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Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit 2010

  1. 1. EARLY BIRD SAVINGS Register by 19 March 2010 and save Ð300 The 5th Annual Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit 2010 17 – 18 May 2010 | Lancaster London, UK ARCHITECTING INNOVATION Next-Generation EA Business Architecture Business/IT Alignment Governance The Vanguard of Enterprise Architecture Transformation CONFERENCE CO-CHAIRS GUEST KEYNOTE SPEAKER Philip Allega Brian Burke René Doursat Research VP Research VP Director, Complex Systems Gartner Gartner Institute Paris Researcher, CNRS and Ecole Polytechnique, Paris A GARTNER FOR IT LEADERS SUMMIT
  2. 2. 17 – 18 May 2010 | London | Introduction CONTENTS SUMMARY The Vanguard of Enterprise Page 4 Architecture Transformation Hot Topics For many organizations, traditional approaches to EA are no longer relevant. And Page 5 those at the vanguard are taking entirely new approaches to harmonize business Gartner Research: and IT. The problem isn’t about architecting IT alone. It’s about architecting the Meet the Analysts business within a larger business ecosystem. Page 6 “ Keynote and End-User Sessions Page 7–9 Everything you need to make EA Summit Agenda: The Tracks and Sessions part of your organization’s DNA ” Page 10 Gartner Analyst/User Roundtables and Interactive Workshops The place to be is this year’s Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit 17-18 Page 11 May, London. In an enlightening series of analyst-led sessions, case studies and workshops, you’ll acquire the tools and techniques to differentiate EA from just Solution Showcase another IT discipline, focus on redefining the relationship between IT and business, Page 12 and get your bearings on how EA is changing and where its transformation can How to Register lead you and your organization. For the better No other event covers so many dimensions of EA, including the latest advances — from hybrid thinking and Pattern-Based Strategy™ to architecting the hyperconnected enterprise from the “outside in.” In addition to providing leading edge insights, you’ll learn practical lessons and “how to” recommendations that Who Should Attend will make all the difference in 2010. The Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit is the This Summit is critical for enterprise architects, strategists, planners and innovators gathering place for new and it will have a strong impact upon your work for the next decade and beyond. and established enterprise architects, strategists, portfolio We look forward to seeing you in London. managers and senior level IT managers in their quest to strengthen and manage business and IT alignment. Philip Allega Brian Burke Juliane Jung • Enterprise Architects Research VP Research VP Program Director, Events • Business Architects Gartner Gartner Gartner • Technology Architects • Solutions Architects • Applications Architects • Strategy and Planning Heads • Senior IT Managers • Software Development/ Integration Executives • Business and Systems Analysts 2 Register by 19 March 2010 and save €300
  3. 3. Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit 2010 Gartner Analyst One-on-Ones Register and receive a private 30 minute session with your Gartner analyst of choice at the Summit. This is your opportunity to discuss the topic that is of vital concern to you with an analyst who specializes in that area. key Benefits that you will take away from the Gartner EA Summit: 1 Determine which EA approach best supports your business and its goals. 5 Create an organization that forecasts and absorbs change, and reports results accurately. 2 Look beyond technology management and understand the emerging innovations occurring in EA. 6 Optimize costs to achieve a steady state and plan for the future. 3 Know how to strategically reposition your IT assets. 7 Understand and keep pace with application portfolio management, SOA, business process management, and other shifting trends. 4 Understand which new business models and approaches will let you identify opportunities, recognize threats and respond to challenges quickly. 8 Address disruptive technologies and manage innovation. A Unique Learning Advisory Board Exchange The Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit team seeks the advice and input of a number of senior individuals working for end-user organizations, The Summit stands alone as a dynamic collectively known as the Advisory Board. This experience that fosters engagement market intelligence thus gained assists us with the and idea generation. content and direction of the Summit and ensures More than just casual conversation, that we address the needs of the audience. We your ongoing interaction with attendees would like to thank the following individuals for and analysts on-site helps you process their ongoing advice and support: breakthrough ideas and information with shared insight and immediacy. • David Byrne, Architecture and Design Director, Newly expanded networking Carphone Warehouse