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Enterprise Architecture


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Enterprise Architecture

  1. 1. Enterprise Architecture, & Enterprise Framework Applications Nicholas G. Harmon Senior VP, Business Development & Strategy Harmony Information Systems, Inc.
  2. 2. Health and K-12 Education Ecosystem Network of Community Service Providers Human ABC Seniors Residential Centers & Group Criminal Justice State Department Care Of Education Federal Dept. Goodwill Community Ecosystem Mental of Education Services Health Child Support Workforce Jewish Courts Services Collections Community Criminal Develop Center No Substance Civil Catholic Juvenile Justice Head Child Abuse Chairities Family Court Treatment Start Left Head Start Divorce State Tax Behind Providers Police Ecosystem State Health & Human Services Schools Local Social Service Agencies Regional State & Local Client Plan & Assessment Teams One Stop Centers Multiple Locations Child Welfare Interdisciplinary Multi- Pre-eligibility Assessment Planning & WIA Discipline Emergency Assistance Resource Medicaid Client Plan & Child care TANF Review Allocation Service Delivery (e.g. Empl.) Financial Facilitate Self-service Management Program Compliance Management Aging Income Management (TANF, Emerg. Provider Voc. Rehab Management IT Management Medicaid Aid Mental Child Care Human Resource Retardation Management Department Food Stamps Management Workforce Inv. Income Sec. Child Welfare Caseworker Foster Care Team Team-based Protective Adoption Secured Integrated Internet Information Technology Intake Child Welfare Integrated Case Caseworker ERP Team Management RevMax Information Developmental TANF Disabilities Technology Portal Community Data Child Support Productivity & Health Client data Collaboration Health & Warehouse Provider data Public Health Disability SACWIS Referral data Workflow & Mental Health Caseworker BI Tools Performance Scheduling EBT Team EAI Tools Integration Technologies Medicaid Medicaid United Federal Dept. Suppliers Hospitals Way of HHS Contractor Banks Clients
  3. 3. “As Is” vs. “To Be”
  4. 4. Federal Enterprise Architecture Begun on February 6, 2002 Led by OMB, purpose is to identify opportunities to simplify processes and unify work across agencies and within lines of business of the Federal government Business-driven. Foundation is Business Reference Model, which describes government’s lines of business and services Outcome of effort will be a more citizen-centered, customer-focused government that maximizes technology investments to better achieve mission outcomes
  5. 5. NASCIO Enterprise Architecture Goal “The design, development or implementation of solution-based enterprise architecture frameworks, consisting of technical, business, and information architectures. A holistic Enterprise Architecture framework will enable integration, shared services, interoperability, and sharing of information with other entities across functional and organizational boundaries. This effort should help improve efficiency, deliver exceptional service, and reduce costs to citizens, business, and other governmental entities.”
  6. 6. What’s valuable about EA? To improve a complex organization, first you have to understand it. EA highlights what’s important  Models the organization before and after the improvement  Shows inefficiencies and redundancies  Gives recommendations, risks, costs, and benefits  Shows where local efficiencies cause national inefficiencies  Result of penny-wise, pound-foolish decisions  EA shows the overall most efficient solution Decision-makers can base decisions on facts, not anecdotes
  7. 7. EA Allows for Improved Abilities to Assess Cost Initial Fees Visible Costs Price Price of Asset Asset Upgrade Costs Upgrade and Labor for Upgrades Labor for Upgrades Business Process Business Process Maintenance Costs and Maintenance Reengineering Costs Reengineering Costs Contract Acquisition Cost Contract Acquisition Cost Training Impact on Impacts to Security Security Training Existing Labor for CM Existing IT Certification and Certification and Labor for Asset Architecture Baseline and Administrative Assets Accreditation Accreditation Administration National Test Labor Lab Acquisition Market Research Cost Acquisition Market Research Cost Hidden Costs
  8. 8. Technology Evolution
  9. 9. HHS Enterprise Framework Forrester Research describes an enterprise framework as: “A flexible and comprehensive software solution that includes application logic, as in any COTS offering, but is also designed for customization and integration for implementation in complex environments where business processes cross organizational boundaries. It includes development tools to facilitate customization and integration, and to architecturally segregate business rules from core technical services to provide a modular, component-based solution.” An enterprise framework for HHS agencies will include eligibility processing, case management, and workflow as core functionality.
