JOB TITLE:                       Solutions Architecture Manager

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Attach an organizational chart showing where this job sits and the jobs immediately around it.

technology strategies and ensure that appropriate    Global Technology meetings
consideration is given to technological ch...
infrastructure that provides integration
                                                        services to simplify and ...

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Job description

  1. 1. JOB DESCRIPTION JOB TITLE: Solutions Architecture Manager JOB HOLDER: Vacancy REPORTS TO (JOB TITLE): Head of Global Technology JOB PURPOSE Summary, in one or two sentences, of the unique contribution this job makes to the organization’s purpose. To be the technical leader of the whole development team. This is the highest solution architecture role in the IT organization, with overall responsibility and accountability for the design and development of technology systems and services for all organizational business functions. The first major responsibility will be the complete redesign of the IB information system platform and legacy systems. DIMENSIONS Summarize any numerical facts and figures that are relevant to the scale and degree of activity of the job such as:  Financial data This position does not manage a budget. However, will need to provide cost analysis to ensure cost effectiveness in application development.  People data No direct report  Other relevant statistics Length of projects and programmes can be up to 4 years Significant development might be undertaken in house due to specialist nature of the business. © International Baccalaureate Organization 2009 Page 1
  2. 2. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Attach an organizational chart showing where this job sits and the jobs immediately around it. CONTEXT This briefly sets out the necessary background to understand how the job fits into the organization and how it relates to other functions or jobs in the IB. The overall task of the Solutions Architecture Manager is to integrate and leverage disparate information systems. This includes defining the conceptual and logical architecture specifications (such as data architecture, application architecture and technical architectural), recommend various solutions options from both technical and functional perspectives. The post holder should have a in-depth programming experience in system interfaces components/patterns using various technologies. The Solutions Architecture Manager should have experience with enterprise architecture framework, with the ability to communicate ideas and concepts and articulate where decision might lead as well as sound understanding of project management methodologies, standards and techniques. ACCOUNTABILITIES KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS A list of statements identifying the principal outputs The outputs that this job must achieve, required of the job, which integrate to achieve the that correlate with the accountabilities purpose of the job. To contribute towards developing strategy and Review the application technologies and framework to integrate and leverage disparate develop an enterprise architecture information systems. artefacts ensuring alignment with technology trends Review and revamp legacy systems Ensure flexibility applications capabilities and development is in line with enterprise architecture framework To contribute towards the ongoing development of Regular attendance and contribution to Page 2
  3. 3. technology strategies and ensure that appropriate Global Technology meetings consideration is given to technological changes on Review application technologies and organizational plan for change/growth. problems in order to find/develop technologies that best fit, functionalities and value for money Develop and review appropriate plans that clearly consolidate information systems Lead in the introduction and adoption of technologies and solutions to increase system interoperability to yield new capabilities and reduce cost To collaborate with business users and technology Define the conceptual and logical leaders to define and implement the enterprise architecture specification (such as: data technology roadmap and proactive technology architecture, application architecture, refreshment plan to modernize the ICT technical architecture) for the infrastructure. organization Develop enterprise architecture artifacts including current state architecture, target state architecture, architecture roadmaps, referential architecture patterns, and technology standards Lead in architecture analysis, modeling and design of enterprise architecture framework, including the ownership of the systems architecture, controlling the architectural integrity and managing architecture trade-off Proactively research and prototype specific application integration techniques and available technologies and recommend alternate integration technologies, processes and architectures to reduce the integration development costs and time To provide impact analysis on architecture Assess and recommend various solution recommendations for simplifying and integrating options from both technical and business processes to rapidly respond to business functional perspectives and provide change and work with business users, business suggestions analysts and developing team to develop the Contribute to application development overall solution architecture. project by defining work breakdown structure and estimation of technical tasks with delivery teams. Identify technology and delivery risks associate with proposed solutions. Architect an application-enabling Page 3
  4. 4. infrastructure that provides integration services to simplify and automate business processes Work in collaboration with teams to implement centralized enterprise data maps and schema to enable cross- system integrations Develop integration standards and carry out architecture review of new and existing ICT systems to ensure the use of appropriate integration architecture design, standards; methods and tools and their effective application, the development of integrated systems. DECISION-MAKING A summary description of the 3–4 main decisions that the jobholder will have to make in carrying out the accountabilities of this job. Decide on the appropriate enterprise architecture framework suitable for the IB to fulfil its objectives Decide on the appropriate tools to be used to deliver application solution. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE What skills, qualifications and experience are necessary for full and effective performance? • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or Engineering. Postgraduate qualification in a technical field will be an advantage. • A deep, broad technical background in application development and a sound knowledge of web technologies, enterprise architecture frameworks and delivering technical strategy roadmaps. • A proven track record in the management of multiple, cross-functional teams and projects, and influencing senior-level management and key stakeholders whilst meeting time and cost goals • In-depth programming experience in system interface component and patterns using various technologies • Familiar with multiple platform and products, including IT infrastructure technologies, clusters, virtualization, LAN/WAN protocols and authentication • Ability to effectively communicate highly technical aspects of architecture and integration to management and stakeholders • Experience with enterprise architecture framework, enterprise information model, and IT best practices • Sound understanding of project management methodologies, standards and techniques • Written and executed RFI/RFP processes in order to correctly evaluate and recommend the correct technology, application, or product Page 4