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Brand Relationship Spectrum analysis of Eva cooking oil, marketing mix, competitor analysis, etc.

Brand Management Eva Cooking Oil

  1. 1. Corporate Profile Eva is a product of Shujabad Agro Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Shujabad setup its first Solvent Extraction Plant in 1997 in Jalalpur, Multan and started as suppliers of crude oil to the leading cooking oil and ghee manufacturing companies in Pakistan. In 2000, the second Solvent Extraction Plant was setup at Port Qasim, Karachi. In few years it grew rapidly to become one of the leading importers and crushers of oil seeds in the country and doubled our production capacity by 2002. Realizing the gap in the supply of quality cooking oil in the country, Shujabad has now extended its operations to production of cooking oil. In June 2005 they launched a cooking oil brand by the name of EVA. It is the purest cooking oil available in the market, which offers the best for your health and nutrition requirements. EVA brings out the natural flavor and aroma of any recipe to the fullest and is introduced in a revolutionary convenient and hygienic packaging. Eva has been introduced in three variants: EVA Cooking Oil, EVA Sunflower Oil, EVA Canola Oil and another brand by the name of MAAN that is available in two variants namely Maan Banaspati and Maan Cooking Oil. Target Market of EVA 1Age: 25 - 40 years 2Wants to look slim and smart 3Belonging to SEC A and B 4Housewives/working women 5Take great pride in their homes 6They want their family to be full of life 7Educated 8Health conscious
  2. 2. Market Dynamics -National: There are 44 brands available nationally. The size of Karachi market is 10% of national market. The consumption pattern has two peaks: pre Ramadan and period during Eid-ul- Azha. The demand for edible oil declines during summer months. Market Dynamics- Karachi: 170% of total Karachi market is oil based vs ghee Oil Ghee 2Branded cooking oil comprises 90% of the Karachi oil market Branded Unbranded
  3. 3. 3Main Competitors comprise 65% of total Karachi Market  Habib Oil Mills  Soya Supreme  Dalda Situation Analysis:
  4. 4. 1Domestic political situation  Law and order situation 2Economic Situation 1Increasing trade deficit 2High inflation 3Agricultural sector progress is not satisfactory 4Economic policies changes overnight 5Incoming remittance improving the foreign exchange reserves 6High fuel prices downward effecting the foreign exchange reserves 1Industry Situation 1Existing size of the industry gives more room to play 2People are shifting form Ghee to Oil which is a good sign 3Price wars shrinking profit margins 4High fuel cost adversely effecting operating cost 5Quality difference among top brands is unnoticeable 6Better management of inventory and funds can increase the profit margins 2Market There seems to be an overall fluctuation in the market share among the key players due to the following reasons: 1Increase in the number of players in the branded segment. 2Increase in the regional brands strength due to focused marketing activities 3Increase in the price competition due to increase in number of players 4In the pouches segment there is high price sensitivity with low loyalties towards the brand 5There is a slow but upward shift of consumers from tin to pet and pouches 6Tradition of using a particular brand is followed from generation to generation therefore the brand loyalty is strong for respective brands thus increasing the involvement of the customer. 7Price war trends have shown a change in the purchasing attitudes of the customers. 8Constant search for added values are changing the decision-making process of the customers. 3Consumption and Purchase cycle