opportunities offer you a not-to-be missed opportunity to meet and • Abhijit Gupta, GTO Programme Director, Client mingle with your peers by affiliation Onboarding Programme for Global Transaction — professional role, industry or Banking; and Programme Director, Global experience level — and problem-solve Banking IT Integration Programme, Deutsche based on what you can learn from the Bank experiences of others. • Manfred Kroll, VP, Project Services, Deutsche Post DHL • Tim Hargest, Head of IS Strategy & Architecture, E.ON Energy Trading • Rob Pringle, Head of IT, Gazprom Marketing and Trading “Most informative with a wide range of subject matter. Interesting points of • Harald Wesenberg, Leading Advisor Enterprise view given over by informed and friendly people.” Architecture, StatoilHydro BrIAN rUSSELL, TEAM LEADEr OF • Lewis Jones, Enterprise Architect, T-Mobile THE ArCHITECTUrE TEAM, AXA Register now: 3
  4. 4. 17 – 18 May 2010 | London | “A really good eye opener for me. This isn’t my background so this Summit really helped me to understand the wider context of EA in terms of making it more business relevant.” PHIL BAILEY, BI ArCHITECT (CTO), UNITED UTILITIES Hot topics What’s New at the Summit These topics are supported by sessions that provide CONTENT NAVIGATION — CUSTOMIZE solutions which can be put to use immediately. Prescriptive YOUR AGENDA advice for these hot topics is linked to published Gartner toolkits, templates and research which allows attendees to We understand your need for information and guidance get to work and solve these challenges. relevant to your EA efforts. To assist you in selecting the • Link EA and business strategies most appropriate sessions we have developed a “Content Navigation” system that will allow you to identify which • Determine which EA approach best supports your presentations are right for you. business goals. • Clearly define the business, information, technical and Maturity Level: solution architecture • Create effective EA roadmaps and migration plans • Measure the business value of your EA and be able to E Essentials: If you are at the early stages of your EA initiatives or you are a newcomer to this space, these sessions will help you navigate through the necessary communicate it steps. • Implement best practices for application and technology portfolio management • Keep pace with social networking, SOA, cloud computing A Advanced: If you are an advanced practitioner of enterprise architecture, these sessions are designed to take your initiatives to the next level. and other trends that impact EA Business and IT: NEW content and topics for this B Business: These sessions focus on enterprise architecture from the business perspective. Summit include: • Business and IT unification: why, when and how IT IT: These sessions will focus on enterprise architecture from the IT perspective. • Architecture for hyper-connected enterprises Practical, Strategic, Visionary: • Hybrid thinking: examining EA for IT, EA for strategy and innovation, and hybrid thinking for IT and business P Practical: We understand your need for tactical information you can action straight away. These sessions focus on how to, dos and dont’s and best • Pattern-Based Strategy™ practices. • How to develop a portfolio of strategies S Strategic: These sessions focus on the strategic insight supporting the development and implementation of your plan of action. V Visionary: These sessions focus on trends, concepts and technologies helping you with your future-oriented decisions. GARTNER RAPID FIRE SESSIONS Short, focused and intense — these sessions are a great way to get to the heart of some of the many issues facing enterprise architects. The rapid fire sessions will give you specific and actionable advice in a compact package. BEST PRACTICES WORKSHOPS Interactive workshops aligned to the three Summit Tracks. See page 10 for full details. 4 Register for priority Gartner Analyst One-on-One session
  5. 5. Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit 2010 Gartner Research Gartner Analyst One-on-Ones Gartner analysts draw constantly from the real-life challenges To book your private 30 minute session with a and solutions experienced by more than 45,000 clients Gartner analyst of your choice, take a look at the worldwide. The value of this resource, combined with our deep analyst focus areas on this page and select the analysis of technology vendors, is unrivalled. analyst most applicable to your needs. Meet the Analysts Gartner for The Changing Nature of Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Architecture as Strategy, IT Leaders Philip Allega Business and IT Unification Research VP Today’s EA professional is inundated with not only information, but with Business and IT Strategy, Mergers and questions as well. Build or buy an EA Acquisitions, CIO Relationships with the CEO, solution? How to make EA strategic Dave Aron CFO and Board, Benefits Realization and actionable? Which performance VP, CIO Research metrics to use? How to justify a major EA investment? Gartner