Evaluation Question #1


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This is an answer to the evaluation question number one, titled "In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?"

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Evaluation Question #1

  1. 1. EVALUATION QUESTION #1 “In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?” Aamna
  2. 2. Conventions of Music Videos (1) With regards to the conventions of music videos, Andrew Goodwin states that one of the things that we should look out for in music videos is the relationship between the lyrics and the visuals. One element within this is Illustration whereby music videos use a set of images to illustrate the meaning of lyrics and we followed this as in one of our scenes, the lyric states “there are no legible signs” and after this, we showed a scene containing an empty park. From analysing Ed Sheeran’s music video “Drunk”, one of the general conventions that we found were that in indie music videos, there is usually a singer performing with a guitar. We decided to use this convention because it represents the passion behind indie artists and the love that they have for their music. This will attract and appeal to our target audience as they will appreciate the passion our artist will have which might make them want to purchase the video/song. Secondly, a specific convention that Ed Sheeran uses in his video is humour (from the use of the cat). This is not normally used in indie videos but we liked this idea as it added a light hearted feel to his video therefore we decided to use this in our video by making our lead singer pull amusing faces. For this reason, our target audience will find our video appealing as it will represent a childish feel to our video which they may find relatable due to the inner childish side they may have.
  3. 3. Conventions of Music Videos(2) Another general convention that we found was the artist being shown as relatable in indie music videos. Ed Sheeran did this by the use of his casual clothing which made him look like a normal teenager. We wanted our target audience to relate to our video so we used the same type of clothing which teenage girls would wear. When analysing Kate Nash’s video “Foundations” one of the conventions that we found was that extravagant items are not used in indie videos. This is because socks and watches were used to create an effective meaning in this video and we decided to follow this by using objects such as blocks, and props such as coins (as a part of our mise en scene). Our target audience will find this appealing as it will create a down to earth feel to our video which will attract our target audience as they may create a connection to the artist. Secondly, one of the conventions specific to her video was that the mise en scene used involved bright colours such as yellow, blue and others. In our video, we decided to use the Neapolitan ice cream colours (pink, yellow and brown) and the clothing of our lead character (yellow tights). The colours used can then create a brand identity as they were also used in our ancillary texts. Our target audience may like this idea as from our focus group research we have found that they find these colours appealing.
  4. 4. Conventions of Music Videos (3) With regards to Florence and The Machine’s video “Cosmic Love”, one of the conventions that she used was the use of effects. In one of the scenes, a bright light is shown to represent her inner feelings. Similarly, we used the light from the sun in one of our scenes but this was natural rather edited therefore we challenged this type of convention and our target audience will find this appealing as the authenticity behind the indie genre remains.
  5. 5. Conventions of Music Genres (1) With regards to the conventions of music genres, we learnt about many different types of genres such as Rock, Pop, RnB and Indie. The conventions of an indie genre include either an artistic video, performance or narrative video. We decided to create a video which involves a performance and a narrative. The conventions of the two involve a band or singer performing and in a narrative video it would involve a focus on the storyline. One of the first conventions of an indie genre is that there is a band or singer performing with props such as a guitar. We included this in our video because not only is it one of the most important conventions, it represents the authenticity behind our song. Secondly, the conventions of an indie genre involve natural settings such as a field/park and we decided to use this because indie songs usually have a delicate tone to them (with ours, it is the use of the guitar) which suits settings such as a park. Therefore extravagant things such as the use of expensive items are not used in an indie genre. We decided to follow on from this by using objects such as blocks and coins.
  6. 6. Conventions of Music Genres (2) We decided to also use a narrative as well as a performance in our video because we felt we could describe the situation and feelings in our song through visual imagery. We did this as firstly, when we showed our artist going through the breakup we represented her feelings by changing the lighting (making a room darker) but to show that she still had hope, the background used for the performance scene contained bright colours such as light blue, yellow, pink and others. This can make our target audience form a connection with the lyrics.
