Prototype & Testing - Assignment 3 - Design Action Thinking Lab


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This is the 3rd Assignment for the Online Course offered by Stanford University - Design Action Thinking Lab.

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Prototype & Testing - Assignment 3 - Design Action Thinking Lab

  1. 1. Prototype & Testing Submitted by: Aamir Anees Munshi Mumbai, India
  2. 2. Problem Statement Ms. Lath (Stakeholder) needs a way (need/problem) to get more knowledge about globalization through the current Indian education system she is a part of because (insight) it is highly unorganized and lacks a clear format which is de- motivating. She feels it restricts her overall growth and development as a leader in this era of globalization.
  3. 3. First Idea Shift from the current Indian education system and do your undergraduate studies at a university abroad. (i.e. waste the one year of undergraduate studies in India).
  4. 4. Prototype
  5. 5. Testing of the Prototype  What worked well? – Fulfills her desire of getting global education since Ms. Lath finally goes abroad.  What could be improved? – Rather than going off to a far away country, try for a country that is closer to India.  Questions? – God forbid, but in case of any emergency, it wouldn’t be possible to come down immediately. Also she would miss out on a lot of family occasions during festivals.  Any new ideas? - Rather going far off to another country, try in other states of India for better B Schools such as IIM’s or the IIT’s.
  6. 6. Second Idea Have a GLOBAL LECTURE SERIES CONDUCTED BY THE STUDENTS THEMSELVES.  The entire batch of students be divided into a number of small groups and each month a particular group is assigned a specific country around the world. The following month the group would be assigned another country not taken up yet, and the cycle continues.  Your role as a student is to inform the class about any latest developments in that country across any sphere.
  7. 7. Prototype
  8. 8. Testing of the Prototype What worked well? - Fulfills her desire of getting global education since Ms. Lath finally goes abroad. What could be improved? – Since she’s also dissatisfied with the college she is in, rather than the college conducting it, it could be organised by other educational institutions.
  9. 9. Testing of the Prototype Questions? – This DOES NOT FORM PART of the academics of Indian curriculum? How would you make the Indian students (who generally have a laid back attitude towards college) work towards what you have planned, since it DOES NOT ATTACH MARKS? Any new Ideas? – Rather than having it for the entire batch, you can form a cell in college (say, Global Cell), members of whom would undertake the said Global Lecture Series for the other members.