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Moving Applications to the cloud


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Webinar about Docker and Container Technology using DevOps principles:

Published in: Software
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Moving Applications to the cloud

  1. 1. VSHN - The DevOps Company Moving Applications to the cloud with Docker and Container Technology using DevOps principles WEBINAR
  2. 2. VSHN - The DevOps Company Content ● Why are we here? ● The dilemma between development & IT operations ● What is DevOps and what does it have to do with cloud? ● Introduction to container technology ● Focus on the essential: customer benefit & customer satisfaction ● Success story Adcubum: 20 year old legacy application on APPUiO ● Questions & APPUiO voucher ;) 22
  3. 3. VSHN - The DevOps Company Introduction Why are we here? ● Background Aarno Aukia, CTO & founder of ● Problems & experience through his professional path in IT ● → Founding of VSHN and the product APPUiO 3
  4. 4. VSHN - The DevOps Company The dilemma between software development and IT operations 44
  5. 5. VSHN - The DevOps Company From the perspective of software & application development ● Legacy IT infrastructure stands in the way or is incompatible ● It is almost impossible to validate an app for all possible infrastructure variables and compatibilities ● It is frustrating to wait for the go-live after development ● Apps have to be brought to the market faster and faster ● Release cycles are becoming shorter / more frequent deployments ● Quality and performance of an application is becoming increasingly important ● You often have to wait for operations to resolve issues 5
  6. 6. VSHN - The DevOps Company From the perspective of IT operations & engineering ● Instead of focusing on higher quality work, you have to manually take care of infrastructure ● Security & compliance requirements get more and more strict ● More pressure from development to quickly provide suitable infrastructure ● Keeping an eye on cloud and infrastructure costs is becoming increasingly difficult ● Fulfilling SLAs is getting harder, and availability and performance requirements are getting higher and higher ● The overall complexity of the IT infrastructure is increasing, making it more difficult to identify problems quickly ● Cumbersome recurring manual infrastructure work 6
  7. 7. VSHN - The DevOps Company The result Dev & ops departments have different goals and work in opposite directions 77
  8. 8. VSHN - The DevOps Company Results for the company ● Deadlines can not be met ● Total costs increase ● Pressure continues to increase ● Agility and flexibility are poor ● Employees work against each other and motivation drops ● Customer satisfaction decreases and long- term reputation can suffer ● Competitive advantages remain unused 8 How can this development be reversed?
  9. 9. VSHN - The DevOps Company The solution Dev + Ops = DevOps 99
  10. 10. VSHN - The DevOps Company What is DevOps? Mike Dilworth, Agile and DevOps transformation lead: DevOps is a culture, not a role! The whole company needs to be doing DevOps for it to work. 1010
  11. 11. VSHN - The DevOps Company 1111
  12. 12. VSHN - The DevOps Company What does DevOps have to do with cloud & containers? ● The cloud is one of the most important developments in the tech world ● Immense benefits such as agility and capital efficiency, whether IaaS, PaaS, SaaS is used ● Automation, security and flexibility are in focus ● Switching to the cloud is just the first step: using the Cloud is also a change in philosophy 12 All this matches with the DevOps philosophy: ● Automate as much as possible ● Cost-effective and lean work ● Be agile to respond quickly to changing demands ● work as a team towards a common goal
  13. 13. VSHN - The DevOps Company Introduction to container technology 13
  14. 14. VSHN - The DevOps Company What are containers? ● Definition: Containers package an application and all the files required for its execution into a handy package ● Unlike VMs, containers do not contain an OS or kernel ● Deploying applications gets simplified ● Container enable extensive automation of rollout processes ● Container start faster and need fewer resources 14
  15. 15. VSHN - The DevOps Company Benefits for your company 15
  16. 16. VSHN - The DevOps Company Benefits for your company ● Simplify, accelerate and improve cloud development ● Automate software delivery to provide continuous value to customers ● Increase reliability, flexibility and repeatability ● Containers make it easy to host applications in portable environments ● Cost savings through automation ● DevOps brings together people, processes and technologies ● DevOps enhances collaboration and motivation ● DevOps enables collaboration between all parts of the IT organization and the ‘continuous delivery’ of software ● Cloud, container & DevOps make your business agile and future-proof 16
