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  1. 1. Technical Manager - Customer Facing Solutions-Microsoft Technologies Series Software Engineering Purpose and The Incumbent serves as the Application Architect for all Customer Facing Solutions Use using Microsoft. This responsibility is separate from the role of Lead Developer who follows the guidance from the component specification prepared by the application architect to design, build, test, and implement the solution. The Technical Manager must stay current in Microsoft technologies and prepare proofs of concept to evaluate whether and how best to introduce new technologies to customer solutions. The Incumbent must maintain technical proficiency in the presentation layer, business rules-driven server-side processing, web services for legacy integration, and object relational mapping. The Incumbent will have an active role in business development serving as the pre- sales engineer to develop prototypes and propose solutions for new business opportunities with new and existing clients. Therefore, the Application Architect must have credibility with the chief technology officer and chief information officer of the client. To conduct evaluations and prepare demonstrations, the Application Architect will establish and nurture relationships with vendor representatives from Microsoft, Adobe, and other business partners with whom we may propose solutions as a system integrator. The Incumbent works with the Enterprise Technical Architects on the specification of the end-to-end solution architecture that may include smart forms, content management, integrated voice response, geographic information system integration, web services for an enterprise service bus, and other advanced third-party product integration. The Incumbent will prepare the architectural prototype required to address key risks in application architecture; define the appropriate use of web services, dll’s, and allocation of functionality across components. The Senior is proficient in web service standards to design and build services from an enterprise perspective. Roles 1. Serves as the development lead on medium sized projects (up to 1.5 million dollar automation projects or sub-systems) 2. May serve as the project manager on small projects with oversight from a qualified project manager. 3. Assists developers and senior developers on use of development frameworks, application architecture, programming techniques. 4. Participates in the analysis, strategy, and description of the technical solution on proposal efforts. Duties 1. In a well-understood environment, Provides technical leadership and guidance to other technical staff as well as being able to relate to and communicate effectively with a diverse set of community clients in an environment that has rapidly shifting and often contradictory demands and priorities. For new clients, the senior will assist a Manager with these responsibilities. 2. Serve as lead technical specialist in the preparation of the technical analysis and detailed design for automation projects. Version: 2008v6 Page 1
  2. 2. Technical Manager - Customer Facing Solutions-Microsoft Technologies 3. Contributes metrics and assists in applying them to calculate the level of effort for each phase and total for automation projects. 4. Identify complexities and can work independently to ensure work completed on time within quality constraints; 5. With guidance, can specify computing configuration requirements for all computing environments. 6. Codes highly complex programs efficiently and independently. Able to apply general knowledge of coding to the acquisition of new programming languages and environments. 7. With management guidance or verification, can design solutions that enable re-use of existing capabilities and for other solutions. Recognition of which artifacts are appropriate for a project based on necessity (time, resources, complexity, other needs). 8. With management guidance or verification, can provide planning and coordination of deployment, migration, and transition to newer systems, technology, product, etc. 9. With management guidance or verification, can apply industry best practices for code guidelines and requirements to system design are met. 10. With management guidance or verification, produces design and specification documents outlining desired function from which programming staff can produce the desired results. 11. Provides updates and maintains the TTG Developer’s Workbench for the domains of specialization. Skills 1. Ability to present to and interact with customers, displaying confidence and the Overview expertise to make product decisions, to develop project plans, and to meet project deadlines. 2. Has proficiency most domains, and must be an area expert in 3 or more domains. 3. Knowledge of Technology trends: Web service standards, development environments, open source capabilities, application servers, ESBs, testing tools. 4. Enterprise and Application Architecture: Can describe in significant technical detail the application architecture being used for a given project, and the issues surrounding its use. 5. Proficient in UML standards and their application to standard project work products. 6. Proficient in use of integrated UML and BPEL-based modeling tools 7. Begins proficiency in the explanation, demonstration, and project technical leadership for service oriented architecture-based solutions. Technical Has familiarity in all domains, proficiency in some, and expertise in a few: Skills Version: 2008v6 Page 2
  3. 3. Technical Manager - Customer Facing Solutions-Microsoft Technologies Technical Domain Examples of Tools, techniques, and products Enterprise Technical Architecture Familiarity with TOGAF, FEAF, Zachman, other enterprise-level frameworks and methodologies for technical architecture. Analysis and Design Object oriented analysis and design Design patterns Unified process work product preparation (sequence diagrams, object models) Component Development Methodologies Unified Process, XP, Scrum, Agile J2EE Technology Java, Java Script, EJB/RMI, Servlets, Java Beans, JSP, JSTL, JDBC, JMS, XML/XLS/ XSLT, CSS SOAP/WSDL, CORBA, RMI, JAAS, JNI, Struts/Springs/Seam, Hibernate, JSF, JUnit, MQSeries, Cleveland .Net Technology Version: 2008v6 Page 3
  4. 4. Technical Manager - Customer Facing Solutions-Microsoft Technologies Work 1. Three to six years applicable experience as a developer in industry or two to three Experience years on software development projects for a major system integration firm. (Roles on 2. Experience leading complex software development sub system or components. Projects) 3. Experience in supervision is preferred. 4. Has formal training and experience in technical analysis and design (class diagram, sequence diagrams, design patterns) unit test preparation, and software development using formal frameworks, and web service technologies. 5. Knowledge and practice of version control tools for coding in team environment. 6. Expertise may be asymmetrical across presentation layer, business layer, and integration tier. Applies design patterns to software development. Can be specialist in either customer-facing or integration-tier solutions. Expertise may be in either .net/biztalk platform or java Other 1. Four-year degree or equivalent in computer science or MIS. Qualifications 2. Experience with C++ desirable. 3. Microsoft Certification Professional (various) 4. SUN Certified Architect 5. Oracle Certified DBA Version: 2008v6 Page 4