ZIFA 2008 Enterprise Architecture Seminars


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ZIFA 2008 Enterprise Architecture Seminars

  1. 1. THE ZACHMAN FRAMEWORK A s technology extends its reach into every facet of the enterprise, information practitioners recognize the growing framework—for defining and describing today’s complex enterprise systems. It is a logical structure for classifying and importance of enterprise architecture to organizing those elements of an enterprise the continued success and growth of the that are significant to both the management organization. Enterprise architecture shows of the enterprise and the development of its the business as it is today, depicts it as it information systems. John Zachman authored would like to be in the future, and provides a the Framework in the 80’s and “blueprint” for getting there. Since its first publication in 1987, the conducts seminars worldwide Zachman Framework has evolved and become on its use and implementation. The Zachman Framework for The Zachman Framework for Enterprise the model around which major organizations Enterprise Architecture is widely Architecture, authored by John Zachman, worldwide view and communicate their accepted as the definitive work draws upon the discipline of classical enterprise information infrastructure. In this in this field. He is also well architecture/construction and engineering/ workshop, you will obtain an understanding known for his early contribution to IBM’s information planning manufacturing to establish a common of how to implement enterprise architecture in methodology, Business Systems vocabulary and set of perspectives—a your organization. Planning. John Zachman now operates Zachman International, an information systems planning Based on the Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture, and education consulting practice and is chairman of the this 3-day seminar & workshop includes a step-by-step guide Zachman Institute for Framework Advancement (ZIFA). and workplan to achieve a workable architecture! 2008 Seminar Schedule Implementing & Managing Enterprise Architecture 3 Day Seminar $1,795 W H E N W I LL T H E T I M E B E “R I GH T” F O R E N TE R P R I SE A R C H I TEC T UR E? Samuel Holcman, Econtinuing organization more criticalsilver bullet has evidencedthat the rise Architecture is nterp will permit an “silver bullet” chaos, no than ever. As emerged by to grow and thrive without well-developed a recognized expert in the research and application of and documented enterprise-wide architecture. By closely studying how business process engineering change manifests itself in both the private and the public sectors, we and enterprise architecture for have observed that explicit representations of the business (architecture) today’s enterprise, is president of Pinnacle Business Group are an absolute imperative for an orderly business transformation. which focuses on helping Just as complex products (buildings, airplanes, automobiles, etc.) require organizations change their processes, strategies, cultures, and technologies to meet today’s explicit representations (architecture) to build, maintain, improve, and change, so do enterprises—which are more complex than the ZIFA challenges as well as those of the products noted by orders of magnitude. No past or foreseeable “silver Zachman Institute next century. He is also widely recognized as an informative bullet” can address the complexities of enterprises. Organizations for Framework Advancement and visionary speaker whose that truly understand how to manage change in complex, highly implementation successes dynamic environments realize that explicit architectural representations lend credibility and value to are imperatives to managing change effectively—there simply is no the content he provides. Mr. Holcman is president of ZIFA. alternative: The time for Enterprise Architecture is now! Pinnacle Business Group
  2. 2. SE M I N A R & W O R K SH O P OV E R V I E W Implementing & Managing Enterprise Architecture I n A Framework for Enterprise Architecture, John Zachman writes, “To keep the business from disintegrating, the concept of A “ R E A L WO R L D” A P P ROAC H T H AT ’S information systems architecture is M O R E T H A N T H EO R Y becoming less of an option and more C ourses and seminars are available that discuss the importance of a necessity for establishing some order and control in the investment of of enterprise architecture and define the issues to be addressed. information system resources.” What makes Implementing & Managing Enterprise Architecture The Implementing & Managing unique is that it will take you to the next level of competence; you Enterprise Architecture workshop will learn what to do, how to do it, and how long it will take. In provides everything you need to make addition to