  7. 7. Conventions of a Digipak (1) From analysing Rihanna’s “Loud” digipak, one of the conventions that we found from digipaks was the use of close ups of the artist. Although Rihanna’s album is a pop album and our genre was indie, we have found that the general conventions can relate to each other. In our digipak, we included a mid shot of our artist rather than a close up and this exposes the fact that for our indie genre, we challenged and changed this convention by using a mid shot. The fact that the scenery behind our artist can be seen will appeal to our target audience as authenticity is used rather than creating a background from a green screen. Additionally, from analysing Gorillaz “Demon Days” digipak, bold and eye catching colours were used such as brown, green and burgundy. These colours are seen to represent an indie genre. Similarly, we used eye catching colours such as brown, pink and yellow (to represent Neapolitan ice cream colours). This shows that we followed these conventions, however, it could be said that these colours are not of an indie genre but more of a pop genre. In this way, we challenged and subverted the conventions of an indie genre which our target audience will attract and appeal to as it is something different. We also got ideas of our font from analysing the “Demon Days” digipak. In this digipak the font is simple and plain, representing the reoccurring theme of authenticity in an indie genre. We decided to use a font which was also simple so that we followed this theme. We noticed that the font chosen in this digipak is used throughout it therefore this is another indie genre convention. This is something we also decided to do in our digipak.
  8. 8. Conventions of a Digipak (2) The back panel of this digipak includes elements such as the record label logo, barcode, track list, specific images and others. We decided to follow these conventions by containing these important factors on our digipak. Our specific images included images from our music video such as the blocks and the love heart. Our target audience will appeal to this as the information that they will be curious to find out about (such as the track list) will be easily available for them on the back panel. Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” digipak was also analysed and from this, we found that things which contain added value (bonus tracks, remixes, DVDs etc) are contained in the deluxe editions of digipaks. This is the same for Gorlliaz and Rihanna, however, we decided to subvert from this convention and include a sing along CD with our digipak. This was done for the benefit of our target audience so that if the digipak were to be purchased, money would be spent on one digipak (which would still contain the added value) rather than purchasing two digipaks (one being the deluxe edition). From analysing “Loud”, “Demon Days” and “Teenage Dream” we could see the importance of having a spine which includes the artists name and the name of the album. This is a convention of digipaks and we ensured that we did not forget to include this.
  9. 9. Conventions of Magazine Adverts (1)magazine adverts that we analysed was Mumford and Son’s “Sigh No More”. One One of the conventions that we found from analysing this magazine advert is the natural setting that is used. In the background of the pictures used, each band member is in a field and the sunlight and sky can be seen. In our magazine advert, we decided to follow this as one of the pictures we used of our lead singer contained scenery (trees, leaves and grass) behind it. Another element that we found from analysing this magazine advert is the vintage font that is used. In our magazine advert, we tried to portray this as the font we used throughout the advert contains a vintage element to it. Both of these elements will attract and appeal to our target audience as it remains true to the indie genre. Another magazine advert that we analysed was Florence and The Machine’s “Lungs”. One of the conventions that we found from this magazine advert (and the Mumford and Son’s one) is the fact that the website of the artist, the record label logo and iTunes logo is placed as well as key information such as the hit single. We made sure that we included this key information on our advert. This will appeal to and attract our target audience as they will know and be made aware of key information in an easy way. Props are also used in Florence and The Machine’s magazine advert (the model of the lungs). We followed this by using the guitar (which acts as a prop) in one of our images in our magazine advert. Guitars and other instruments were also used in the Mumford and Son’s magazine advert.
  10. 10. Conventions of Magazine Adverts (2) Additionally, Jessie J’s “Who You Are” magazine advert was also analysed. One of the specific conventions that we found from this was the idea of subversion. Jessie J used colours such as black and gold and these type of colours would normally fit into the rock genre, yet Jessie J’s album was of a pop genre. This allowed us to know that typical conventions of a genre can be challenged therefore we decided to apply this to our magazine advert. The background colours that we used were light pink, yellow and brown and these colours could be said to be more fitting for a pop genre rather than an indie genre but we challenged and subverted from this and the typical indie genre conventions (green, dark brown etc)