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Cost: $5,000 per year .doc

  1. 1. 904 Clifton Drive, Alexandria, VA 22308 (703) 768-0400 (v) (703) 765-9295 (f) Enterprise Architecture Offerings GSA Contract Number: GS-35F-0151M ICH’s charter is to aid Business Executives in creating effective Enterprise Architecture and Asset Management. ICHis a collaboratory that provides consulting services, architecture research, and education to ensure the success of its clients and members. ICH value proposition: ICH has a unique architecture validation process that effectively maps business needs to validated solution sets. The ICH has direct interface with both the government and industry CIO community which results in broad based contact and highly effective working relationships. Meaningful Work gets done with ICH behind it. ICH’s primary focus is to assist clients in creating, maintaining, and operating world class Enterprise Architecture with total objectivity and fiscal responsibility. ICH is a Non Profit (501 C 6) which provides Enterprise Architecture and IT Capital Planning Services to its members and to its Public Sector constituents. These services are of a Mentoring, Assurance, IV&V, Measuring Performance Outcomes, Research, and Consulting nature. ICH focuses on the entire EA package with specific links to E GOV, Security, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Capital Planning, and Detailed Business and Technical Framework alignment to the IT infrastructure services. The ICH service offerings are delivered through reports, training, conferences, hotline, and on site facilitation. ICH Architecture Resources are readily accessible through firm fixed price engagements or by the hour. ICH can be “reached” through GSA Schedule 70, FEDSIM, and JACER 8A contracting vehicles.
  2. 2. ICH Membership Offerings MEMBERSHIP CATAGORIES: (GSA Terms and Conditions apply) There are three levels of membership to organizations who seeking to collaborate with others in the value chain of business users, technologist, standards organizations, and solution providers. These membership offerings are the first step in transforming architecture to implementation reality! Entry level Membership Cost: $5,000 per year • ICH E-mail Newsletter, • One Architecture Working Group Associate Membership Cost: $12,000 per year • ICH E-mail Newsletter, • One Architecture Working Group • 10 calls to Real-time Hotline Corporate Membership Cost: $24,900 per year • ICH E-mail Newsletter • Two Architecture Working Groups • Seat on Board of Advisors • Unlimited access to Real-time Hot line • One Red-lining of Enterprise Architecture Document (Security, Business, Application, Data, Technical or System) The ICH Research focus is determined by its Charter Member and Client’s most pressing needs. Corporate members may invoke the ICH brand in the technology acquisition process (for those technologies covered by the ICH research). Branded products are ones that have been pre-validated based on past performance. The ICH ensures product specification accuracy while mapping product features to member business needs. Each Corporate Member organization is allocated one Technical Advisory Board (TAB) seat. TAB members may be nominated to the Board of Directors, and will be approved by a simple majority vote of the existing ICH Board of Directors.
  3. 3. Architecture Assurance Offerings: (* on GSA Schedule 70) ICH ARCHITECTURE AUDIT: (Off Schedule: GSA terms and conditions apply) Cost: $24,900. Per Architecture View The ICH architecture audit can be applied to one of many architecture views including; Business Architecture, Security Architecture, Technical Architecture, Application Architecture, Data Architecture or Systems Architecture. The ICH Architecture Audit provides a detailed assessment of any one of your architecture products to identify mechanisms that increase it’s viability and effectiveness in aligning business needs with technical solutions. The out put is an architecture remediation report that details specific actions to make your architecture actionable. 1. BASIC (ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE) SUBSCRIPTION * Cost: $60,000 per year Subscription fees provide introduction to the full range of ICH offerings; EACommunity of Interests, Architecture Methods, ICH hosted working groups, educational conferences, market research, hotline, standards monitoring, knowledge transfer, and on-site mentoring. Subscription entitles clients to be ICH Members. Members are eligible to vote on all appropriate Board and Track issues. Each Charter Member Organization is entitled to: • Corporate Membership • Use of ICH Brand as certification stamp of approval • Red lining EA Summary Documents • EA process templates and methodologies review • EA linkages to CPIC, Risk, Performance Outcomes • Unlimited Hotline Support • Seat on the ICH Technical Advisory Board • Full access to technology research reports (all technology and industry domains), • Domain Working Groups creation: The ICH establishes domain working groups to facilitate the sharing of best practices and lessons learned from peers in industry. • IT Standards Updates: Up to the minute data on the open systems world • Off-site mentoring: (plus required travel costs) • 5 free passes to Forums: Charter members direct the focus of the ICH’s Secure E-Business conference series. 2. ARCHITECTURE MENTORING PROGRAM * Cost: $100,000 per year The ICH mentoring program is provides a baseline of an organizations IT planning and Enterprise Architecture processes to identify mechanisms for greater architecture alignment. This service is for organizations that are developing detailed implementation architectures