can EA for the C-Suite, EA Styles/Approaches, help to keep you well equipped to EA Organization and Governance manage today’s challenges and seize Scott Bittler tomorrow’s opportunities. Research VP Getting information is easy but is Enterprise Business Architecture, Pattern-Based it insightful and relevant? Your time Betsy Burton Strategy, Managed Diversity, EA Performance is scarce. Spend less time searching VP Distinguished Management and Metrics for information and more time applying Analyst relevant insight to your IT initiatives that need effective solutions — right Emergent Enterprise Architecture Styles, now. Enterprise Architecture Management and Brian Burke Governance, Managing Innovation Ensure your success as an IT Research VP leader. Get the insight you need — when you need it. With instant Enterprise Architecture, Service-Oriented Web access to exclusive Gartner Nicholas Gall Architecture/Web-Oriented Architecture, Design Vice President research that’s relevant, insightful and Thinking/Hybrid Thinking tailored for IT leaders in enterprise Distinguished Analyst architecture. Application Overhaul, Application Governance, Application Strategy, IT Strategy Andy Kyte Your Role. Your Event. VP & Gartner Fellow Insightful and relevant events aligned to your role, your priorities and your Business Context, Business Architecture, Context challenges. Aware Computing, EA’s Executive Relationships Anne Lapkin • Applications Research VP • Business Intelligence & Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Information Information Management Architecture, Enterprise Information Management, David Newman Hybrid Thinking/Design Thinking • Business Process Improvement Research VP • Enterprise Architecture Emerging Business Trends, CEOs and IT, Hype Cycle, CIO Trends and Directions • IT Infrastructure & Operations Mark Raskino VP & Gartner Fellow • Program & Portfolio Management Enterprise Architecture, Business and IT • Security & Risk Management Bruce Robertson Integration, Technical Architecture VP, Chief of Research • Sourcing & Vendor Relationships EA Governance and IT Governance Integration, Interested in our role-based events? Business Value of EA, EA Organization and Visit for further Julie Short Program Management information. Research Director Sign up to our monthly Events Insider EA Organization and Governance, Federated newsletter at Architecture, Architectural Strategy, eventsinsider Chris Wilson Communicating EA, EA Tools, EA Skills Research Director Register by 19 March 2010 and save €300 5
  6. 6. 17 – 18 May 2010 | London | Keynote Sessions Presented by both Gartner analysts and invited guest speakers these presentations offer the very latest topical updates and actionable insights on the subjects most critical to your organizational development and innovation. GARTNER OPENING KEYNOTE: GARTNER CLOSING KEYNOTE: GUEST KEYNOTE: Introducing Hybrid Thinking Applications Overhaul: Rationalize, Architecture and Self-Organization: Standardize, Consolidate and Simplify Heading for the Best of Both Worlds Hybrid thinking is a new discipline for Enterprises have long suffered from Modern organizations and ICT transformation, innovation, and strategy bloated application portfolios brought on infrastructure are becoming de facto (TIS). While many EA initiatives have by mergers, rapid expansion, globalization, complex systems — large networks of aspired to tackle TIS challenges with and competing business unit demands. mutually interacting techno-social agents. business leadership, few have realized The resulting cost and complexity is Can we plan their autonomy? Control their aspirations — despite decades of no longer tenable. A drastic application their decentralization? Program their effort. Accordingly, a new discipline is overhaul is required to eliminate redundancy, adaptation? Resolving these paradoxes needed. One that combines the analytical standardize business processes, will require a paradigm shift from mastery of architects with the intuitive consolidate solutions, and establish traditional (top-down) design to (bottom- originality of design thinkers. This new platforms for tomorrow’s agile and growing up) “meta-design”: Instead of assembling discipline is business environment. We reveal what a construction yourself, you will now hybrid thinking. CIOs and IT leaders need to know to deliver shape its building blocks in such a way • Why is EA still trapped in IT business value from application overhauls. that they self-assemble for you — and • What are practical options and even come up with new solutions. Dr. • Why has design thinking captured the approaches for addressing the bloated Doursat will illustrate how this works by C-Suite application portfolio? applying the core principles of emergent • How will hybrid thinking harmonize the biological systems to ICT systems. This skills and tools of diverse disciplines • How do you secure and sustain presentation will introduce Morphogenetic business buy-in, funding and executive Nicholas Gall, Gartne Engineering (ME), a