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Reaching More for Less [PSU May 2011]


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With myriad options of venues and devices for engaging with customers, it's often hard to know where to spend your money. Should you build an iPhone or iPad app? What about Android? Should you spend money on an SEO consultant to make sure users can find you on Google or hire a social media expert to help you stake your claim on the social networks? With so many options swirling around, it's hard to know where to focus. Thankfully, with a little thought and planning, you can address a lot of these issues with a tool you probably already have: your website.

In this talk, Aaron Gustafson, WebVisions speaker, will walk you through how you can make your website (or your client's) do more with less by leveraging the adaptable nature of the Web. He'll cover everything from obtaining accessibility compliance to boosting your search ranking to mobilizing your workforce and explain how a little forethought can pay big dividends in boosting your company's perception and reputation.

Published in: Business, Technology, Design
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Reaching More for Less [PSU May 2011]

  2. 2. Decisions
  3. 3. ?
  5. 5. SEO
  6. 6. Pa ge Rank
  7. 7. <a href=”/my/page.html”> amazing widgets </a>
  8. 8. /my/page.htmlamazing widgets
  9. 9. Click here
  10. 10. The NAI has adopted a policy that all NAI member companies set a minimum lifespan of five years for their opt out cookies. Click here for more information.Copy from
  11. 11. The NAI has adopted a policy thatall NAI member companies set aminimum lifespan of five years fortheir opt out cookies.
  12. 12. All NAI member companies mustset a minimum lifespan of fiveyears for their opt out cookies.
  13. 13. Contextual
  14. 14. Content
  15. 15. SemanticsContent
  16. 16. DesignSemanticsContent
  17. 17. Interactivity Design Semantics Content
  18. 18. AccessibilityInteractivity Design Semantics Content
  19. 19. Semantics
  20. 20. Chattanooga, TN
  21. 21. Chattanooga, TN abbreviation for “Tennessee”
  22. 22. Chattanooga, TN abbreviation for “Tennessee”<abbr title=”Tennessee”>TN</abbr>
  23. 23. Semantics +
  24. 24. RE AC H I N G MORE FOR LESS Rule #1Author clean well, written copy and mark it up semantically.
  25. 25. Social Media
  26. 26. 2p objectsRSS vector icons
  27. 27. 30 free RSS vector icons
  28. 28. hootsuite.comtwitter feed
  29. 29. twitter feed Social RSS
  30. 30. RE AC H I N GMOREFOR LESS Rule #2 Feed the world.
  31. 31. Mobile
  32. 32. Do I need aniPhone App?
  33. 33. Probably not.
  34. 34. Native vs. Web
  35. 35. PlatformsNative Web 5 ≈1
  36. 36. DiscoveryNative WebStores URL Stores
  37. 37. Approval Native WebRequired None
  38. 38. Update Native WebReview Instant
  39. 39. Sales Setup Native WebIncluded None
  40. 40. O ineNative WebYup Yup
  41. 41. GeolocationNative Web Yup Yup
  42. 42. MultimediaNative WebYup Yup
  43. 43. PushNative WebYup Yup
  44. 44. Accelerometer Native Web Yup Yup
  45. 45. Full ScreenNative WebYup Yup
  46. 46. Phone Access Native Web Yup Limited
  47. 47. Hardware Access Native Web Yup Limited
  48. 48. Development Native Web $$$ $
  49. 49. Maintenance Native Web $$$ $
  50. 50. RE AC H I N GMOREFOR LESS Rule #3 Get your contentinto people’s hands.
  51. 51. Reaching More for Less by Aaron Gustafson More of the same: Slides available at This presentation is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 flickr Photo Credits “Money” by aresauburn™ “In Search Of Lost Time” by bogenfreund “Compost 06/08/2007” by suavehouse113