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Enterprise Architect

  1. 1. Tim Strafford-Taylor 6 Trevelyan Road, West Bridgford Phone: +44 (0) 115 914 1801; +44 (0) 7971 403 883 Nottingham, NG2 5GY www: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/tim.strafford-taylor  Profile Who am I? Experience and An IS professional who can draw on extensive experience but retains a keen sense of creativity and Enthusiasm willingness to learn. I see IT as a means to an end, not an end in itself, and believe it should enable change, not preserve the status quo. I thrive on new challenges, and enjoy the whole business of IT, from the creativity of sales support and solution design, to the sense achievement of successful delivery. What have I done? Innovation and Meeting these challenges has led me to perform in many roles including consulting, enterprise Delivery architecture, project management, information and metadata management, customer segmentation, and the full project life cycle. Working as an independent consultant, full time employee, or with a systems integrator I have:  implemented an Enterprise Architecture function with a major multinational  delivered systems integration solutions including data warehousing and CRM;  addressed integration of e-business with existing architecture, and the use of EAI tools;  developed and delivered an innovative service offering for architecture analysis. Success in Many Including: Enterprise Architect; Architect (Bid Support, Architecture Roadmap, Solution Design); Roles Project Manager; Consultant; Development Team Leader; Data Architecture; Data Administration. What can I do for you? Value for Money More than ever, it is important for organisations to get maximum value from information systems. It is not enough to throw money at problems, and cost savings are required, without compromising the business’ ability to move forward. This calls for creative thinking, both in the use of existing IS architecture and effective targeting of investment in new systems. My breadth of experience provides the ideal platform to develop and implement this thinking, and gives a keen sense of what is practical rather than theoretical. Versatility I enjoy performing in many roles, and am capable both of developing new ideas and also of delivering them. Some of the skills and experience I can deploy are:  Enterprise Architecture: Broad experience of business and technology gives a sound basis from which to review and implement Enterprise Architecture, as evidenced by implementation of an EA function for a major multinational.  Consulting: Most recently working as an independent, capable of quickly establishing credibility in the early stages of engagements, with wide experience of client presentations and report writing.  Information Architecture: Whether driven by CRM, EAI, enterprise architecture or solution design, able to review, define and deliver required information architecture. Strengths include data and process modelling, metadata architecture, and information management processes and standards.  Metadata Management: A “subject matter expert” when with Perot Systems, a background in data administration, to practical delivery on enterprise architecture, data warehouse and CRM projects shows a proven capability for reviewing, defining and implementing organisations’ metadata architecture. With experience of many CASE tools and repositories, my consultancy offering the Integrated Architecture Blueprint showcases much of my experience on this subject.  Project Management: Successfully taken on the delivery role on projects of varying sizes, complexity and approach. Trained in PRINCE and Perot Project Management Methodology. Proficient in MS-Project. enterprise-architect3950.doc 1 of 7
