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Celtic goddesses & gods


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Slide for St Brigid's Academy and Seminary School.

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Celtic goddesses & gods

  1. 1. Celtic MagickWoodland Tradition
  2. 2. Assignment for next class: Pick a symbol for the Goddess and Gods to connect with in the path working. Learn about that symbol draw a picture or print one up, bring it with you We will discuss the symbols They symbol will be main focus of out pathworking
  3. 3. Reminder: Thenumber 3 is sacredand should always behonored in magickand everyday life.In the WoodlandTradition we honor thepath of the ancestors byembracing that whichcan aid us in ourmodern lives and keepus connected to thedivine. We also share adeep connection theGreat Mother(Danu, Earth, Gaia).She is seen as aconstant, to behonored at everyritual, spell andcelebration.
  4. 4. Total of 9 #3 Goddesses, 3 Gods, 3 Ancestors (later class)Goddesses Gods The Morrigan Dagda (triple goddess) Cernunnos Cerridwin The Green Man Brigid(triple aspects)
  5. 5. The Morrigan (Great Queen)Triple GoddessMachaBadbaAnu Called: War Goddess, Raven Women
  6. 6. Badba Dark Goddess/ Prophetess Battle, death and rebirth (War Goddess) Symbol: Hooded crow New Moon Time: Winter and Samhain Colors: Red and White Aspect: Crone
  7. 7. Macha War Goddess of Sovereignty & Sacrifice Symbol: Horse Time: Harvest & Lughnasadh Full Moon Aspect: Maiden Colors: Harvest colors
  8. 8. Anu (Morrigu/ Nemain) Goddess of Fertility, abundance, and health Symbol: Cow/ Swan Aspect: Mother / Ancestors of all Gods Earth (Danu) Color: Earthy Time: Litha Emerald, Bloodstone, M oonstone
  9. 9. Cerridwen (Keeper of the Cauldron) Goddess of Transformation, knowledge, ma gick Underworld Goddess/ Divine Feminine and Crone Black Raven Full Moon Colors: Silver and black Stone: Agate Regeneration, rejuvenation, enc hantment, inspiration, prophecy , and witchcraft
  10. 10. Brigid (Triple Fire) Fire of Spirit (Poetry) Fire of Life (Healing) Physical Fire (Craftsmanship) Time: Imbolc Colors: Green Cattle Hearth and home, childbirth and Fiery arrow (warrior)
  11. 11. Dagda (The Good God) All Father God of Time, Magick, Sex, and Crops (food) Partner: The Morrigan Time: Winter Loves fighting, singing, women , laughter, sex, sports and games
  12. 12. Cernunnos God of Fertility, the Hunt and Dying (sings to comfort them) 7 Aspect: Virility, Power, Strength, S urvival, Masculinity, Weap onry and sexuality (and lust) Protector of the Forrest Guide for the Dead
  13. 13. The Green Man (Jack in the green) God of the Woodlands Spirit of the forest Cycle of life (birth, death, rebirth) Fertility Lord (giver) of Life Time: Spring/ Beltane Green Knight