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cybernatic organism the rise of machines to help us.

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  1. 1. Manda Institute Of Technology Cyborg An IT seminar by Aanchal Ghatak CSE
  2. 2. What Is a Cyborg? • Cyborg is abbreviation of Cybernatic Organism. • The Cybernatic Organism which is having organic and mechanical part and functioned by Computers. • It started with Human and Computer interaction.
  3. 3. Role of Cyborg in Computer Science Computer Science is the only Science that can let us see things like Light. Inventing tools to improve our senses is almost a defining feature of being human. Cyborg is a part of artificial intelligence and it is a science that profits the human being as well as the universal territory.
  4. 4. Individual Cyborg Prosthesis and C-leg system is the latest invension in medical science as a individual cyborg. It is used to replace human legs. Now any missing body part can be replaced.
  5. 5. Animal Cyborg The US-based company Backyard Brains released the world’s first cyborg named “Roboroach”.
  6. 6. Social Cyborg More broadly, the full term "cybernetic organism" is used to describe larger networks of communication and control. For example, cities, networks of roads, networks of software, corporations, markets, governments, and the collection of these things together.
  7. 7. How does a Cyborg work?
  8. 8. Cyborg Today • Cyborg 1.0 • Cyborg 2.0
  9. 9. Cyborg 1.0 • A Simple RFID transmitter being implanted in Mr. Warwick’s skin. • It doesn’t carry any battery but it receives power through coil. • And after that he used to control doors, lights, heaters and other computer- controlled devices based on his proximity. • The main purpose of this experiment was to test the limit of the body would accept and how easy it would be to receive a meaningful signal from the chip.
  10. 10. Cyborg 2.0 • In 2002 a one hundred electrode array was surgically implanted into the median nerve fibres of the left arm of Professor Kevin Warwick. • A number of experiments have been carried out using the signals detected by the array. • As a result of this professor warwick was able to control light, electric wheel chair and an intelligent artificial hand.
  11. 11. How it Can be helpful?: • It gives you a unique code. • It is quite possible for an implant to replace an Access, Visa or bankers card • An implant could carry huge amounts of data on an individual, such as National Insurance number and blood type, blood pressure • clocked in and out of office automatically. • Find the exact location of the person in the office.
  12. 12. Cyborg proliferation in society • In finance • In military • In medicine • In art • In body modifications • In popular culture • Cyborgization in critical deaf studies
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