understanding the concepts and issues, this workshop enterprise architecture a reality for your organization: includes: • How to develop and manage an Enterprise Architecture: • The workshop begins with the The Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture necessary foundation information on • What needs to be done: the concepts and issues of enterprise architecture. The Quick Start Implementation Plan • The timeframe required to implement enterprise architecture: • It proceeds with a tutorial on the Your Working Plan Zachman Framework as a tool for Y es, at the end of the workshop, you will leave with a working plan for getting a quick start in implementing enterprise architecture with the Zachman Framework—and showing understanding and classifying the complex requirements of today’s enterprise. measurable results! Other approaches have documented the need • Days 2 and 3 focus on for 10 months or more to begin development of an enterprise implementation strategies and architecture. The Zachman Framework reduces that time because it activities that will result in an actual implementation plan and work provides a tool by which all participants can view the enterprise from breakdown structure that an their own perspectives and easily understand how their roles impact, organization can execute. or are impacted by, others. W HO SHO U L D AT T E N D ? * The skills acquired—and the plan developed—from this seminar provide the techniques and enterprise architectural “blueprint” for defining and implementing initiatives, projects, and systems that encompass the strategic intent of the enterprise and business. This architecture aligns the activities of the information systems organization with the mission, goals, and strategic intent of the business. From this foundation, attendees can profitably pursue techniques and approaches that will directly benefit the enterprise and the business. This seminar is essential for: Senior Vice Presidents, Directors, Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Business Strategists, IS Strategists, Technology Strategists, Enterprise Architects, Technology Architects, Information Architects, and all staff charged with responsibility or involvement in directing the resources used for implementing information related programs for the enterprise. AT T E N DE E C O M M E N T S “John Zachman and Sam Holcman clearly articulated their “This workshop was the most valuable I’ve ever attended. vision and turned it into practical action” Not just a lecture, but a plan that I can use to explain what Vice President, Distribution Company we need to do–and actually do it!” Manager, Pharmaceuticals “What an experience! Informative, practical, and entertaining, too.” * Pr ev i o u s at te n d e e s c a n t a ke a d va n t a g e o f t h e r ev i s e d a n d Executive, Financial Institution ex p a n d e d c o n te n t w i t h a s p e c i a l d i s c o u n t . Pl e a s e c a l l fo r d e t a i l s .
  3. 3. SE M I N A R & WO R K SH O P O U T L I N E Enterprise Architecture and the Business • The Case for Change • The Concepts for Change The Zachman Framework •Framework Artifacts – the Six Types of Models - Data -People - Function - Time - Network - Motivation • Framework Imperatives • Framework Principles Model Management • Understanding Primitive and Composite Models • Build Primitive Models • Store Primitive Models • Manage Primitive Models • Change Primitive Models Assumptions, Discontinuities, and Resistance to Change • Cost Justification • Granularity • Cost Justification Architecture Realized • Satisfying Short Term Demand • The “Legacy” • Organizing for Systems Development • Funding • Complex Enterprise Environments Planning for Enterprise Architecture Wall-size, full-color Framework posters are available for a nominal processing • Purpose of “Plan the Plan” • Establishing Architecture Scope fee. Please contact our office or send us an email and we will be happy to send • Defining Architecture Deliverables • Major Tasks you a Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture poster. Developing the Enterprise Architecture Models • Motivation – Goal Analysis and Models MAKE PLANS TO ATTEND • Function – Process Analysis and Models • Data – “Information” Analysis and Models THE 2008 ZIFA ENTERPRISE • Network – Location Analysis and Models ARCHITECTURE FORUM • People – Organization Analysis and Models • Time – Event Analysis and Models “Architecture—The Best of the Best!” Understanding the Enterprise through Coming summer 2008 • Check www.zifa.com for details Analysis • Association Matrices Analysis and Understanding • Building on the Analysis – Developing Move-Ahead The ZIFA Enterprise Architecture Annual Forum is an opportunity for information Initiatives professionals to meet Enterprise Architecture experts—John Zachman, Sam • Prioritization—Methods