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What's so digital about literacy anyway?


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These slides are from my presentation for Teachmeet @ the Pub (Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria) Feb 8th 2014 ( It was based on my blog post of the same name:

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What's so digital about literacy anyway?

  1. 1. What’s So Digital About Literacy Anyway? Aaron Davis Twitter: @mrkrndvs Blog: A Story About Opening rather than Closing the Laptop
  2. 2. Doug Belshaw suggests that the most important thing is often the actual process of coming up with a definition of what constitutes ‘digital literacies’, rather than the actual definition itself … So when do we talk about digital literacies? So, what is digital literacy?
  3. 3. CAFE & Conferencing, but what about digital literacies?
  4. 4. What is your digital literacy diet?
  5. 5. Allowing the digital in the classroom?