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  3. 3. Tim Strafford-Taylor  Employment Details Nov 01 – date Independent Consultant Perot Systems Europe Jan 02 – Date Enterprise Architecture Consultant (GlaxoSmithKline R&D) Implementation and marketing of an Enterprise Architecture function within GSK Preclinical IT, supported by the Integrated Architecture Blueprint described below. Stakeholders included Strategy and Consulting, Business Systems Delivery and Operational Support, at all levels including VP and Director. •Objectives: “6 months to prove that there is a place for architecture within the Department”. Successfully met, GSK are now in the process of making the role permanent. Specific objectives included: - development of integration architectures for major delivery programmes; - identification of cost saving opportunities through infrastructure consolidation; - implementation of a metadata repository and supporting architecture. •Business: Pharmaceutical R&D (Preclinical). •Technology: Various – application portfolio of > 1600, “buy not build” strategic direction. Nov 01 – Jan 02 Development and marketing of “Integrated Architecture Blueprint” My own service offering, this is a framework and process that support the rapid documentation and analysis of architecture in multiple dimensions. Described as “innovative”, it is also practical, proven, and of demonstrable benefit, enabling maximum value to be derived from existing or planned IT investment (see http://homepage.ntlworld.com/tim.strafford-taylor for more details). enterprise-architect3950.doc 3 of 7
  4. 4. Tim Strafford-Taylor Oct 94 – Nov 01 Perot Systems Europe Perot Systems Europe Jun 99 – Oct 01 Architect Bid Support: Supporting sales teams developing bids and responses to RFI’s / RFP’s. Writing proposals and supporting sales material. Definition of required architectures. Developing cost models. Client presentations. •Objectives: Proposals mostly centred on creation of new revenue streams (e-commerce), or systems integration of fragmented architecture (CRM, EAI). •Business: E-commerce (www.ecademy.com). Hotel and leisure (Forte). Telecoms (Telewest, Eircom). Logistics (Cairns). CRM (Allders, DVLA, Experian). Financial (Brewin Dolphin, Halifax, Axa). •Technology: Legacy optimisation. EAI (Kabira). E-commerce (Autonomy, Vignette, n-tier architecture). CRM / data warehousing (Information Architecture, ETL tool selection). Enterprise Architecture Review and Roadmap Definition: Review, analysis and modelling of organisations’ current architecture. Interviews with IS and business strategy owners. Recommendations for future state, including; programme / project definition, ITIL compliant processes, methods and standards, quick wins. •Objectives: Identification of IS cost reduction opportunities, particularly Total Cost of Ownership. Alignment of business and IS strategies. Improve Time to Market. Channel integration (CRM). •Business: Utilities (www.eme.co.uk). Telecoms (www.kpn.com) Supply chain (www.farnell.com). •Technology: E-commerce applications (Broadvision, CORBA). Operational reviews (various). Legacy Integration (Tuxedo). Tools Used: CASEwise. MS-Office. Solution Design: Various requirements, including; online gaming; ISP customer billing / CRM; www sales channels. Requirements capture and analysis, including Use Case modelling and UML. Production of detailed data models. Development and presentation of completed solution designs. •Objectives: Quickly enable new revenue stream, while facilitating future capability (e.g. CRM). •Business: Gaming and leisure (www.galabingo.co.uk). Financial services (Axa insurance, UBS Halifax Bank). Telecoms and ISP (Motorola, Via Networks). •Technology: n tier architecture (Sun Solaris, Oracle, Java). Tools Used: CASEwise, Visio 2000 (UML).  Employment Details Oct 94 – Nov 01 Perot Systems Europe (continued) Perot Systems Europe Jan 99 – Jun 99 Project Manager (East Midlands Electricity / PowerGen) Delivery of 2 development Projects (operating system upgrade and package implementation). •Objectives: Meeting regulatory compliance requirements. •Business: Regional Electricity Company, (Energy Trading & Settlements). (www.powergen.co.uk). •Technology: HP, VMS, Oracle. Tools: MS Project 98. enterprise-architect3950.doc 4 of 7
