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Ignite the learning in your classroom by leading the way


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These are the slides from my presentation at Leading a Digital School 2015. The purpose to this session was to explore learning as the frontier for change. The discussion was split between learning in and outside of school.

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Ignite the learning in your classroom by leading the way

  1. 1. Ignite the Learning in Your Classroom by Leading the Way Aaron Davis @mrkrndvs +AaronDavis1
  2. 2. The best fuel to feed the fires of our creative and innovative core is learning. New learning, learning that stretches us. David Culberhouse ‘Scaling Creativity and Innovation’ LEARNING
  3. 3. Nine learning qualities: - model - unlearner - co-learner - curator - open sharer - connector - maker - digitally literate - champion of diversity Passion
  4. 4. Can you imagine when a teacher gets really excited about their learning, the difference that makes on their students? George Couros ‘The Want and the Way’ Teaching
  5. 5. Image via @richlambert
  6. 6. It does not matter what you call it, what matters is that the collaboration is disciplined Alma Harris
  7. 7. Set up a context. Design an environment. Invite playfulness. Encourage tinkering. Nurture curiosity. Don’t keep the lid on too tight! Tinkering Based Learning may lead to results you never could have predicted!’ Peter Skillen ‘Question Based Learning’
  8. 8. Learning in perpetual beta is all about continuous improvement with an emphasis on engineering as many opportunities for feedback as we can. Tom Barrett ‘Learning in Perpetual Beta’
  9. 9. Our task is to learn how to build smart rooms— that is, how to build networks that make us smarter, especially since, when done badly, networks can make us distressingly stupider. David Weinberger ‘Too Big To Know’ Technology
  10. 10. Learning experiences include: - Collaborating - Crowdsourcing - Participating - Exploring - Investigating
  11. 11. Dive into the unknown tomorrow. Start with the ambiguous. Invite students to live the process with you, to see the struggle and to share the joy of triumph that you can only feel when solving something that you didn’t think was possible. Adrian Camm ‘Ambiguity’ Teaching
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