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Your Brand is not a Logo [GigTank 2015]


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A brief presentation on what it means to consider your brand holistically.

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Your Brand is not a Logo [GigTank 2015]

  1. 1. YOUR BRAND
 ≠ YOUR LOGO Aaron Gustafson
  2. 2. Your brand is how people perceive
 your company
  3. 3. Your brand should permeate everything your company provides, publishes, and communicates to the world.
  4. 4. User-friendly Creative Sophisticated
  5. 5. Irreverent Bold Sophisticated
  6. 6. Affordable Approachable Natural
  7. 7. “Your company’s culture
 and your company’s
 brand are really just two 
 sides of the same coin. 
 Your culture is your brand. — Tony Hseih
  8. 8. Powered by Service
  9. 9. Customer Service Customer Service Customer Service
  10. 10. “MailChimp’s voice is human. It’s
 familiar, it’s friendly, and it’s 
 straightforward. Sure, we crack 
 jokes and tell stories, but our 
 priority is to explain MailChimp 
 and help our users get their 
 work done and get on with
 their lives. — MailChimp Style Guide
  11. 11. We wouldn’t say:
 Facebook is a great social- media website where you can create a profile and connect with friends. Facebook and MailChimp can share information, so you can add a MailChimp signup form to your own Facebook page. Instead, we’d say:
 Add a newsletter signup form to your Facebook profile. Here’s how it works. — MailChimp Style Guide
  12. 12.
  13. 13. “Before you write for MailChimp, 
 it’s important to think about our 
 readers. Though our voice 
 doesn’t change much, our tone 
 adapts to our users’feelings. 
 This guide will show you how 
 that works. — Voice & Tone
  14. 14. Helpful Cheeky Fun
  15. 15. Now let’s do
 some exercises.
  16. 16. Thank you! @AaronGustafson