  5. 5. 4Heavy buying is usually done in the last week of every month till the end of the 1st week of every month. 5Mainly the purchase decision maker is the women of the house 6Average consumption per household is 1to 1.5 a pack (6.5 ltr.) per month 7Consumption pattern - marked seasonality, with 2 peaks 4Competitor’s Situation: Brands like Habib, Dalda and Season have been in the market for a long time thus enjoy brand loyalty and brand association. Regional Brands are also becoming active and concentrating on national platform through aggressive marketing and brand building strategies. HOM Strengths: 1Market leader 2Quality products 3Strong national distribution network 4Wide product range 5Strong Brand equity 6Financially strong 7First ISO certified company in the industry 8Strong credibility 9Price leaders 10High promotion budgets Weaknesses: 1Packaging problems 2Damages due to transportation 3Lack of HRM & HRD 4Major market segment (premium consumer pack) is shrinking 5Lack of market research and product development 6High managerial turnover Opportunities: 1Population growth 2Increased standards of living 3Health consciousness 4Urbanization 5Prolonged shelf life 6Wider communication channels
  6. 6. 7By improving the MIS company can Improve volumes Threats: 1Price fluctuation 2Inflation 3Price wars 4Too much import reliance 5Globalization 6Inconsistent government policies 7High operating costs 8Increased fuel and gas prices Dalda: Strengths: 1Position in the premium segment 2Trusted and the oldest name in the industry 3Strong distribution network 4Research and development support 5Good field work 6Quality product 7Re organization Weaknesses: 1Weak after disassociation with Unilever 2Weak after-sales service 3Lack of delegation authority 4Lack of prompt decision making Opportunities: 1Population growth 2Increased standards of living 3Health consciousness 4Urbanization 5Prolonged shelf life 6Wider communication channels Threats:
  7. 7. 1Price fluctuation 2Inflation 3Price wars 4Too much import reliance 5Globalization 6Inconsistent government policies 7High operating costs Seasons Strengths: 1Enjoys ownership of Canola 2Good Quality Product with effective packaging 3Enjoys good market reputation 4Effective BTL support Weaknesses: 1High staff turnover 2Weak distribution network 3Weak media penetration Opportunities: 1Population growth 2Increased standards of living 3Health consciousness 4Urbanization 5Prolonged shelf life 6Wider communication channels Threats: 1Price fluctuation 2Inflation 3Price wars 4Too much import reliance 5Globalization 6Inconsistent government policies 7High operating costs
  8. 8. Comparision of Eva with Dalda Dalda is one of the strongest competetors.Dalda is a brand of hydrogenated vegetable oil popular in South Asia. The substance was originally imported from the Netherlands in the 1930s by the trading company Dada Limited. When Hindustan Lever Limited wanted to brand it, the trader, who still retained a commercial connection with the product, said it had to be named after his company. HLL wanted to include the letter 'L' in it for Lever (of the Unilever group), and thus was born one of the longest-living brands in Pakistan. Dalda, which came to be synonymous with the vanaspati (hydrogenated vegetable fat) genre, was recently extended to a range of edible oils. Hindustan Lever has since sold the brand. Bunge Limited now owns Dalda, offering new variants of Dalda in India. Bunge being the largest manufacturer of bottled oils in the world has now extended the Dalda brand name to its range of refined and filtered oils in India. In July 2004, Unilever Pakistan accepted the offer of Rs. 1.33 Billion for the sale of its "Dalda" brand to Dalda Foods (Private) Ltd.. Within a few years of its inception, Dalda Foods has become one of the largest foods FMCG organizations in Pakistan leading the local category of oil and fats. In Pakistan, Dalda has now divested into Canola and Olive Oil product variants as well. When you hear the name Dalda the image of quality conjures up in your mind. Quality, which you can trust with utmost faith and a taste which you have come to relish. Dalda has earned the trust of its consumers over a period of almost 60 years thus it a old heritage. In fact Dalda is the pioneer of vegetable oil and banaspati ghee in the country. Dalda is all about family relationships sepecially the relationship between mothers and children.It a brand for mothers who love their children.
