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Adwords presentation final


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Adwords presentation final

  1. 1. What are Google Adwords
  3. 3. Who Clicks on Adwords? Recent studies have deteremined that paid-for adds generate approximately 6% of total clicks on search engines over natural search options. Now do the math.... 5.1 billion google searches per day = 306 million web users clicking on Adwords.... PER DAY!
  4. 4. Benefits of Adwords Targeted • Our ad is displayed to people in our area of business who are already for searching for what we offer. • Customers are likely to be already engaged in the buying process. Whether just researching or ready to purchase they are ready to take some kind of action. • We choose where the ad appears - geographically or even on specific websites
  5. 5. Benefits of Adwords • We pay only when someone clicks our ad, not charged for views. • We set the daily/monthly budget for each campaign and we can set a max spend per keyword • Pause or enable campaigns or keywords or redistribute our daily ad budgets on the fly to take advantage of seasonal relevance or promotions. • There’s no minimum spending commitment. Controllable
  6. 6. Benefits of Adwords • We can see exactly what's working and build on it • View reports that show how many new customers connect with us through our ads, where they are coming from, how many convert directly to advertising goals (ie: page views, sign-ups, b2c sales etc.) • View keyword and ad effectiveness, with the ability to tweak and test them. Adwords provides almost immediate feedback. Analytics
  7. 7. How it works.
  8. 8. Van Isle Water Adwords Account CAMPAIGN AD Group (key Words) Landing Page Goal Conversion • A Campaign is a general theme around which we will base our ads. The ad budget is set at the campaign level and is shared by all the ads within it. • An adgroup is a container for the keywords we will use to trigger specific ads. • An ad is what will be displayed on the right side of the google results page. An ad is triggered to display when someone searches for a keywords that is attached to it. AD GOOGLE our website
  9. 9. FOR EXAMPLE RAINWATER HARVESTING Budget = $ x.xx / month Budget = $ x.xx / month CATCHMENT TREATMENT PUMPS & BITS Rainwater Tanks, RW Cisterns, Water Tanks, RW Catchment, Plastic Water Tanks, Rain Barrel Rain Barrels, Slimline, Rainwater, Water Storage... tank Check out our great supply of awesome rainwater tanks Rainwater Tanks tank Large Volume above ground rainwater tanks in Western Canada Rainwater Cisterns tank Full Line of Tanks and accessories for all your Rainwater Harvesting needs Water Storage Tanks Rainwater Treatment Keywords.... Rainwater Pump keywords ... Van Isle Water Adwords Account
  10. 10. Van Isle Water Adwords Account CAMPAIGN #1 Budget = $ x.xx / month CAMPAIGN #2 Budget = $ x.xx / month CAMPAIGN #... Budget = $ x.xx / month AD Group #1 AD Group #2 AD Group #3 AD #1 AD #2 AD #3 AD #1 AD #2 AD #3 AD #1 AD #2 AD #3 AD Group #1 AD Group #2 AD Group #3 AD #1 AD #2 AD #3 AD #1 AD #2 AD #3 AD #1 AD #2 AD #3 AD Group #1 AD Group #2 AD Group #3 AD #1 AD #2 AD #3 AD #1 AD #2 AD #3 AD #1 AD #2 AD #3
  11. 11. Next Steps
  12. 12. Research: Keyword Research: • Use keyword tools to find the most relevant keywords . This is the foundation of the campaign. Competitive Research: • Study the companies bidding on these keywords in AdWords. • See who consistently is ranking at or near the top of the rankings. • Note their ad copy and offers. Visit their websites.
  13. 13. Budgeting: Determine Advertising Goal: What will you measure to determine campaign success. ( examples: landing page views (CTR), phone calls, sales/b2c ) Determine daily campaign budget: (monthly budget / 30 = daily limit) Determine keyword bid: Once we have established a daily limit, we can determine the CPC that we are willing to pay per keyword. Adwords is an auction system.
  14. 14. Our daily budget determines how frequently we show up. example: If we have a daily limit of $10 and a CPC of $1.00, then our ad will show up 10 times in one day. How much we pay/keyword determines ad placement on page During those 10 “impressions” our page position will be determined relative to the CPC bids of the other competing advertisers. example: If other advertisers bid less than $1 for the same keyword we are competing for, we will be placed first. If our competition is willing to pay $6 for their keywords we will be pretty far down the list... possibly on other pages.
  15. 15. In conclusion: It looks like adwords, when done right is a well proven advertising based lead generator. Van Isle Water is in a great position to maximize what Adwords has to offer, but I suggest that we start small and slow until we really understand how it works. There are many levels to adwords with increasing degrees of technical and tactical complexity. I wll take care of the technical aspects, the strategies we emply will require collaboration. I will need the cooperation of Division managers to set up these campaigns and to get the most out of the budgets you want to spend.