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What we do


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Published in: Technology, Education
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What we do

  2. 2. From developing a new digital service to producing an events series, we love making things happen in the right way.
  3. 3. We enjoy taking on all sorts of work, whether from a brand, a broadcaster, a production company, a social enterprise or a charity. Bringing in fresh ideas and approaches is what’s important. We share our insights and knowledge of the public, private and third sectors across all our clients.
  5. 5. + CONCEIVE We take a creative insights-led approach to find the right solution that gets to the heart of what users really need. + DEVELOP + DELIVER
  6. 6. + CONCEIVE + DEVELOP We design solid projects that are responsive to change, with long-term sustainability built-in. + DELIVER
  7. 7. + CONCEIVE + DEVELOP + DELIVER Our projects are efficient, agile and well-managed, making smart use of resources, networks and budgets.
  9. 9. People first Listening, not prescribing A toolbox of methods, not one methodology Facilitative Resource clever Open: sharing as we go Participatory Training the trainer Solution neutral Using accessible online tools Design-led thinking PR sensibility engagement before technology Spreading the word
  10. 10. Informal learning formats using TV TV Clubs: scoping, development and piloting a new learning format Client: Ofcom, Channel 4, NIACE + Translating the collective act of watching and discussing TV into a ‘Book Club’ format to engage the hardest to reach adults. + Building partnerships and best practice in radically different contexts, from care homes to prisons and Trade Unions. + Designed to be sustainable, self-organised and easy to adopt.
  11. 11. Reinventing redundancy support Retooled: full development and production of a peer-to-peer online service Funder: Birmingham City Council / Hello Digital + Sharing experiences online to help people through the emotional rollercoaster of redundancy. + Enabling informal networks so colleagues can support each other back into work. + A more cost-effective model for delivering outplacement to industry.
  12. 12. Young people, social technologies, and innovation 2morro: development and production of a national festival for young campaigners Client: Policy Unplugged. Partners inc: Channel 4, UnLtd, Big Lottery Fund + Creating an interactive annual event for socially proactive young people, responding to their wants and needs. + Programming included workshops, debates, challenges, and networking, alongside celebration and showcasing. + Opening resources and knowledge of organisations to new audiences.
  13. 13. Get in touch to find out how we can help you. Stethoscope not included. Amanda Gore T 07958 484 121 twitter @amandagore Elizabeth Ostrom T 07841 407 401 twitter @lizzieostrom