J2EE Capabilities
Forward-Looking Enterprise Systems Integration with Anexinet-Engineered Services-based Archi...
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J2EE Capabilities


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J2EE Capabilities

  1. 1. PROFILE J2EE Capabilities Forward-Looking Enterprise Systems Integration with Anexinet-Engineered Services-based Architecture. Proven and Pragmatic Approach with Tangible The Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) platform underpins robust enterprise business systems ranging from smaller Deliverables departmental solutions to enterprise-wide deployments. Benefits for delivering business-critical applications improve employee productivity and customer and vendor experiences. Anexinet's expertise with J2EE enables deployment of n tatio loosely coupled services-based application architectures that overcome platform dependencies and integration barriers ien Or adiness Assess Re m of time, costs, scalability, and portability. of of Con e Pro nt ce pt Anexinet Experience Anexinet Expertise Incremental Life Cycle Anexinet has a proven track record of architecting Enterprise IT infrastructures encompass a mix of Development and developing J2EE applications for Fortune legacy and component-based platforms supporting 1000 and mid-size companies across a diversity discrete business processes. These heterogeneous of industries. These J2EE enterprise-class solu- environments host applications from a variety of tions provide the customer with a highly flexible vendors and are supported by developers using dif- and reliable framework for Enterprise Application ferent programming models, languages, and tools. Development and Integration coupled with Integration requires a comprehensive understand- In every client engagement, Anexinet Business Process Management. ing of an existing business environment, expertise seeks clear understanding of needs, open communication of competen- Anexinet customers increase IT value by address- with multiple technologies, and experience with cies, and a best-fit solution strategi- ing near-term challenges with long-term solutions integrating and repurposing business systems. cally planned and implemented that apply newly integrated processes to evolving Anexinet leverages the increasingly rich set of through unfettered collaboration and business requirements. Anexinet delivers business J2EE services, APIs, and protocols to develop and partnership. value by leveraging J2EE expertise in virtually all deploy multi-tiered, Web-based integration solu- To maximize success, Anexinet service offerings, including: tions. The J2EE platform breaks down inherent bar- manages projects through its internal riers to integration by providing a single component- Program Management Office (PMO). Anexinet Approach based application standard to expose and integrate The PMO of Anexinet provides for existing enterprise systems across diverse delivery coordinated Enterprise Project • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Solutions Management (EPM) with real-time vis- channels. J2EE is also compatible with emerging ibility, collaboration, and control from • Enterprise Portals for B2E, B2C, B2B, and XML and Web services standards such as Simple project inception through closure. Process Improvement Applications Object Access Protocol (SOAP); Web Services Description Language (WSDL); Universal • Enterprise Architecture Assessments Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI); and • BEA WebLogic/Websphere Installations Electronic Business XML Initiative (ebXML). and Migrations More than developing solutions with J2EE, Anexinet has pioneered an innovative approach to imple- Anexinet Corporation • Requirements, Configuration Management, menting a custom services-based application archi- 1040 First Avenue and Validation Solutions tecture—typically, the most problematic barrier to Suite 108 • Software Development Life Cycle Methodology integration. Anexinet incorporates the guiding prin- King of Prussia, PA 19406 USA ciples of Service-Oriented Architecture into custom Phone: 610-755-3400 • Application Performance Management application solutions, which enables seamless Fax: 610-755-3420 access to underlying enterprise systems. Decoupled from any single software vendor or platform, ANEXINET.COM Anexinet customers enjoy greater flexibility in lever- JavaEE-8-2005 aging any emerging technology to their competitive advantage. Products and trademarks referred to are property of their respective owners.