  9. 9. Brand Identity Core Identity Excellent Quality EVA is the purest cooking oil, which offers the best for your health and nutrition requirements. It brings out the natural flavor and aroma of any recipe to the fullest and comes in a revolutionary convenient and hygienic packaging. Extracted from the finest oil seeds, selected from around the world Eva is a product of a meticulous refining process that is carried out on carefully selected oils It will not suppress the flavor and aroma of even the most delicately flavored dishes. EVA is processed at a state-of-the-art continuous refining plant using European technology, which is as advanced as the technology employed anywhere in the world. The process ensures optimum purification and that every drop of oil gets uniformly treated, resulting in quality and consistency that simply cannot be achieved through conventional processing. The plant operates at Ultra High Temperature (UHT) under carefully controlled conditions, which provides absolute purification, completely removes odors and renders longer shelf life. The process is continuous as opposed to batch, which ensures every drop of oil gets properly treated – rendering consistency in quality that simply cannot be matched. Canola oil contains only 7% saturated fatty acids; about half the level present in corn oil, olive oil and soybean oil and about one-quarter the level present in cottonseed oil. This basically means that Eva Canola is 93% Saturated Fat Free!!! Recent nutrition recommendations call for a reduction in total fat intake to 30% and saturated fat intake to less than 10% of total energy. Among the common vegetable oils, canola oil is second only to olive oil in oleic acid content. Canola and Soybean oils are among the few non- fish sources of Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) - as their name suggest, are ‘essential’ and must be consumed regularly as the body has limited storage for them. Omega-3 fatty acids are also known for their effectiveness in lowering plasma cholesterol level, a major risk factor in coronary heart disease. Value for Money Eva provides value in all its offerings. It is targeted for mainly health conscious women
  10. 10. who are very concerned about the health of their families. Its high quality allows its customers to get all the benefits of healthy life. It is a complete package as it is pure, ensures healthy life, brings out the natural flavor and aroma of any recipe to the fullest, comes in a hygienic and convenient packaging and provides many benefits to its customers in its competitive price. Innovation Eva was the first one to introduce easy to use stand pouch packaging. The tins of Eva also have easy to open lids. Also, EVA introduced a revolutionary, convenient and hygienic packaging in the 1 liter pack size, called the Doya pack. The Doya pack has rightfully earned EVA the brand attribute of an innovator. Extended Identity Brand as a Person (Personality) Caring Eva is a considerate brand for those people who care for their families. Trustworthy People consider it to be a reliable brand Underdog It is an underdog as it is directly competing with the market leaders like HOM, Dalda etc. It considers only them as its competitors and doesn’t counts other low profile brands like Manpasand etc as its direct competition. Competent As Eva has competitive properties in its offering and is continuously trying to improve its product quality so it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is competent in whatever it is doing. Brand as a Product Product Scope The scope of Eva is food products as it is already in the edible oils category and in future
  11. 11. it can go into spices etc as well. Attributes and Quality of Eva • Absolutely pure and completely odorless • Does not freeze even at zero degrees • Contains lowest amount of saturated fatty acids in its class • Is light and easily digestible • Is not sticky or greasy • Free from any flavoring additives • Offers less consumption Uses Eva oil and ghee are for cooking purpose. Users The market for branded oil and ghee consists of three segments: 1.Users of oil 2.Users of ghee 3.Users of both oil & ghee 1Demographics: Primary Mothers, between 25 and 40 years, residents, belonging to SEC A and B. They are primarily housewives, who take great pride in their homes and enjoy cooking for the family themselves. They want their family to be full of life. They are educated (at least Matric) and are aware of the prevalence of cholesterol-related diseases and want their families to have a healthful lifestyle. They are concerned, but practical mothers and not overly sentimental. They have children in the early teen – pre teen age group Secondary: The users of other brands and switchers Generation Next: These are future potential buyers who have a mind of their own; they don’t care what their parents have been using in the past they and they want to experiment.
  12. 12. 2Psychographics: 1Health conscious 2Doesn’t compromise quality over price 3Caring, and loves cooking 4Trustworthy 5Knowledgeable about nutritional facts 6Decision maker for edible oil brand 7Prefers brand that is odorless, transparent and low in cholesterol 8Emotionally intelligent 9Keeps searching for healthier options. 10Adaptive towards better quality products Country of origin : Pakistan Brand as an Organization Organization attributes • Consumer concerned • Trustworthy • Local Brand as a symbol This symbol of Eva is placed on all its offerings and helps in brand recognition and brand recall. Brand Essence The essence of Eva is family bondings and relationships and is potrayed in all its advertisement. Its tagline also signifies this which is “JORIYE EK NAYA RISHTA”. Value Proposition Functional Benefits
  13. 13. • A value offering with quality which ensures healty life style and value for money. Emotional Benefits • Good times shared with the family and building new relationships. Self Expressive • Consumers will feel proud In consuming a brand that has an upscale/premium image. • They will be relaxed as they are using oil which does not effects their health negatively.They will be able to portray themselves as being health conscious. BRAND RELATIONSHIP SPECTRUM FOR EVA Eva is a brand of Shujabad Agro industries pvt ltd. Eva and Maan are two separate brands of edible oils manufactured by Shujabad Agro industries. Both brands have distinct identities and are positioned for different target markets altogether. Eva being a high priced premium brand is targeted at the upper class premium segment where as Maan is targeted at the bottom stream and lower middle class segment. From the flowchart we can clearly see that initially, a house of brands approach is visible with two distinct brands and Shujabad Agro Industries acting as a not connected entity. Very few consumers would know who the manufacturer is although the name of Shujabad Agro industries is present on the back of all the stock keeping units mainly as a regulatory requirement.