body of innovative, sponsorship? bio-inspired ICT research (from swarm • How do you keep the “lights-on” while intelligence to spatial computing) aiming executing a major application overhaul? to bring together functional architecture Andy Kyte, Gartner and dynamic self-organization. Leave your perceptions about enterprise architecture at the door. This keynote address will change the way you think about EA End-User Case Studies and forever. René Doursat, Director, Complex Guest Speakers Systems Institute Paris / Researcher, CNRS and Ecole Polytechnique, Paris The Summit will feature several international end-user case study presentations from senior IT and business executives of leading organizations from various industries and sectors. The case studies bring the practitioners’ own valuable experiences to the audience and highlight the technologies and solutions adopted and lessons learned in their own environments. They further focus on a description of strategy and approach, choice of technologies, mistakes to avoid and how to measure success. Please check on a regular basis as the case studies are added to the agenda at 6 Register now:
  7. 7. Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit 2010 Summit Agenda Maturity E Essentials Perspective B Business A Advanced IT IT Focus P Practical S Strategic Track 1: Pragmatic Architecture V Visionary A strong foundation sets the stage to build this discipline within your organization. Enterprise architects are often considered general problem solvers and as such require a kit of practical tools that work everyday. This track embodies the knowledge and insight that practitioners must fully understand to bring value to their organization today and into the future. Determine the right EA Clarifying Enterprise rAPID FIrE SESSION Defining the Technical Approach to Support Your Business Architecture for Delivering Value Now: Architecture Business Enterprise Architects A Pragmatic Approach to Organizations take a variety of Enterprise Business Architecture Enterprise Architecture For many organizations, the approaches to develop an EA. (EBA) is a hot topic because of Many enterprise architecture starting point for EA is to describe Your approach is influenced its promise to help “align” IT and programs fail to meet the standards and guidelines in by your business landscape, business, demonstrate business expectations; fail to have a real the technical architecture. This people, politics, vision and impact and deliver value from impact, and ultimately cease to session will describe Gartner’s experience. In this presentation EA. Public misperceptions about exist. Successful EA programs best practice approach to we explore different approaches this viewpoint of EA abound. are not born fully-formed Gartner’s enterprise technology to EA, from traditional, middle- In this session, we bring clarity but deliver incremental value architecture (ETA) while describing out, federated, managed to business context, EBA throughout their development. and depicting key models: diversity to hybrid. development, delivery, case The key is to focus on what EA technical components, domains, • What are the different studies and best practices. stakeholders value, and not services and patterns. approaches companies take • Differentiate business context what pundits tell you. • Common ETA models: to develop EA? from business architecture • Why does EA fail in many technical components and • What are the distinguishing • Learn the steps to develop a organizations? technical domains characteristics for each business architecture • What is wrong with the • Best practice ETA models: approach? • Discover what other traditional approach to EA? technical services and • How can you determine the organizations are doing with • How do we position EA to technical patterns approach that is best for your business architecture today deliver real business value? • Best practices for getting the organization? Anne Lapkin Brian Burke ETA people and process right Julie Short Scott Bittler E A B IT P S V E A B IT P S V E A B IT P S V 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 Critical Visualizations for rAPID FIrE SESSION Creating EA road Maps and Communicating EA to Senior What the C-Suite Needs to Migration Plans Your Management know About EA Identifying standards, creating Senior executive leaders Beyond deciding on EA Summit patterns and reference models struggle today with the guidance, EA programs need — Your is part and parcel of the daily work of enterprise architects. transformative impacts of the economy on the enterprise. to describe their plans well to key constituencies. Road Agenda! These artifacts must be placed They need to react to market maps and other models help With a wealth of into a context for investment realities without impairing describe EA goals as well sessions, it is helpful to decision-makers to understand the ability of the business as steps recommended to have a tool to build your the degree to what’s changing to recover when economic achieve