  17. 17. VSHN - The DevOps Company How do I migrate applications to the cloud? 17
  18. 18. VSHN - The DevOps Company 5 steps of cloud migration 1. Evaluate your technical environment and applications. 2. Educate your team and find a partner if needed. 3. Choose the right cloud platform or cloud provider. 4. Plan the migration. 5. Migrate your systems and maintain them. 18
  19. 19. VSHN - The DevOps Company Understand your applications and create a migration strategy ● Understand what your applications do and define their importance ● To become cloud-native, applications must be modified with specific functions, e.g. scalability ● Sort each application in terms of workload needed for a rebuild or change 19 ● Create a migration strategy per application (live migration, host cloning, app containerization, data migration or virtual machine (VM) conversion) ● It's not an all-or-nothing, all-cloud native or all-container decision
  20. 20. VSHN - The DevOps Company 20 ‘Companies, who want to migrate applications to the cloud, have 5 options: Rehost for IaaS, Refactor for PaaS, Revise for IaaS ader PaaS, Rebuild for PaaS or Replace with SaaS’ (Gartner) “If the CIO gives the simple instruction of 'moving applications to the cloud', software architects are faced with difficult decisions.
 Their decision must consider the requirements, evaluation criteria and architectural principles of an organization. However, there is no perfect way: application migration needs to be looked at from different angles, such as the skills of IT staff, the value of existing investments, and the application architecture. ” Richard Watson, Research Director bei Gartner
  21. 21. VSHN - The DevOps Company Application migration paths (the x ‘Re’s’) 1. Rehost: Deploy application to other hardware environment or cloud and change infrastructure configuration. Can be partially automated and has the advantage that architecture tweaking / modification is easier in the cloud. 2. Refactor / Rearchitect: Execute the application on the infrastructure of a cloud provider and redefining of the architecture with cloud-native features and possibly additional features. 3. Revise / Replatforming: Optimize or extend the existing code base to support legacy modernization requirements and use Rehost or Refactor options to deploy the application in the cloud. Core architecture is not changed. 4. Rebuild: Rebuilding the application architecture on PaaS, discarding the previous code. 5. Replace / Repurchase: Change to another product, usually a SaaS solution (eg: inhouse CRM → Salesforce). 6. Retire: The evaluation finds that the application is no longer needed. 7. Retain / Revisit: current status maintains (for the time being). Evaluate later or do nothing. 21
  22. 22. VSHN - The DevOps Company 22 © Stephen Orban, AWS
  23. 23. VSHN - The DevOps Company → Concentrate on your business, the software 23 → Focus on your customer, the development has to be faster → Make your company future-proof, automate and be agile Cloud & container = agility & automation = DevOps Summary:
  24. 24. VSHN - The DevOps Company 24 Fazit DevOps is the key to digital transformation and for the future- proofness of your company
  25. 25. VSHN - The DevOps Company Swiss Container Platform ● Cooperation VSHN & Puzzle ● Self service ● Fast go to market ● Foster collaboration ● Consistent and open ● High security standards ● Reduce costs 2525
  26. 26. VSHN - The DevOps Company Success story APPUiO & Adcubum 26
  27. 27. VSHN - The DevOps Company Success story APPUiO & Adcubum ● Adcubum: leading Swiss manufacturer of standard software for the insurance industry ● Configuration of several applications was very complex in the environment at that time ● 20-year-old software adcubum SYRIUS transferred to OpenShift using APPUiO 27 ● Only work on a single platform in the future: massive improvement of cooperation between development and operation and increase of efficiency ● Customers like Helsana, Concordia, Visana and SUVA should also receive adcubum SYRIUS in the form of containers and operate them on their own OpenShift installation
  28. 28. VSHN - The DevOps Company Test APPUiO! Yourt voucher:
 APPUiOwebinar2018 (1536 MiB RAM & CPU 900 mC for 30 days, redeemable until Dec. 31. 2018) Have fun testing! 2828
  29. 29. VSHN - The DevOps Company Questions? 29
  30. 30. VSHN - The DevOps Company VSHN AG
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 +41 44 545 53 00 Thank you for your attention! 30