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Analysis of Ed Sheeran's music video


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As a part of my A2 media studies coursework, we need to analyse music videos and I decided to do Ed Sheeran's music video of the song "Drunk"

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Analysis of Ed Sheeran's music video

  1. 1. Analysis of “Drunk” by Ed Sheeran Aamna
  2. 2. Technical areas #1 - Camera Work (part 1) The close up of the cat used when the writing of “pass that beer over” is shown (superimposition) adds a humours feel to the music video because the idea of a cat drinking alcohol will amuse the target audience. This makes the video down to earth as some music videos try and add too many things into it to make it appealing but this has a simple technique which can entertain the audience. In this part of the music video, a point of view shot is used when Ed Sheeran is looking at the text he has received. This will help the target audience to understand what has happened (his girlfriend has broken up with him). This will then allow them to easily figure out why he is getting drunk.
  3. 3. Camera Work (part 2)This two shot is used after the man on the left takes a picture ofEd Sheeran drinking. This could be interpreted (by the targetaudience) as aspects of celebrity life. This is because when youare a celebrity there are generally cameras everywhere(paparazzi) therefore that could be the connotation to this scene.
  4. 4. Sound The type of Sound used in this music video is diegetic sound.That is the type of sound used throughout the music video,however, at the beginning and end of the music video no soundis used and just action is shown. This type of song is classed as indie pop and folk rock and is atype of song which people would love to dance to. Also, thevideo is fun and uses humour which makes the song moreappealing. Ed Sheeran also uses illustration in his video because when hislyrics state that he wants to “get drunk again” it shows himgetting drunk. Amplification is also used when he sings the words“all by myself” he is shown to be on a bed by himself but his exgirlfriend is still going through his mind. There is use of Intertexuality as a lego house made in the shape of alove heart is broken. This represents and would remind the audienceof Ed Sheeran’s other song, “Lego House”. (illustration, amplification andintertexuality are some of the features stated in Andrew Goodwin’s theory)
  5. 5. Technical Area #2 – Editing (part 1)One of the types of Editing used in the videois a graphic match because on the picture on theleft hand side, the girl is shown to be throwingwater which then cuts to Ed Sheeran (on theright) with water getting thrown at him. Theeffect of this is that it allows the audience toknow that there is a link between the two shots.
  6. 6. Editing (part 2) In this part of the music video, the cat playing on the controller has been sped up a little bit using editing. This again adds a humours effect to the music video and help the target audience to construct a narrative and understand that he is so drunk that he is hallucinating. Another type of Editing technique used is an eyeline match. This shows Ed looking at a glass of beer which lets the audience know that his drinking amount is increasing. This makes him more relatable to teenagers as they may remember their own experiences.
  7. 7. Technical Area #3 - Mise En Scene (part 1) One of the types of mise en scene used is the guitar. This shows that although the focus of the video is Ed Sheeran getting drunk, it still shows him playing his guitar. This shows how much he loves music and cares about it which makes him a passionate artist. The guitars here also emphasizes the point above.
  8. 8. Mise En Scene (part 2) Another one of the types of mise en scene used is Ed Sheeran’s casual clothes and the game controller in his hand. This makes Ed look like a typical teenage boy and lets the audience know that he does not take himself seriously. In other videos other artists may have leather jackets on and be in posh bars but in this video, the bar is in a home and he is not represented as living a rock star life. This will make the target audience relate to him as they will feel just like him. That is one of the ways he is represented as an artist: being relatable.
  9. 9. Mise En Scene (part 3)Another type of mise en scene used is the photographs on thewall. This shows pictures of Ed Sheeran’s relationship. Therecurring theme in this video is that he is portrayed as beingrelatable and down to earth because these pictures show anormal relationship and are pictures that every teenagecouple would take.
  10. 10. Target AudienceThe target audience of this video is mostly teenagers as it showsEd getting drunk and having a party which is what teenagersmostly do. This is how the narrative of the storyline relates to themusic video (because it represents teenage problems)however, the target audience is also people who like his genre ofmusic (acoustic, folk, grime). This particular song can be classedas indie pop and folk rock therefore this target audience can alsobe people who like indie music.
  11. 11. NarrativeThe narrative of this video is that Ed has just been dumped by agirl who he really liked, by a text message. He is hurt and upsetbecause of that so he tries to get drunk in order to make him feelbetter and to forget about his problems. During this hehallucinates as his cat is “talking” to him. The video basicallyshows the process of him trying to feel better by using alcohol.
  12. 12. RepresentationIn this video, Ed Sheeran has been represented as a normalteenager. This is because he is getting drunk in the music videobecause of a problem he is having with his girlfriend. He has justbroken up with her and many people tend to use alcohol as a way totry and make them feel better which is what Ed is trying to dotherefore he is shown to be relatable. The other ways that he is shown to berelatable is the pictures on the wall at the beginning of the video. The waythat he is dressed (casual clothes) show that he is down to earth and does nottake himself seriously. This type of a clothing is a recurring theme in hismusic videos. At some points of the video, he also has his guitar withhim and decides to play it. This shows that although themain focus of the video is him getting drunk and trying to forgetabout a relationship, he still cares about his music.
  13. 13. What we have learnt from this videoFrom this video, not only have we learnt the conventions of an indie genre music video (such as guitars, performances, darker colours and some uncommon conventions which Ed has used such as humour) but we have also learnt different types of techniques we can use in our music video such as superimposition to create humour, a graphic match to create links, and speeding up certain bits to also create humour.We have learnt how to represent an artist to be relatable by using mise en scene techniques such as pictures on the wall and the type of clothing used (everyday clothing such as jeans and a jumper rather than fancy clothing). Additionally, In order to convey passion in our video, there can be emphasis on instruments such as guitars.The things that we have learnt from this video are the ways in which Ed appeals to his target audience and those are the factors that we can also use (conventions of an indie genre, relatability and editing techniques) to appeal to our target audience.