  10. 10. Characteristics of a HHS Enterprise Framework Framework application designed specifically for Human Services organizations Enterprise HHS Standard Process Model and Database derived from national, regional and local standards Enterprise Configuration Tools including Domain and Security / Role Modeling Extensible Data and Workflow Management with Enterprise Audit Logging Dynamic Business Intelligence platform Consistent, Effective User Experience
  11. 11. HHS Enterprise Framework Architecture Overview Harmony Print Server Harmony 5 Web Application Printing Engine User Interface Components User Process Components SQL Reporting Operational Management Services Web Service Interfaces Service Communication Report API Security Business Business Business Workflows Components Entities Data Access Reporting Logic Engine Data Access Logic Service Agents Components SQL Reporting Services Data Source IVR Service Data Service Print Server Data Collector
  12. 12. HHS Standard Process Model
  13. 13. Example of Configuration Tools Security Roles Workflow Wizards Web Page Designer User Management Ticklers/Bring Forwards Document Management Rules Engine Orchestration Reporting Services
  14. 14. Example of Programs Supported Child Care / ECI Employment Foster Care Health Therapeutic Foster Care Transitional Services CPS Continuing Services Prevention At Risk Youth and Families Trustee Services Juvenile Justice Group Companion Home Adult Day Care Residential In Home Services Education Emergency Assistance Day Services General Relief Adult Services Emergency Shelter Adult Protective Services Adoption IV-E Substance Abuse Mental Health CSE Addictions Mental Retardation / DD TANF Food Stamps
  15. 15. What is an Enterprise Framework used for? Case Management Provider Management Financial Management Outcomes Management
  16. 16. Case Management Case Notes Clinical Screening Eligibility Service Plans Enrollments Placements, Referrals Correspondence Scanned Images Service Activities Ticklers
  17. 17. Provider & Resource Management Orientations In-home studies Criminal background checks Investigations Complaints Licensing studies Credentials Services and rates
  18. 18. Financial Management Harmony Claims Workflow - Adjudication Process Service Harmony Web Server Harmony DB Server FTP Server - Network File Drop Locations authorizations and Harmony Incoming 837s Claims Approved delivery Web Harmony Services Live DB Provider claims Claims Denied and payments Claims - EntropyZero Process Manual General ledger Retrieves Harmony Adjudication Data via WS Call Integration BizTalk 2004 Server WS Request/ Receive Port(s) Send Approved Port Send Denied Port Send Adjud Port Ongoing and one Response Port Fact Retriever Calls WS time payments for Step 1. Get Incoming 837 Approved Step 2. Get Harmony Fact Retriever Objects Claims Adjudication Data via foster care, Claim and Service Level Orchestration Denied Fact Retriever Claim Status adoption Step 3. Invoke Rules passing internal 837 & Harmony Data Manual Adjudication (Fact Retriever Instance) BizTalk RuleStore Step 4. Send Processed 837 (internal schema version) Policies & to appropriate location based on results of Rules. Vocabularies BizTalk Workflow picks it up and continues based on status Rules DB
  19. 19. Outcomes Management Measuring Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Satisfaction Tracking Key Performance Indicators  Types of Investigations  Removals from Home  Length of Placement  Recidivism  Permanency
  20. 20. SACWIS SOA/Enterprise Framework Value Elimination of custom development and stovepipe approach Easy sharing of client data based on role-based security and publish and subscribe web services between courts, schools, social service agencies, behavioral health organizations, etc. Shared view of client across SACWIS, CSE, FS, Medicaid, TANF, Homeless, etc. Collaboration across programs and divisions and between federal, state, local, and private entities “Plug & Play” versus “Rip & Replace” Business-driven configuration versus IT-driven customization
  21. 21. Summary Questions?