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3A Profile 1 Complete


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3A Profile 1 Complete

  1. 1. AN INTEGRATED RESEARCH & MARKETING SOLUTIONS PROVIDER AAA Advertising |Tel: +92.21.34330868 |Email:| Facebook:
  2. 2. QUOTE: We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a Habit. Aristotle AAA Advertising |Tel: +92.21.34330868 |Email:| Facebook:
  3. 3.  The acronym, individual reflections in sync, embodies the dynamism, expertise and innovativeness of its team comprising of people who believe in providing customized solutions to the research and marketing needs of its clients.  A futuristic organization which integrates and enables its client to gain consumer insight, customer retention, customer intimacy and customer loyalty.  With a vision to be leading integrated marketing services organization, exceeding our clients expectations, we aspire to build, lifelong partnership through unmatched commitment and creative solutions. ABOUT US: AAA Advertising |Tel: +92.21.34330868 |Email:| Facebook:
  4. 4.  AAA Advertising feels humbled to be an excellence in providing analytical and innovative marketing solutions within the consumer market, with a nation- wide network and state-of-the-art technology. Our services include :  Printing  Fabrication  Plotting  Routing SERVICES:  Stalls  Signage  Events AAA Advertising |Tel: +92.21.34330868 |Email:| Facebook:
  5. 5.  3D Modeling  Giveaways  Activation  Outdoor Media SERVICES (CONT): AAA Advertising |Tel: +92.21.34330868 |Email:| Facebook:
  6. 6. EXPERTISE:  Branding World  Digital Printing  Shop branding  Corporate Gifts  Shop Signage  Visual Merchandising  Control Management  Mystery Shopping  Activation Back Checking Services  Event Management  Corporate Event  Marketing Programs  Special Events  Brand Activation  In Store Promotion  School/ College Activities  Town Storming  Float operations / Road Intercept  Merchandising  Stall Promotions  OCD development AAA Advertising |Tel: +92.21.34330868 |Email:| Facebook:
  7. 7. AN INTEGRATED RESEARCH & MARKETING SOLUTIONS PROVIDER AAA Advertising |Tel: +92.21.34330868 |Email:| Facebook:
  8. 8. MALL BRANDING & SHOP BRANDING AAA Advertising |Tel: +92.21.34380555 |Email:| Facebook:
  9. 9. EXPO STALLS DESIGNS & EXECUTION TRADING WORK AAA Advertising |Tel: +92.21.34330868 |Email:| Facebook:
  10. 10. OUT DOOR MEDIA WORKING AAA Advertising |Tel: +92.21.34330868 |Email:| Facebook:
  11. 11. ACHIEVEMENTS AAA Advertising |Tel: +92.21.34330868 |Email:| Facebook:
  12. 12. AAA Advertising |Tel: +92.21.34330868 |Email:| Facebook:
  13. 13. AAA Advertising |Tel: +92.21.34330868 |Email:| Facebook: Thank You H.O. Karachi Korangi Industrial Area Near Sir syed Hospital H.No:52/2. Regional Office In LHR 67A-2 Galab Market, M.M.Alam Road. Corporate Office Karachi Kawish Crown Building Office- 911 Main Shara-e-Faisal PH: 0213-4330848