History of horror


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History of horror

  1. 1. History of Horror By Aaron McGreevy
  2. 2. The first horror filmsThe first horror film was made in France in 1896. It wasonly 18 seconds long, longer films did not appear untilthe 1900s.Also some the very first horror where silentand the first American horror film was Frankenstein madein 1910 and portrayed horror characters as a monster andis seen as the best made up monster of all time and is stillused throughout the genre even today.
  3. 3. Hollywood Horror films early 1930sThe American Universal Studios began a successfulGothic horror film series which included titles suchas Frankenstein ,The Mummy and Dracula. Thesefilms where designed to thrill and fear the viewerand quickly became a popular genre in film.
  4. 4. History of Horror 1950sAs horror films became more popular andtechnology advanced and Two sub-genres began towhere created the horror of Armageddon film andthe horror of the demonic film. The majority offilms where low budget and included storylinessuch as Alien invasions , deadly mutations topeople, plants, insects and films such as Godzillawhich originated from Japan.
  5. 5. History of Horror 1960sThe 60s claimed some of the best horrors films andduring the social revolution the movies were moreedgy, featuring controversial levels of violence andsexuality. British born actor Alfred Hitchcock wasresponsible for the first “slasher” movie (Psycho).He is one of the most famous for his unique seriesof horror films.
  6. 6. History of Horror 1970s-1980sThe critical and success of films such as RosemarysBaby led to the release of more films with supernaturalthemes such as The Exorcist in 1973.Other films such asthe Omen (1976) where the main theme of a manschild is the antichrist and led to more satanic horrormovies. Also in the 70s horror author Stephen Kingmade his debut and had many films nominated foracademy awards such as Carrie and the Shining.
  7. 7. History of Horror 1990sThis is considered my films critics the best decade forhorror with such Slasher films as A Nightmare on ElmStreet, Friday the 13th , Halloween and Childs. All ofthese films made sequels which was not successfulwith the fans and critics except the hugely popularSilence of the Lambs.
  8. 8. History of Horror 2000s +The 21st century saw a quiet era for the horror genrebut saw successful francizes such as Final Destinationand SAW. Asian horror movies which have been remadeinto American versions such as The Ring and TheGrudge. Also there was an increase in the Zombiehorror such as Dawn of the Dead, Resident evil as wellzombie comedy Shaun of the Dead.