  5. 5. Tim Strafford-Taylor Sep 98 – Jan 99 Consultant (Lufthansa Cargo, Frankfurt ) Consulting and production of an integrated model of systems, processes and business requirements to support a major business change process, and IS programme restructuring. •Objectives: Provide IS programme cost savings, and enable development of an e-booking system. •Business: Logistics, cargo / freight handling, e-commerce (www.lufthansa-cargo.com). •Technology: Multiple legacy systems, mainly Unisys. Tool Used: CASEwise. Apr 98 – Sep 98 Consultant (Barclays Home Finance) Architecture and logical design consulting: Development of corporate Customer Data Model. Logical design for an Intranet application. Documentation for Year2000 QA and audit of a mortgage processing system. •Objectives: Improved CRM capability. Y2K legal compliance. •Business: UK mortgage lending (www.personal.barclays.co.uk). •Technology: Various. Tools used: Designer 2000, CASEwise. Aug 97 – Apr98 Segmentation Team Leader (British Telecom) Delivery and exploitation of complex data extracts to support market segmentation and targeting. Business analysis and liaison with BT Marketing. Data design / derivation. •Objectives: Improved returns on marketing spend, by use of a market segmentation model. •Business: Marketing, segmentation and targeting, UK telecoms (www.bt.com). •Technology: White Cross data server and data analysis tools. Oracle Unix Pyramid MPP repository platform. Oct 96 – Aug 97 Development Team Leader (British Telecom) Leading a team of 12 delivering into production data feeds for a large data warehouse. •Objectives: Cost saving through replacement of existing mainframe marketing system. •Business: Sales and Marketing for UK telco, small to medium business sector. •Technology: Sequent, Pyramid, WhiteCross, Oracle, ListMaster, Oracle Designer 2000, CASEwise. Oct 95 – Oct 96 Data Architect (British Telecom) Data architect for multi terabyte customer data warehouse. Data mining, analysis and modelling. Definition of information management strategy. Design of feeds and data migration. Proof of concept deliverables produced included; customer calling lists, campaign measures, and enhanced information to call centre agents. •Objectives: Improved returns on marketing spend by application of CRM techniques and technologies. •Business: Sales and marketing for UK telco, small to medium business sector. •Technology: Business Objects, Sequent, Oracle, Unix. Various legacy sources. enterprise-architect3950.doc 5 of 7
  6. 6. Tim Strafford-Taylor  Employment Details Oct 94 – Nov 01 Perot Systems Europe (continued) Perot Systems Europe Oct 94 – Sep 95 Data Administrator (East Midlands Electricity) Information management strategy. Evaluation and recommendation of strategic CASE tool. Production of project data and process models. Development and maintenance of corporate data model and data standards. •Objectives: Cost saving through improved use of information resource. Enabling new revenue stream. •Business: UK Regional Electricity Company (REC). Gas supply. •Technology: Various. Tools Used: CASEwise, Oracle Designer 2000, ADW. Jan 94 – Sep 94 Employment Service Perot Systems Europe Jan 94 – Sep 94 Data Administrator Developed high-level business model and data standards. Maintained a data dictionary with views from multiple databases. Led a team of 4. •Objectives: Enabled the integration of systems to allow introduction of JobSeekers allowance. •Business: UK Civil Service. Integration of 2 government departments’ data and processes. •Technology: IDMS/X, VME and Ingres, Unix. Tools Used: Ingres, ADD (data dictionary), Systems Engineer. Jan 81 – Jan 94 Manpower Services Commission Perot Systems Europe Jan 88 – Jan 94 Development (Team Leader, Analyst Programmer) COBOL analysis and programming. Designed and built of 2 Ingres applications using Rapid Application Development (RAD) methods. Led a team of 4. •Technology: COBOL, VME. Methods SSADM Version 4. Ingres, Unix. Jan 87 – Jan 89 User Support User Support for a global Financial and Management Accounting System. Jan 81 – Jan 87 Various Clerical enterprise-architect3950.doc 6 of 7
  7. 7. Tim Strafford-Taylor  Other Information Education & Professional Qualification 2002, Member British Computer Society 1990, Brighton Polytechnic: British Computer Society Part I. 1976, Loughborough Grammar School: 1 GCE S Level, and 4 GCE A Levels. Professional training details available at http://homepage.ntlworld.com/tim.strafford-taylor. Personal Details Established, and now manage ecademy East Midlands, a networking group for businesses in the region (see http://www.ecademy.com/module.php?mod=club&op=page&c=51&xref=2084) Married with 2 children. I enjoy cooking, doing crosswords, listening to and playing music (I play the bass). I do not enjoy running, but do it anyway. enterprise-architect3950.doc 7 of 7