them. This session will own agenda focusing on and when it’s changing. conditions improve. Many describe common road map your own needs. The online • Identify the key consumers of are using this opportunity and migration plan content and Agenda Builder helps you EA guidance and advice to transform the way they provide best practice examples. select the sessions most do business. In all cases, • EA road map content • Discover the focus of relevant to you and add them enterprise architecture is a investment decision-makers • EA road map examples to your calendar, and to build powerful supporting tool, yet • Learn the critical visualization • EA road map best practices networking and reflection many do not know how to use techniques to support EA time into your schedule. it to achieve their goals. Scott Bittler success Go to • What are the primary Philip Allega epaeu10 to view the full concerns of the C-Suite? agenda and plan your • How does EA address those on-site activities. concerns? • What should EA teams do to E A B IT P S V support C-Suite goals? E A B IT P S V Anne Lapkin 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 Customize your agenda: 7
  8. 8. 17 – 18 May 2010 | London | Summit Agenda Track 2: The Opportunity Space Enterprise architects are faced with a myriad of problems to solve while at the same time they are challenged to stay on top in this ever-changing landscape. This track explores the current issues facing EA practitioners from the latest business issues, to technology trends, to key touchpoints with other critical management disciplines. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Applications — Functional rAPID FIrE SESSION EA Tool Marketplace requirements Are Only Half Architecting for Participation: How Information-Sharing The presentation will highlight The Story Overcomes Information Silos some of the practical aspects of Most organizations have Specialized practices of information management have led to a preparing to implement a tool, recognized the importance of fundamental problem: siloed information management without and the various approaches “requirements management”, holistic information design. We offer a radical approach. Enterprise companies take in choosing but very few have developed a information architecture (EIA) focuses fragmented disciplines a tool. Additionally, the requirements architecture that on the goal of increasing information value through the network presentation will look at new extends beyond the business effect: information shareability based on consistency, usability and tools coming into this area, functional requirements — extensibility. especially in the open-source unless it is to say “I want it fast • Holistic design and network effect of information shareability area. and I want it cheap.” • The relationship between enterprise information architecture • What role do EA tools play in • What role can Enterprise (EIA) and management disciplines such as enterprise information the EA armoury, and when Architects play in articulating management (EIM) and master data management (MDM) should my organization use the compromises that may • Best practices that deliver results them? need to be made when defining non-functional David Newman • What do I consider in choosing an EA tool? requirements and how can these attributes be managed • Where is the EA tool market through the life cycle of the heading? application? Chris Wilson Andy Kyte E A B IT P S V E A B IT P S V 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 Business Leader Imperatives rAPID FIrE SESSION Practical Use of EA to Support Where do Clouds Fit in Your 2010 — and the IT Linking EA and Business Pattern-Based Strategy EA? Implications Strategy In a hyper-connected, global Cloud computing and enterprise After the recession storm, Many practitioners think they business economy, the cloud service offerings are CEOs and their senior executive have solved problems in their operational focus on automating surrounded by great hype and colleagues are beginning to IT architecture without making our business no longer works. confusion. Gartner research explore the changed economic the link to their business We must be designing our reveals both hits and misses for landscape and define new strategy, only their IT strategy. businesses to reflect, seek cloud uptake. EA teams must business strategies. IT leaders They quickly discover that the and exploit business patterns focus the cloud phenomenon must adapt to the changed only defensible architecture coming from people, process into valuable enterprise uses. EA environment. is one that is linked to the and information within and must define a view of the cloud. • What are the biggest issues business strategy. external to our organization. • Cloud computing models — CEOs face in 2010 and how • Review the critical artifacts • What trends are driving public, private and levels in will they respond to them? that make up the business organizations to balance between • How do CEOs perceive the context their