  4. 4. with an eye towards implementation. It helps IT organizations augment their existing IT planning and Enterprise Architecture processes The ICH consortium has direct expertise in all of the leading architecture tools and process disciplines including; OSI’s Reference Model for Open Distributed Processing (RM-ODP), Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF), DoD’s C4ISR, Zachman’s EA Framework, IEEE 1471, The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF), and OMG’s Model Driven Architecture. As none of these processes are the complete answer for IT Capital Planning and Enterprise Architectures, the ICH Architecture Assurance Process leverages these processes to ensure architecture alignment and validation. DELIVERABLES: • ICH Corporate membership offerings (see above) • 5 days/months of On-Site support • Architecture Working Groups Support • 3 Topic area ICH Research Reports 3. ARCHITECTURE VALIDATION PROGRAM * Cost: $150,000 per year An intensive architecture IV&V engagement. this packaged architecture IV&V engagement is designed to refine and align an organizations Enterprise Architecture to ensure that business needs are represented and that it is ACTIONABLE. The Architecture Validation Program also includes hotline support, periodic technology debriefings, and comprehensive in-context research report on organizations target technical architecture. Deliverables: • ICH Corporate membership offerings (see above) • Review, redline and remediate Enterprise Architecture documents • Monthly Status Report, • ICH Method Report, • In-context Target Technical Architecture Reports. • Red-lining of related IT Planning and Architecture Documents • Development of Enterprise Architecture Solution Frameworks 4. ARCHITECTURE IMMERSION PROGRAM * Cost: $250,000 per year The ICH Architecture Immersion program is for organizations who have an existing IT Strategic Plan and documented Business driver that have yet to be incorporated into an Enterprise Architecture. This engagement transliterates business drivers into enterprise architecture specifications that are aligned and actionable. The Architecture Immersion Program also identifies the strengths and weaknesses of baseline system as it relates to the EA.. Deliverables; • ICH Corporate Membership (see above) • Monthly Status Report, • Baseline Assessment Report, • ICH Method Report, • In-context Target Technical Architecture Report,
  5. 5. • EA Migration Roadmap. 5. ICH COMBINED SERVICE OFFERING * Cost: $500,000 per year A comprehensive set of IT Planning and Enterprise Architecture package that includes the benefits of all the above offerings for at a discounted cost of $500k (full cost without discount would be $560k). The ICH Combined Service Offerings provides hands on support necessary to develop an Enterprise Architecture for any given business domain. Includes direct support to both IT staff and support contractors to ensure implementation success while avoiding traditional mine fields associated with fast paced market.. Deliverables: • Corporate Membership (see above) • Complete set of ICH offerings (see #1-4 above) • Enterprise Architecture Road-map Document
  6. 6. GSA LABOR CATEGORIES ICH Labor Rates Chief Technology Officer $234.00 Senior Consultant $205.00 Technical Director $164.00 Senior Systems Architect $129.00 Senior Systems Engineer $129.00 1. CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER Education: B.A. or B.S. degree General Experience: Must have 10 years of experience, including at least 15 years of IT and/or information system management experience Functional Responsibility: Performs day-to-day management of overall contract support operations, involving multiple projects and groups of personnel at multiple locations. Organizes, directs, and coordinates the planning and production of all contract support services. Demonstrates written and oral communication skills. Must be capable of leading projects using advanced technologies that involve the successful management of teams composed of data processing and other information management professionals who have been involved in analysis, design, integration, testing, documenting, converting, extending, and implementing high technology (i.e. Internet or intranet) systems. 2. SENIOR CONSULTANT Education: B.A. or B.S. degree General Experience: This position requires a minimum of 10 years experience Functional Responsibility: Develops, plans, organizes, and leads major consulting assignments. Determines objectives and methodology; selects and assigns staff; establishes and monitors schedules and progress, taking corrective action as necessary. Responsible for multiple project output and deliverables. May function as a technical expert on own or other assignments. 3. TECHNICAL DIRECTOR Education: B.A. or B.S. degree General Experience: Must have 7 years of IT, systems integration, or telecommunications experience, including at least 3 years of IT software management experience.
