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Myelophthisic anemia final

Etiology/mechanism, pathogenesis, common signs and symptoms, peripheral blood picture and bone marrow picture.

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Myelophthisic anemia final

  2. 2. ETIOLOGY AND PATHOGENESIS Infiltration of abnormal cells in the BM Destruction and replacement of normal hematopoietic stem cells. Cytokines, GFs, other substances are released. Premature release of immature cells. Stem and progenitor cells migrate to the spleen and liver.
  3. 3. MORPHOLOGY Normocytic and normochromic Peripheral blood RBC and WBC precursors Leukoerythroblast  Bone marrow  Abnormal cells
  4. 4. SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS Dizziness Weakness Palpitations Fever(evidence of infection) Paleness Tachycardia  Hepatosplenomegaly
  5. 5. DIAGNOSIS Peripheral blood, CBC, RBC indices Teardrop cell Immature WBC Giant platelets Leukoerythroblastosis (RBC and WBC precursors) Reticulocyte count Often low Bone marrow examination  Confirmatory
  6. 6. Peripheral Bone marrow
  7. 7. CASE STUDY A 46-year-old male patient presented with an 8 × 7-cm ulcerated plaque on his chest, found to be morpheaform basal cell on pathology. Laboratory findings were notable for normocytic anemia, thrombocytopenia, and elevated LDH. Further work up with bone marrow biopsy revealed tumor cells. This confirmed the diagnosis of metastatic BCC (MBCC) to bone marrow.
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