investments in critical • Cloud computing successes future role and value of IT after • Learn how to develop a business activities? — cases of direct business the great “economic reset?” common requirements vision • What activities and disciplines value delivered • How must enterprise when and with whom are critical to support a • Cloud computing failures — architects prepare for the • Understand who consumes pattern-based strategy? cases of risk revealed and to emerging demands of the total business context • How can Gartner’s business be avoided business leaders? package pattern framework support Bruce Robertson Mark Raskino Philip Allega business transformation? Betsy Burton E A B IT P S V E A B IT P S V E A B IT P S V 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 8 Customize your agenda:
  9. 9. Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit 2010 Summit Agenda Maturity E Essentials Perspective B Business A Advanced IT IT Focus P Practical S Strategic Track 3: The Vanguard V Visionary This track examines the ground-breaking innovations in enterprise architecture and business strategy thinking that will become de rigueur for many organizations in the not too distant future. Those at the vanguard are already using Pattern- Based Strategy, redefining the relationship between business and IT, and introducing hybrid thinking as a new strategic discipline for strategists, innovators, and planners to drive organizational transformation. Tomorrow’s Challenge Use Business Capabilities rAPID FIrE SESSION Business and IT Unification: Today: A Look at EA from the to Elevate EA to Business Developers vs. Architects The Wall is Coming Down Outside In Leaders In many organizations, Artificial organizational barriers Traditional top-down and Integrating EA with business developers and architects separate “IT” and “the business.” internally focused EA initiatives strategy and vision is critical seem to inhabit separate Convergence of operational are becoming irrelevant in for business success and for worlds, with different priorities technology and IT, business today’s hyperconnected demonstrating EA value to the and ways of working. and IT strategy, CIO and COO business ecosystem. A radically business. A high level business Development and architect roles — these phenomena different approach to EA is capability map is one vehicle to teams must adapt their skills, are changing the way senior required to remain a player in communicate and unite EA, IT, processes and vocabulary executives see this man-made a highly adaptive environment and business efforts, providing to successfully implement divide. Walls are coming down. where control is decentralized. the ability to drill down to deeper service-oriented architecture Governance, roles, people skills The old EA frameworks are levels of analysis. (SOA). and expectations will change dead and entirely new models • What are business capabilities • What are the practical dramatically in the coming are required. and how do they represent challenges in architecting decade. • How do you decompose the business? and developing distributed • Explore historical reasons for business ecosystem? • How EA teams develop systems? this division • What is emergent strategy business capability diagrams • How should development • View leading indicators and why is it important? • How business capability teams change to better blurring the lines • How is optimization diagrams uncover business implement SOA? • Identify tools, techniques, best point analysis driving EA threats and opportunities • What is SOA, and how do practices for IT and business governance? Betsy Burton the core concepts change unification Brian Burke when applied to different Philip Allega, Betsy Burton development scenarios? E A B IT P S V E A B IT P S V Nicholas Gall E A B IT P S V 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 Step Up Your Contribution rAPID FIrE SESSION How Information Shareability Using Business Model Using Performance Enables Hybrid Thinking Analogies Management to To embed hybrid thinking into Analogies are commonly used Demonstrate Business their culture, organizations must Value of EA “In a world by scientists, sometimes find better ways of empowering used by CEOs, and very Now is the time to articulate the individuals to more rapidly and where one is occasionally used by CIOs to value of EA. If your EA team has easily share ideas and insights create breakthrough innovation not delivered or communicated across boundaries. This session predominantly with limited risk. This session EA value, don’t panic. Use describes how information isolated from like will discuss approaches to today’s business environment shareability can overcome to focus and refine EA to have minded peers, it is embedding analogies in your information silos and leverage planning. a real and profound impact on new sources to spark innovation good to attend such business optimization, growth and growth. events to confirm • Where are the opportunities and transformation. for CIOs and IT leaders