  14. 14. Within each brand, a branded house approach is visible with Eva being the master brand and Cooking Oil, Canola Oil and Sunflower Oil being used as descriptive sub brands. Same goes with Maan that is available as Banaspati and Cooking oil. We can also take Eva cooking oil, Eva canola oil and Eva sunflower oil as being product brands as the product oil is generic. HOUSE OF BRANDS
  15. 15. Eva was the main brand that was launched in Year 2005, and three different variants of Eva were introduced that were banking on Eva as the main driver and acting as descriptive sub brands. As Eva was positioned as a premium brand, it chose to launch a separate brand to target the lower end/ value segment of the branded Cooking Oil and Ghee market. This downward stretch led to the launch of a new brand by the name of Maan. Eva and Maan are not connected in any way and the consumers don’t know they are manufactured by the same company. BRANDED HOUSE
  16. 16. Eva is the primary driver in all of the three different variants that act as descriptive sub brands. By following the branded house approach, Eva has been able to achieve economies of scales by using the brand equity of Eva to market each variant. Also, all three variants synchronize with the identity of Eva being a premium, high quality brand. Brand Architecture Brand Portfolio Eva has 3 variants called Eva cooking oil, Eva sunflower oil and Eva canola oil. Shujadabad Agro Industries has another product called Maan for the lower
  17. 17. segment of the market. Portfolio Roles • Strategic Brand: We can say that the Eva cooking oil is a strategic brand as it is dominant and is projected to maintain or grow its position. A large chunk of sales comes from Eva cooking oil so it is strategically important for the company. The future sales of Eva cooking oil are expected to grow. • Silver Bullet: Eva sunflower oil and canola oil are silver bullets as they positively influence the image of Eva. They both are powerful in maintaining the brand image. Product-Market context roles • Sub brand/ Endorser: Eva serves as a strong endorsement on it 3 product brands . • Driver Roles: It is the dominant driver and all the consumers buy the product because of the brand name Eva. • Benefit Brand o Component Ingredients: Eva canola oil and sunflower oil signifies that canola and sunflower are the ingredients used in the making of the oil which improves the product quality. Portfolio Graphics • Logo: This is the logo that appears on all the Eva products. Bright colours and elegant writing makes the logo more attractive while the red underline gives it finishing touch. • Print Ads: These attractive print ads are published in various news papers to increase the brand recognition and brand recall. All of them signifies family bonding and relationships which is the essence of Eva. Brand Portfolio Structure • Brand Range o Horizontal Stretch: Eva has 3 range of cooking oil thus the brand has been stretched horizontally. These 3 brand resides under the
  18. 18. brand umbrella of Eva. o Vertical Stretch: It has entered the lower value segment with Maan thus having a vertical downward stretch. A different brand name has been created to distance it from the upscale image of Eva. • Brand Hierarchical Tree: The following hierarchical tree shows the sub brand and endorsed brands of Shujadabad Agro Industries. Brand Hierarchy Tree for Shujabad Agro Industries Pvt Ltd SHUJABAD AGRO INDUSTRIES EVA MAAN EVA EVA EVA MAAN MAAN COOKING CANOLA OIL SUNFLOWER BANASPATI COOKING OIL OIL COOKING OIL
  19. 19. Future Strategic Direction: Line Extension- Olive Oil: Eva can come up with olive oil.For future operations, EVA can add up a new variant as Olive Oil with three different types of olive oil such extra virgin olive oil, olive pomace oil and extra light olive oil. The best oil is natural extra virgin olive oil. For the olive oil to deserve this definition that means it has no additives, it should be extracted with mechanical methods and its rate of acid should be less than one percent, and its taste and smell should fit into a series of carefully selected criteria, defined by experts in tasting. Natural Olive Oil, Pure Olive Oil and Refined Olive Oil are the various kinds of olive oil products found in the market besides Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Natural Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil have not been treated chemically and are in their natural form. Difference of Natural from Extra Virgin is its acidity (max %2), its taste and smell. Pure Olive Oil is obtained by adding Natural Olive Oil to Refined Olive Oil in order to enrich the taste and smell. Benefits of Olive Oil •Olive oil speeds up the brain development and bone enforcement in children.
