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DaiPoS Pitch Deck


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DaiPoS is a Point of Sale solution for cryptocurrency, specifically DAI and xDAI, that can scale to all chains and has a very simple user interface.

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DaiPoS Pitch Deck

  1. 1. daiPoS The first solution for real world sales with DAI and xDAI
  2. 2. Agenda Understanding the problems Project objective Target audience
  3. 3. Understanding the problems 01 Not enough people are conducting transactions in DAI 02 No existing inventory management system integrates with DAI 03 Desktop wallet Point of Sale systems can’t be carried in people’s pockets
  4. 4. Project objective Create a mobile solution for conducting peer to peer trade of physical goods for DAI and xDAI. The solution must handle inventory management. UI must be minimal and intuitive.
  5. 5. Target audience Alice is a farmer. Bob eats food. Here are their stories...
  6. 6. Vendor Alice Gardner Alice has just picked and packed her produce from her garden and is now laying out her inventory at a stand at the local farmer’s market. She needs to receive payment and track inventory and sales in real time. She opens Status on her phone, clicks on the DaiPOS link, and snaps pictures of her inventory. After recording items names, quantities, and prices; she’s ready to entertain customers!
  7. 7. Customer Bob Attaboy Bob is visiting the farmers market for the fifth time this summer. He stopped bringing his cash and credit cards a few weeks ago when he learned that Alice is accepting DAI as payment. He visits Alice and grabs a few bins of various vegetable; each time, he scans the QR with his mobile wallet. Then, he goes home and puts away his groceries without ever giving any thought as to how his DAI got transferred to Alice’s wallet.
  8. 8. The Team Igor Markelov Roman Pavlovsky Aaron Anderson