to use • What causes information my understanding analogies? • How EA performance silos and how does this affect • How can you find powerful management helps bridge innovation? of EA’s role and to the gap between business learn from other analogies? • What is the blueprint for and IT • How can you encourage achieving information experiences.” • How performance shareability? analogy thinking in your management helps IAN MITCHELL, teams? • How do information sharing demonstrate EA business CHIEF ArCHITECT, Dave Aron environments support hybrid value FUJITSU thinking? • Specific steps/actions David Newman EA takes to support performance management E A B IT P S V E A B IT P S V Betsy Burton 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 To view the full agenda: 9
  10. 10. 17 – 18 May 2010 | London | Maturity Perspective Pre-Summit Foundation Session, E Essentials B Business Interactive Workshops and Gartner A Advanced Focus IT IT Analyst/User Roundtables P Practical V Visionary S Strategic Pre-Summit Foundation Session BEST PRACTICES Monday 17 May, 8:00 – 8:45 GARTNER ANALYST/ USER ROUNDTABLES The Core Ideas of Adaptive Enterprise Architecture These peer interaction Increasingly, organizations are initiating EA programs to better cope with unprecedented rates of sessions, each facilitated by a change in complex business and IT environments. If you are new to enterprise architecture or are Gartner analyst, will allow you looking to get a refresher, this foundation session provides you with the key tools to overcome any and other end users to delve challenges to the success of your EA program. deep into Best Practices on • Understand EA foundations six hot topics, comparing • Gain the knowledge to help you make the most of the Summit notes and exchanging E A B IT P S V insights. Numbers for these • Comprehend EA “terms of art” sessions are limited to allow Scott Bittler, Gartner 3 3 3 3 for in-depth conversations. Register via Agenda Builder. Please note that we operate a first come, first served policy. 3 Best Practices Interactive Workshops Aligned to the 3 Summit Tracks TrACk 1: TrACk 2: TrACk 3: 1 Best Practices in Enterprise Information Management Building the EA Team EA Governance — Up-Front Defining EA Services as and Collaborative Capabilities for Customers David Newman EA program effectiveness In the new business Gartner research shows EA begins with the correct team. Whether just starting out or as environment consisting of the hyper-connected enterprise, teams benefit from greater success with stakeholders and 2 Best Practices in Maturing the EA Programme an established EA team, this rapid rate of change, volatility customers when EA services (for workshop looks at capabilities in the market, and the lines example, a consulting service Bruce robertson and skills that are key to continually blurring between IT offering) are more clearly defined success. Where do these skills come from? How does the and the rest of the business, what should EA governance in an EA solution portfolio. This workshop will aid participants 3 Best Practices in Application Rationalization organization recruit their EA look like? This interactive in the definition of successful team? Is “architect” merely a job workshop will explore: services for developers, and Andy kyte title, or a career? • Characteristics of this new consumers, of EA artifacts and • Discuss skills and talents required by architecture governance approach and structure guidance. • Review Gartner’s best 4 Best Practices with EA in a Cost Cutting Environment maturity archetypes • Who needs to be involved in practice EA service model Brian Burke • Identify key skills and governance • Define key EA services, 5 recruitment for success • How to set up EA governance including both provider and Best Practices in • Examine career paths for to ensure buy-in and consumer concerns Enterprise Information architects compliance • Survey workshop results for Architecture Chris Wilson, Gartner Julie Short, Gartner EA service delivery David Newman Bruce Robertson, Gartner 6 Best Practices in IT Strategy Development E A B IT P S V E A B IT P S V E A B IT P S V Dave Aron 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 10 Register by 19 March 2010 and save €300
  11. 11. Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit 2010 Solution Showcase MEET THE TECHNOLOGY AND SErVICE PrOVIDErS AT THE FOrEFrONT OF ENTErPrISE ArCHITECTUrE The Summit helps you develop a “short list” of technology providers who can meet your particular needs. We offer you exclusive access to some of the world’s leading technology and service solution providers in a variety of settings. Visit the Solution Showcase, attend the Solution Provider Sessions and join in the Networking Reception for informal relationship building. Premier alfabet provides a standard, integrated software suite, planningIT®, which With a focus on enterprise visibility, optimization, and agility, Metastorm offers Software AG is a global leader in empowers organizations to plan, invest providing Process