  20. 20. •It contains mostly vitamin E and other vitamins such as A, D, K. With these vitamins it helps cell renewal and delays aging in body tissue and organs. •Olive oil is a natural source for the complexion and protects the hair. •It could be mixed to no-fat cow's milk and given to babies who stopped feeding on mother's milk (a few drops after 4-5 months). It serves as natural food for babies. •One of the most important features of olive oil is its positive effect on cardiovascular and circulatory diseases. One tablespoon of olive oil is 14 grams and has 120 calories. According to Nutrition Specialists, taking olive oil out of meals in weight diets is extremely wrong. •Again olive oil is what makes the Mediterranean nutrition model, which is rated ideal and recommended by specialists. Because 60% of the Mediterranean diet is carbohydrates, %30 percent of it is fat and 10 % is protein. Olive oil can also be used effectively in treating gastritis in intestines, urinary tract and gold bladder. Market Analysis of Olive Oil: There is only one local player in market i.e Dalda and it has two variants: 1Dalda Pomace Olive Oil 2Dalda Extra Virgin Olive Oil Imported players are: 1Italia from Spain 2Forbes 3Berges 4Sasso and many more Target Market of Olive Oil: 1Age: 25 - 40 years 2Wants to look slim and smart 3Belonging to SEC A and B 4Housewives/working women 5Take great pride in their homes 6They want their family to be full of life 7Educated 8Health conscious
  21. 21. EVA OLIVE OIL Products: Extra Light Olive Oil Oil obtained by blending refined olive-pomace oil and virgin olive oil other than lampante oil, having a free acidity content expressed as oleic acid, of not more than 1 g per 100 g, and the other characteristics of which comply with those laid down for this category. Extra Virgin Oil Oils obtained from the fruit of the olive tree solely by mechanical or other physical means under conditions that do not lead to alteration in the oil, which have not undergone any treatment other than washing, decantation, centrifugation or filtration, to the exclusion of oils obtained using solvents or using adjuvant having a chemical or biochemical action, or by re-etherification process and any mixture with oils of other kinds. It has a maximum free acidity, in terms of oleic acid, of 0,8g per 100g, the other characteristics of which comply with those laid down for this category. All olive oils that are less than 1% acidity and produced by the first pressing of the olive fruit through the cold pressing process is called extra-virgin olive oil. Olive Pomace Oil Oil obtained by blending refined olive-pomace oil and virgin olive. Price: Olive oil is comparatively an expensive variant in edible oil due to following reasons: 3Expensive to grow 4Expensive to pick 5Expensive to bottle such extra-ordinary Since Dalda is the only local player in market, Eva can tap consumers by launching a variant with slightly lower price than Dalda because Dalda still has a higher market share in terms of overall market share. Promotion Strategy: Consumer packs: To focus on ATL & BTL activities with more emphasis on merchandising in Karachi especially on key accounts. Later, to focus Lahore &
  22. 22. Islamabad Jerry can/tins: Focus more on personal selling •Eva Olive Oil to be promoted through various forms of ATL such as Advertising, OOH, Internet, Radio, Print and SMS. •For BTL, Eva Cooking Oil can be promoted through cooking classes to be conducted at various Malls, Restaurants, High profile streets and retail stores, exhibitions etc. •Eva can conduct health awareness programs and promote olive oil. •Eva Olive Oil can also be promoted in the beginning through free sampling of small packs and sales force can focus on its health benefits to its target market. • Conclusion & Recommendations: 1Eva should start promoting Maan Banaspati through ATL and BTL activities because people are not aware of this variant. 2Eva should start advertising with high frequency in order to create more awareness. 3Also, should advertise on high reach mediums to reach in many areas as possible. 4Eva should focus more on selling directly to consumers in order to maintain direct contact with consumers 5Eva should find out consumer perceptions through continuous market surveys as in what is required by consumers and also what is going on in the market place in order to follow market driven strategy.