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Best Self Storage in Canton Ohio

Fohl Street Storage is a self storage facility headquartered at 3700 Fohl St. SW in beautiful Canton, OH 44706, servicing the Canton, Ohio community. Fohl Street Storage was established back in 1977. Being in business for almost four decades is not that easy. It cannot be done without impeccable customer service. Our business continues to grow with that philosophy. Customer service is number one. In addition to our customer service, we offer experience and a state of the art complex to help you, and provide the local self storage community top rated storage units. Come in and see for yourself! Our clients and friends include visitors to Canton and its neighboring cities as well.

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Best Self Storage in Canton Ohio

  1. 1. Fohl Street Storage Fohl Self Storage is the leading provider of climate­controlled, indoor, outdoor, drive­up,  and automobile storage services in Canton, Ohio.
  2. 2. Fohl Street Storage is a self storage facility  headquartered at 3700 Fohl St. SW in  beautiful Canton, OH 44706, servicing the  Canton, Ohio community. Fohl Street  Storage was established back in 1977. Being  in business for almost four decades is not  that easy. It cannot be done without  impeccable customer service. Our business  continues to grow with that philosophy.  Customer service is number one. In addition  to our customer service, we offer experience  and a state of the art complex to help you,  and provide the local self storage community  top rated storage units.  About Us
  3. 3. Self Storage Self  storage (mini  storage)  essentially  involves  rental  of  storage  space  e.g.  storage rooms, containers, lockers, and outdoor space, usually on a short­term,  but often on a long­term basis. Here  at  our Fohl  Self  Storage facility,  we  are  dedicated  to  providing  reputable  and  reliable  self  storage  in  Canton,  Ohio.  Our  customers  include  large  businesses, small businesses, and individuals.
  4. 4. Self Storage Insurance in Canton Ohio Keeping  your  belongings  protected  in Canton  Ohio  Self  Storage  is  important  to  you.  Although self  storage  insurance  is  not  directly  offered  by  our  facility,  we  do  have  a  third  party company that insurances your belongings at affordable rates. Self storage insurance  in Canton Ohio gives you peace of mind that your treasured possessions are protected from  accidents that may occur while in self storage.
  5. 5. Our Services You will find a manager at our facility. There are also multiple video cameras capturing all  activities  24/7  throughout  the  property  and  thus  providing added security. Convenient freeway access to get to your items even  faster. RV  spaces  for  your  extra  large  outdoor  parking  needs.
  6. 6. Visit                       : Contact Us Fohl Self Storage   Address                  :  3700 Fohl St.SW Canton, OH 44706   Phone Number      :  (330) 484­2031 or (330) 484­1370
  7. 7. Visit                       : Contact Us Fohl Self Storage   Address                  :  3700 Fohl St.SW Canton, OH 44706   Phone Number      :  (330) 484­2031 or (330) 484­1370