is very rounded Microsoft programs, this font isn’t very eye catching and is quite boring on the eyesThere’s two types which stand out for me for the heading of my magazine, and these are the “elephant” font and “Copper Stdblack” . This is die to the fact that these 2 fonts are very eye catching because of the boldness of them. This font fits well withinmy theme of alterative rock as well, this is very helpful to attract my target audience because it will appeal to them more. It fitswithin my target audience because its bold and jagged
  6. 6. Title Fonts Rock Rock Rock Font – 84 Rock Font – Rock Star 2.0 Font – hard rock Description – This is a very untidy Description – the type of font is Description – this font is very font, this gives the reader the mainly just symbols an dis near scruffy just like the “84 rock” impression that it represents enough unreadable, for anyone. font” since this font is scruffy it rock, because rock is seen to be Effect - There isno real affect to helps to add to the effect of unity. this font all it is, is symbol symbols attracting the alerted rock type of Effect - The effect of this font is corresponding with letters which people. that it gives the reader an instant sort of represent that letter Effect - the effect of this font is feel, to what type of magazine it near enough the same as the font is, and it will attract the rock type “84 rock” but this one lighter so it of group, because of its unique is harder to read broken disgnI have chosen to go with the font “84 rock” I am going to use this because I feel it attracts my target audience the most, while stillkeeping bold, and tidy. It is still bold so it stands out still which is very good for my title page, because it needs to stand out fromother magazines.
  7. 7. Colour Schemes Colours – Red, White, Black Colours –Red, Yellow , Black Colours – Red, Black, Yellow Effect – This colour scheme Effect - these colours Effect – There colours mix doesn’t stand out especially the yellow really well, and stand out from the dramatically it is clea, the stand out from the background, so it is easy to colours are warm, and mix background, it is very eye be seen from far away. These very well, and mix well with catching, but it doesn’t look colours do look messy in the background picture. very professional and colours places such as the banner at These colours fit very well don’t blend very well. the bottom of the page. with the logo so it gets a very professional lookI have took the best bits of the first and third colour schemes to make a colour scheme which I feel appeals to thetarget audience as well as keeping a professional look. I have came to this conclusion by asking people in my classto see there opions but I will do a survey to double check on the colour scheme I have chosen and base thatquestionnaire at my selected target audience this will help me create an effective magazine which will appeal to allpeople.
  8. 8. Large headline to TITLE capture readers attentionLarge close up shotfor the feature ofthe magazine, this isused to introducethe main headline MAIN PHOTO Story main heading introducing one of Indication of price the storys makes magazine look professional BAR CODE & STORY INFORMATION PRICE
  9. 9. MAGAZINE TITLE Large headline to capture readers attentionLarge close up shotfor the feature ofthe magazine, this isused to introducethe main headline MAIN MAIN IMAGE FEATURES OF THE MAGAZINE Section of headlines, introduc Indication of price ing the storys makes magazine related within the look professional magazine BAR CODE & PRICE
  10. 10. The masthead will take up the whole MAGAZINE TITLE length of the magazine. So it AWARD SIGN can been seen FOR THE more by the MAGAZINE readerMain features apartfrom the main storywill be described FEATURESdown the left hand OF THEcolumn. Coverlines MAGAZINEwill also be included MAIN IMAGEwith the stories.The main image of SMALLthe magazine about The main captionsthe main story will CLIPS OF and pull quotes ofbe the background THE the main story thatof the MAIN would attract thecover, everythingelse on the cover STORY audience will be in BAR CODE the bottom rightwill be layered on of the image. AND PRICE
  11. 11. Contents Pages
  12. 12. CONTENTS TITLELots of informationrelating to the informationwithin the magazine theseare the headlines. ALL CONTENTS OF THE MAGAZINE (serif font) Big content title is used to try and capture the readers attention as well as the picture I have used. Mast headI going to put some I am incorporatingadvertisement within ANOTHER IMAGE another image to mashthe front page to OF THE MAIN up 2 story’s and thismake the magazine gives it a.look more STORYprofessional. But thismight clutter it up tomuch.
  13. 13. CONTENTS TITLE ALL THE PAGES IN Three small images THE MAGAZINE IN of articles involved ORDER AND in the magazine toOnly small snippets of attract readers if BFIEFLY WHATthe stories so that it they want to knowdraws in the audience THEY CONTAIN more by looking atto buy the magazine to more.
  14. 14. All contents of the magazine will be CONTENTS TITLE around the centre photos in the correct order with some pull quotes and captions concents underneath the information.Additionalimage of themain articlewith a caption Three small imagesand pull quote of other sub-mainunderneath. articles. Are used to give the reader are more visual idea of the main headlines within the magazine price
  15. 15. 2 Page Spreads
  16. 16. big itaalic title to grab attention and to give the frist impression of the story ahead, title Key pieces of informat ion Article justified text. Fits around Main picture the pcitures Article, justified textbig picture to give a vissual of Article will be justified within Key facts are used to make thethe story ahead. This picture coloums to give it a professional magazine less boring and itwill be a medium close up of feel, it will also fit around the livens it up and bit more thenthe artist, this will be done to pictures so the page seems being so dull and people what that person neat and wearing and the expressionon there face
  17. 17. big itaalic title to grab attention and to give the frist impression of the story ahead, title Keypieces of Main pictureinformat ion Key pieces of informat Article, justified text Article, justified text ion Article will be justified within Key facts are used to make the A large image is used to capture coloums to give it a professional magazine less boring and it the audiences attention, this feel, it will also fit around the livens it up and bit more then gives the audience as visual pictures so the page seems being so dull and boring. impression of what the article is neat and tidy. about.
  18. 18. big itaalic title to grab attention and to give the frist Key facts are used to make the impression of the magazine less boring and it story ahead, livens it up and bit more then title being so dull and boring. picture Article justified text. Fits around Main picture the pcitures Key pieces of picture informat ion Article, justified textA large image is used to capture Article will be justified within Montage of pictures are used tothe audiences attention, this coloums to give it a professional show the reader images in thegives the audience as visual feel, it will also fit around the head which are relevent to theimpression of what the article is pictures so the page seems article they are readingabout. neat and tidy.