to Move Ahead and Enable the Architecture Holcman, and representatives from organizations with enterprise architecture and Zachman Framework implementation experience—to address the issues that What Enterprises are Actually Doing— concern organizations today. The scheduled presentations have been selected for the A Sampling of Real Architecture Models • Models discussions they will generate and the issues they will raise. • Examples • Templates • Strategies You will have an opportunity to pursue, in detail, the enterprise architecture topics that interest you most. The ZIFA forum accepts no advertising, sponsors, vendor Doing the Work • Task Details product presentations, or sponsorship funds of any kind; you will learn about • Work Breakdown Structure Enterprise Architecture in our open forum. • Suggested Deliverables by Task • Potential Task Challenges and Solutions • Transitioning to Next Step Activities This years Forum will focus on separating “hype from reality”. It seems like everything is called “Architecture” or “Enterprise Architecture” these days. Ongoing Enterprise Architecture Activities • Preparing for Ongoing Architecture Refinement and What actually is Business Architecture, Technology Architecture, Information Usage Architecture, Data Architecture, Process Architecture, Web Architecture, Service • Revising, Enhancing, and Using the Architecture Artifacts Oriented Architecture, Implementation Architecture, Application Architecture, etc.? • Reviewing and Approving the Project Plans • Continuing to Deliver Value to the Enterprise What is the relationship between these “architectures” and Enterprise Architecture? The Forum will bring clarity to these topics and more. We look forward to seeing you at this unique event in 2008. REGISTER ONLINE: WWW.ZIFA.COM
  4. 4. Pinnacle Business Group 10895 Lakepoint Dr. Pinckney, MI 48169-9324 Implementing & Managing Enterprise Architecture ZIFA 2008 Seminar Schedule Zachman Institute for Framework Advancement Contact Us: This seminar can be presented in-house to your organization. Additionally, we can provide on-site consulting to support your architecture development efforts. For information contact: Pinnacle Business Group Phone: (810) 231-0531 Fax: (810) 231-6631 Email: Samuel.Holcman@PinnacleBusGrp.com Attendee Information Cancellation Policy: Cancellations made in writing thirty business ZIFA REGISTER TODAY! days prior to the first day of the seminar will receive a full refund; no refunds are available after that time. Substitutions, however, may Zachman Institute for Framework Advancement be made at any time prior to the beginning of the seminar or conference. You will be notified thirty days in advance of the seminar or conference date in the unlikely event that Pinnacle Business Group a seminar or conference should have to be cancelled. Non-payment or no-show does not Call (810) 231-6356 Select a date to attend: constitute cancellation.  January 23–25, 2008  July 16–18, 2008 Classroom Hours, Meals, and Materials: Fax (810) 231-6631 Los Angeles, CA San Diego, CA Classroom hours are from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, and all classroom presentation and workshop Web www.zifa.com  March 26–28, 2008  September 17–19, 2008 Orlando, FL Chicago, IL materials are provided the first day. We will provide a continental breakfast, lunch, and both Mail Pinnacle Business Group  May 14–16, 2008  November 17–19, 2008 morning and afternoon coffee breaks. Please 10895 Lakepoint Dr. Washington DC Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ dress comfortably. Pinckney, MI 48169 Seminar Location and Hotel Accommodations: VISIT Name Seminar location and hotel information will be provided to you when we receive your www.zifa.com registration. Please feel free to contact us if for updates to this schedule Title you need this information prior to registration Organization  Check Enclosed  Purchase Order # Seminar and Conference Confirmation: (Circle One) Your registration confirmation will be emailed, MasterCard VISA American Express faxed, and sent via US mail within five business Address  Credit Card days of registration. If you have any questions Card Number concerning your registration, please call Suite/Mail Stop (810) 231-6356. Please provide your fax and Exp. Date e-mail address when you register. City, State, ZIP Cardholder Name Registration: To register, please complete the form provided, Phone ( ) Card Billing Address and fax, mail, or email it to us—or register online at our website. As sessions often fill up Card Billing ZIP Code FAX ( ) quickly, we would like to hear from you right away—even for seminars and conferences Signature E-mail several months in the future. We want to be Registration Fee $1795 able to accommodate you, and look forward to your participation. Total Enclosed REGISTER ONLINE: WWW.ZIFA.COM