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TGA2013 Presentation: Want to be a Programmer?



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TGA2013 Presentation: Want to be a Programmer?

  1. 1. Want to be a Programmer? TGA2013 *Change to Learn -- Learn to Change* 14.12.2013
  2. 2. A programmer? Seriously? TGA 14.12.2013
  3. 3. Programmer … err … programs TGA 14.12.2013
  4. 4. Anything else? Planning, estimation Design, implementation Testing, building, releasing Communication TGA 14.12.2013
  5. 5. Motivation? Business, technology or problem motivated? TGA 14.12.2013
  6. 6. Reasons to become a Programmer Jobs Good salary Hard skills Flexibility Challenge Artlikeness It’s cool TGA 14.12.2013
  7. 7. Reasons NOT to become a Programmer Do not like programming Not willing to update your skills Management Overtime TGA 14.12.2013
  8. 8. Business Motivated Me now Me in the 90’s Technology Motivated Problem Motivated TGA 14.12.2013
  9. 9. But there’s this thing called Quality … ”SW quality” is not evident TGA 14.12.2013
  10. 10. Reliability Integrability Maintainability Usability Functionality External Quality Security Performance Charisma TGA 14.12.2013
  11. 11. Testability Portability Readability Internal Quality Supportability Maintainability TGA 14.12.2013
  12. 12. Delivery Process Quality Repeatability Budget TGA 14.12.2013
  13. 13. How anyone can handle this? TGA 14.12.2013
  14. 14. Does quality matter? Depends on who you ask... and who ends up paying for the lack of it. TGA 14.12.2013
  15. 15. Are we any good? From an objective POV (?) TGA 14.12.2013
  16. 16. We have been analyzed… CHAOS Report 2012 TGA 14.12.2013
  17. 17. The findings… If we have good people • who know what they are trying to achieve • with true involvement • with good communication with who they’re achieving it for • who are well-supported they will succeed, if success is possible. TGA 14.12.2013
  18. 18. Learning There’s no substitute for learning on the battlefield. TGA 14.12.2013
  19. 19. Competent 2 1 Diligent / hardworking Lazy 3 4 Incompetent *Adapted from an original idea of M. Ristimäki, 2011 TGA 14.12.2013
  20. 20. Competence • “Minimum 5 years of experience on DeWALT D27107XPS Type 3 Combination Saw…” TGA 14.12.2013
  21. 21. Tools Keep your toolbox effective TGA 14.12.2013
  22. 22. agility Values •Communication •Simplicity •Feedback •Respect •Courage •… Principles •Rapid delivery •Frequent delivery •Embrace change •Self-organization •Regular adaption •SOLID •… Practices •Scrum/Kanban •CI •Unit tests •Pair programming •Sprints/iterations •Daily standups •… TGA 14.12.2013
  23. 23. What’s in your toolshed? TGA 14.12.2013
  24. 24. So, once more, all together now… There is NO silver bullet. TGA 14.12.2013
  25. 25. What to beware, part 1 ”Happy Creative Programmer” ”Proud Lead Programmer” ”Product/ System Guru” ”Grumpy Asshole Programmer” TGA 14.12.2013
  26. 26. What to beware, part 2 • Do not let the Architecture Astronauts* scare you… * TGA 14.12.2013
  27. 27. Enterprise Architecture "a well-defined practice for conducting enterprise analysis, design, planning, and implementation, using a holistic approach at all times, for the successful development and execution of strategy. Enterprise Architecture applies architecture principles and practices to guide organizations through the business, information, process, and technology changes necessary to execute their strategies. These practices utilize the various aspects of an enterprise to identify, motivate, and achieve these changes." TGA 14.12.2013
  28. 28. Shopping list… Soft skills Communication Writing Learning (cont.) Technical skills TGA 14.12.2013
  29. 29. Takeway Do only things that make sense. Hack. TGA 14.12.2013
  30. 30. Hackers? “A hacker is someone who thinks outside the box. It's someone who discards conventional wisdom, and does something else instead. It's someone who looks at the edge and wonders what's beyond. It's someone who sees a set of rules and wonders what happens if you don't follow them. A hacker is someone who experiments with the limitations of systems for intellectual curiosity.” - Bruce Schneier, Secrets and Lies, 2000 TGA 14.12.2013
  31. 31. The importance of never being done And make sure programming is fun enough. TGA 14.12.2013
  32. 32. “I've come to believe deeply in the idea that that becoming a great programmer has very little to do with programming.” - Jeff Atwood (2011) TGA 14.12.2013