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Adaptive Web Design review in .Net 217


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A brief review of my new book.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Adaptive Web Design review in .Net 217

  1. 1. .net feed/reviews Media this month The latest hot new releases 3 8 9 4 5 1 6 7 10 (1-2) LA Noire (3-7) Adaptive Web Design (8-10) HTML5 & CSS3 for Price £39.99 Price $22 for paperback, the Real World Publisher Team Bondi/ $11 for the eBook Price $39.95 for the Rockstar Publisher Easy Readers paperback, $17 for the Format PS3/Xbox 360 Format Paperback, eBook eBook Single-player detective (PDF, MOBI, EPUB) Publisher Sitepoint game LA Noire has been Rather than prioritising Format Paperback, eBook lauded for its use of the latest technologies, (PDF, MOBI, EPUB) motion capture technology Aaron Gustafson advocates If you don’t know HTML5 to produce ultra-realistic progressive enhancement and CSS3, you’re missing renditions of actors’ – the principle that content out on powerful, elegant performances. It’s said to should work on basic ways of doing things. be roughly equivalent to systems first and foremost. You’ll need intermediate two seasons of a TV series He covers the history knowledge of HTML and in terms of the amount of and the philosophy of CSS to get started on this entertainment it provides, progressive enhancement book. Combine that with a which sounds about right before expounding the thirst to know more about 2 to us. What better way to practical mechanisms to the new technologies and chase villains in 1940s LA? deploy it. this is your perfect book. Verdict Imagine a film in Verdict Gustafson Verdict Everything that’s The equivalent of two TV which you get to control the main character: that’s shows how to build web experiences that will be important in HTML5 and CSS3 is covered here. Get what it’s like to play LA accessible to all without up to speed with the latest seasons’ entertainment Noire. And it feels good! sacrificing style or content. in web technology.<prev 36 .net august 2011