Excellence solutions. and perform effectively. planningIT is market-leading software for Enterprise Architecture (EA), Business Process Our leading brands, ARIS, webMethods, unique in tightly coupling business Adabas, Natural and IDS Scheer priorities and IT returns with current Analysis & Modeling (BPA) and Business Process Management (BPM). Metastorm Consulting, represent a portfolio for and future initiatives. Its innovative, process strategy and design, business data-driven approach supports the Enterprise™ allows organizations to improve business results by unifying process management (BPM), SOA-based change management of business and IT integration, data management, process- architectures in a collaborative planning strategy, analysis and execution. Learn more at driven SAP implementation, and strategic process comprising automated, full process consulting and services. architecture life cycle support, “what-if” scenarios and rich simulation of future states for any period of time for all stakeholders in IT, business and finance. Silver Architecting the Enterprise is the leading MEGA is a recognized enterprise global training and consultancy services architecture leader. Its software solutions organization specializing in Enterprise and consulting services help companies Architecture based on TOGAF including optimize operational performance, TOGAF Version 9. establish successful governance, and manage associated risks. Bronze Casewise provides software and Troux upgrades old processes and consultancy solutions to over 3,000 global tools with a combination of Strategic organizations for EA purposes, enabling IT Planning and Enterprise Architecture Iteratec teams to continually enhance operational software, know-how, and guidance on processes and IT infrastructures. how to be successful. SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES If your organization is interested in sponsoring this event, please contact Silas Mante for further details: Telephone: +44 1784 267103 E-mail: Register now: 11
  12. 12. 17 – 18 May 2010 | London | Registration How to Register Online: Telephone: +44 208 8792430 E-mail: Pricing Why Register Early? Refer a Colleague Early Bird Price • Save €300 on the standard price If you know of a colleague who would • Priority Gartner Analyst One-on-One benefit from this Summit experience and €1,895 + UK VAT booking with the analyst of your choice direct access please forward this brochure (offer ends 19 March 2010) to them. Standard Summit Price €2,195 + UK VAT Gartner Clients Hotel Information Public Sector Price A Gartner ticket covers both days of the Lancaster London Summit. €1,695 + UK VAT If you are a client with a query about tickets, Hyde Park, London, UK W2 2TY Eligibility for the Public Sector Price will be verified, proof of public sector status will be required. Price cannot be please contact your Account Manager or e-mail Further information can also be found applied retrospectively. on the Summit website. Public sector: National Government, Local Government; Non-Financial Public Enterprises; Charities; Public Administration: Health and Education Bring the Team: Divide and Conquer! Teams that attend a Gartner Summit Team Benefits: Summit Team Discount Offers*: together gain a much richer experience 1 Team meeting with a Gartner analyst • 4 for the price of 3 of the event. Not only can they divide (end-users only) • 6 for the price of 4 and conquer, attending all the sessions 2 Optional team meeting(s) with select to maximize their learning, but they also • 10 for the price of 7 executives from vendor organizations have the added benefit of inviting a 3 Advice and support on building * For full terms and conditions visit Gartner analyst to a team meeting — to personalized agendas for your team facilitate a discussion or advise them on strategic initiatives and key projects. For 4 10+ free audio sessions from the Gartner Events Multimedia On Demand To register a team please e-mail this reason, organizations often take the opportunity to hold offsite team meetings product and incorporate Gartner Events as part of 5 Complimentary meeting space or contact your Gartner Account their training programs. (based on team size, terms and Manager. Please note that teams must conditions apply) be registered at the same time and we Gartner Events has designed an experience that will help teams of 4 to 25 6 Concierge service pre-event and can only guarantee availability of team maximize their Summit experience while on-site benefits if the team is registered at least on-site and long after the event concludes. 7 Discounts on registration rates three weeks in advance of the event. Connect with Linkedin and twitter Join our online community. Get the latest Summit updates and network with fellow delegates — visit for more details and sign-up. Media partners Gartner UK Ltd. is a company registered in England & Wales with the registration number 2266016. Cert no. SA-COC-001683 The registered office is Tamesis, The Glanty, Egham, Surrey, TW20 9AW, United Kingdom.