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DevOpsDays TO - Managing Fires


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Any highly functional team will need a leader. It's not optional, especially in crisis. Decisions need to be made quickly and someone needs to coordinate efforts rather than getting knee-deep in technical issues.

This talk will explore exactly that role. When should you choose a leader, and when everyone is busy putting out the big fire, what should the leader actually be doing? I'll answer these questions and give you real ideas to bring back to your teams and improve your crisis response.

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DevOpsDays TO - Managing Fires

  1. 1. Managing Fires leadership’s role in incident management @CrayZeigh
  2. 2. Aaron Aldrich @CrayZeigh DevOps Consultant & Evangelist Organizing @DevOpsCT & DevOpsDays Hartford 2017 Cage Data, Inc. @CageData
  3. 3. “Never let a serious crisis go to waste. What I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” -Rahm Emanuel @CrayZeigh
  4. 4. @CrayZeigh story time
  5. 5. use your tools for little fires @CrayZeigh
  6. 6. context @CrayZeigh
  7. 7. runbooks @CrayZeigh
  8. 8. automation engines @CrayZeigh
  9. 9. escalation processes @CrayZeigh
  10. 10. crisis requires a team and leadership @CrayZeigh
  11. 11. @CrayZeigh be know do • a servant-leader • an adaptive learner • a creative thinker • a global communicator • yourself and seek self improvement • your people and help them achieve their potential • the doctrine,and know when to be constrained by it • your profession,contribute to it,and develop with it • the right things right • provide clear,actionable vision • make timely decisions • maintain balance and moderation Army code of leadership adaptation credit to @scottnasello
  12. 12. bestow leadership before crisis @CrayZeigh
  13. 13. @CrayZeigh ritual sets apart from normal
  14. 14. crisis leaders should be authorized to make important business decisions @CrayZeigh
  15. 15. delegate authority as far as possible @CrayZeigh
  16. 16. Troubleshooting 101 @CrayZeigh
  17. 17. take it incrementally @CrayZeigh
  18. 18. what will make it work? @CrayZeigh
  19. 19. what will make it whole? @CrayZeigh
  20. 20. manage information @CrayZeigh
  21. 21. “Brevity is the soul of wit. Specificity is the soul of narrative [getting work done]” @CrayZeigh
  22. 22. make work visible to all @CrayZeigh
  23. 23. @CrayZeigh
  24. 24. leaders handle human problems @CrayZeigh
  25. 25. more on the plate, less on the mind @CrayZeigh
  26. 26. manage your bench @CrayZeigh
  27. 27. make sure team members are available to make substitutions @CrayZeigh
  28. 28. tell people to stop working and get rest @CrayZeigh
  29. 29. you can’t stop the sun
  30. 30. a little less conversation
  31. 31. public communication @CrayZeigh
  32. 32. communicate quickly @CrayZeigh
  33. 33. communicate often @CrayZeigh
  34. 34. be open and honest @CrayZeigh
  35. 35. honesty is rewarded @CrayZeigh
  36. 36. end crisis mode @CrayZeigh
  37. 37. empower your team, remove barriers @CrayZeigh
  38. 38. Thanks! this is fine.@CrayZeigh