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Are you really connecting if you are not sharing?


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This is my presentation from Melbourne Teachmeet @ Immigration Museum on 10th of May, 2014.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Are you really connecting if you are not sharing?

  1. 1. Are You Really Connecting If You’re Not Giving Back? Teachmeet @ Immigration Museum 10/5/14 Aaron Davis @mrkrndvs
  2. 2. True Openness ... “True openness is where content is shared freely, all work is attributed fairly, and where educators also open themselves up for dialogue, collaboration and constructive criticism.” Steve Wheeler ‘Open Scholarship’
  3. 3. ● Social bookmarking ● Social media ● Commenting ● Remixing So how can we give back anyway?
  4. 4. A Connected Continuum Know enough thanks Prefer to lurk in the shadows Share ideas which stand out Attribute ideas and use hashtags to extend their scope Engage with ideas, commenting on posts and remixing things
  5. 5. Sharing with Students “Every Heads of Department meeting I lead now has two student attendees who do the same pre-reading as the HoDs and contribute to the learning conversation as equals.” Cameron Paterson ‘Leading Learning – Coaching and Teaming for Innovation’
  6. 6. Flipping the Classroom Too often sharing focuses on teachers, when it is probably students who would benefit the most.
  7. 7. How are you giving back? Please go to the following Padlet and share how you give back in and out of the classroom ... k
  8. 8. Images ● Slide Two: Open doornear to Wickenby, Lincolnshire, Great Britain ● by Richard Croft (via Geograph) ● Slide Three: Teachers Failing by Bill Ferriter (via Flickr) ● Slide Five: Superhero themed party by Anders Ruff (via Flickr) ● Slide Six: Flippin' Mastery by Ffion Atkinson (via Flickr)