  7. 7. Functional Responsibility: Must be able to understand government business practices and identify requirements. Identifies potential problems and solutions through analysis indentifying recommended solutions. Incumbent must be able to work with functional specialists, automation specialists, contractors, vendors, and customers effectively. 4. SENIOR SYSTEMS ARCHITECT Education: B.A. or B.S. degree General Experience: Must have 10 years of IT experience, including at least 8 years of IT and/or systems architecture experience Functional Responsibility: Develops, plans, organizes, and leads major systems architecture assignments. Determines objectives and methodology; selects and assigns staff; establishes and monitors schedules and progress, taking corrective action as necessary. Responsible for multiple project output and deliverables. May function as a technical expert on own or other assignments. 5. SENIOR SYSTEMS ENGINEER Education: B.A. or B.S. degree General Experience: Must have 8 years of experience in technical work in the major areas of system management and system integration Functional Responsibility: Must have demonstrated ability to perform senior level engineering and/or IT tasks in the disparate areas of software, electronics telecommunications, networking, and mechanical or civil engineering. Must be capable of translating mission requirements and information problems into solutions employing current state-of-the-art information system equipment and software. Must be able to define interaction with and/or interface between these different categories of requirements and to develop the appropriate design to support these requirements while employing methodologies from any of the above disciplines, as required. Must be able to serve as a liaison for interpreting and translating among the various disciplines represented on a task team and as a point of contact for evaluation problems. The ELCA Contract Contract Number: GS06T02BND0323 Program Features: • Open to GSA and other Federal Government Agencies worldwide • Administered by One Contracting Office • Task Order Types. Time and Material and Firm Fixed Price
  8. 8. ELCA Points of contact: Edwin B. Abeya, Program Manager. Tel: 703-931-8707 Period of Performance: 22 April 2002 – 21 April 2005 Who Is Eligible: All Federal Agencies Worldwide Services Provided: 1. Enterprise Architecture. 2. IT Strategic Planning 3. Business Architecture 4. Information Security Planning 5. Capital Planning and IT Investment Management 6. Educational Forums The Enterprise Life Cycle Support. The contract provides enterprise engineering and management support through the business architecture, enterprise architecture process, the capital planning and investment control process, performance measurement, portfolio optimization, information technology investment management self-assessment and risk assessment. 1.2.1 Task 1 – Enterprise Architecture Task 1.1 - Enterprise Architecture Development, Validation and Alignment The JACER Team, or the Team, will provide Enterprise Architecture development, mentoring, and advisement. The Enterprise Architecture will provide for data, process, application, and technology components. High-level views of these components shall be provided to Task 2 for the development of current and future states. We will provide support developing and validating Data Architecture, developing, validating, and aligning Business Drivers with the Enterprise Architecture as well as developing, validating and aligning Application, Data and the Technology Architecture. We will validate the Enterprise Architecture Framework and Build out. The JACER Team will avoid in engaging in activities that would create inherent conflict of interests in guiding government technology decisions. Architecture conflicts of interest arise when contractor organizations engage in one or more of the following;
  9. 9. • Manufacture, sell, market commercial offerings (may bias technology decisions) • Engage in systems integration efforts (may reduce use of COTS products or result in development of closed systems) • Engage in lobbying activities • Have investment in custom application development and/or testing (in- conflict with reuse of existing designs, COTS products or testing results) Task 1.2 – Enterprise Life Cycle Architecture (ELCA) Repository and Browser The Team will provide the hardware, software and services necessary to support the ELCA repository prototype platform. We will load the Arcturus Software on the ELCA Platform and will populate accounts and system user accounts with ELCA information of participants leveraging the ICH Solution Lexicons so as to normalize language used to describe architectural artifacts. We will also configure the Government’s computers to access ELCA. Task 1.3 – Enterprise Architecture Assurance Methodology The Team will apply the ICH Architecture Assurance Methodology to assure the viability of proposed technical architectures prior to implementation. This architecture validation approach will enable gap analysis between IT standards and commercial offerings. It will also provide means of establishing target solutions blueprints that define and document capabilities, features and interfaces required for system deployment. Validation results will be incorporated into the ICH shared knowledge base for future reuse. Potential solution suppliers will be encouraged to provide evidence of product interoperability and viability based on the ICH Method. This approach will shift the onus of pre-validation on the IT suppliers as required in the Clinger/Cohen Act.
  10. 10. ICH UNIQUE QUALIFICATIONS: The ICH, is a non-profit Enterprise Architecture advisory and IV&V consortium. Together with its members, the ICH helps align business frameworks with technical solution frameworks via a set of Enterprise Architecture Assurance services; assessments, audits, validation and alignment. The reduces the cost of information gathering and technology understanding through cooperative relationships with CIO Communities, Domain User Groups, Standards Development Organizations, and Solution Providers. As a public/private partnership, The is uniquely able to utilize this collaborative network ( and shared knowledge base to aid the IT practitioner in validating their many architecture products, while assuring optimal use of industry best practices. The ICH is the only qualified source to establish a corporate structure that prevent conflicts of interest, together with a government proven architecture assessment framework. Enterprise Users who recognize the importance of an trusted and unbiased advisor should follow these guidelines when acquiring an IV&V architect;  Has a government and industry approved architecture process that fulfills Clinger/ Cohen and OMB Circular A130 mandates.  Have formal liaison with standards development organizations and industry associations that reduce the cost and time of developing Technical Reference Models; Object Management Group, OASIS, OpenGIS, Open Applications Group, IAC, AFFIRM, Financial Services Technology Consortium,.  If directly supported by the both the Federal and Commercial CIO Communities (ie., Federal CIO Council).  Has formal lexicon process for normalizing and sharing past implementation and testing information, thereby reducing the risk and cost of validating target technical architectures.  Is inclusive: incorporates 3rd party validation resources and expertise that best meets the customer needs while managing competing interests.  Has means of safeguarding the intellectual capital of its members and clients  Does not engage in activities that are a source of known conflicts that undermine objectivity; 1) No interests in specific technology/standards (obvious bias) 2) No investment in testing resources so as to leverage existing testing data 3) No investment or commitment in a specific product or product company (desire to fulfill marketing or volume commitments) so as to recommend the best solution possible 4) No investment in implementation/integration resources (tend to recommend resource intensive solutions, or those solutions that leverage existing talent) so as to ensure the most cost effective approach. The ICH is uniquely qualified to serve as you architecture advisor and IV&V contractor; • Proven experience in applying the ICH Technology Research and Validation Methodology • Proven technical expertise in secure e-business technologies and standards
  11. 11. • Has formal relationship with primary industry/standards groups to leverage open systems • Proven Tools Evaluation and Selection Resources and expertise • Domain Experience in each of the key industry domains; healthcare, defense/aerospace, e- commerce, finance, and telecom/media. • Has provide ability to manage conflicts of interest In summary, the collaboratory of non-profit, open systems advocates has the unique offering of unbiased and experienced resources to reduce the cost and time of vetting architecture models. The area of architectonics is a new science in which there are few providers and none that can claim a comparable knowledge base and level of industry support. No other organization can claim both the expertise and uncompromised objectivity that the ICH has garnered.